Well this is the big blow out for the first half of the season. A thing that has become separate in itself from the main story of each individual shows in the CW Superhero group but bringing a whole new story (just using the same characters). Last year we had an alien invasion, this year we have Nazis! The crossover was a lot more seamless this time around so I won’t be rounding up each episode, instead I’m looking at the crossover as a whole. So how did our heroes deal with Nazis from another world in ‘Crisis on Earth-X’?

SPOILERS from here on out.

The Story

In the CW-verse we know about the 52 alternate dimension versions of Earth. Well it turns out there is a 53rd, known as Earth-X, it is a world where the Nazis won WWII and in the present day they control much of the world. Not content with conquering their own planet, the Nazis travel across dimensions to Earth-1, at first we think they are here to invade but there is another reason. Before we get into that, let’s meet the Nazis.


The Fuhrer – Evil Oliver Queen – Leader of the Nazis but apart from a different colour scheme he is very similar to Earth-1 Oliver, maybe with a little more indiscriminate killing.

Evil Supergirl – General of the Nazis and married to the Fuhrer.

Prometheus – Evil Tommy Merlyn – Yes Tommy is back! Not for long but he’s here!

Reverse Flash – Earth-1 Eobard Thawne – More to be said about him later.

So on Earth-1 Barry and Iris are getting married, all the CW heroes are invited and unsurprisingly the ceremony is interrupted by the bad guys. The entire 4-episode arc focuses around the fact that Supergirl-X is dying after absorbing too much solar radiation. She needs a new heart and as luck would have it there is a perfectly healthy one in the chest of our Supergirl. The Nazis attack the heroes and eventually capture Supergirl. Most of our heroes end up being sent to a concentration camp on Earth-X, escape, join the resistance and help to bring the Nazis down after returning to Earth-1.

That is just the main thread, around it we have various other little arcs. Oliver and Felicity are discussing the future of their relationship. Felicity makes a scene when she basically screams that she doesn’t want to marry him in front of everyone. She apparently thinks marrying Oliver will jynx things seeing as the last time they got engaged she ended up paralysed (conveniently forgetting he also killed her last boyfriend). This debate continues right up until the last 15 minutes or so where she agrees that marrying him is what she wants.


Jax and Professor Stein continue to fall out over the latter’s desire to return home. Stein tries to come up with a way for Jax to have powers without being Firestorm but not surprisingly he doesn’t want to be ‘sticky-man’. What Stein thought was anger at him from Jax because he was losing his powers, it was actually that he was losing Stein too. They have become like father and son and after a heart-to-heart if you can’t see what’s coming soon then you are a moron. Stein is mortally wounded at the end of the Flash episode. Jax and Stein have to fuse into Firestorm to save his life, only for their connection to start killing both of them. Another emotional conversation later, Stein convinces Jax to let them separate and Stein dies! They actually killed him off, this scene was great and was only hindered by Jax’s inability to cry-act. It was a sad death and quite well done that it wasn’t too quick or too long, how long will Jax stay around without his Firestorm abilities?


Okay, so those are the main plot points, now let;s get into all the cool stuff and some of the crap stuff. This is going to be a long list so bear with me but there is some interesting stuff, almost too much!

  • Earth-X has a Jimmy Olsen aka Guardian with an almost comic accurate outfit, much more gold but the Fuhrer kills him.
  • King Shark is lose again for some reason
  • Oliver is back full time as the Green Arrow as is busy fighting Ninjas
  • The Legends are fighting the Sheriff of Nottingham’s men for some reason
  • Supergirl beats down a stray Dominator.
  • Barry and Iris’ wedding reception is held in Jitters with a sign saying ‘Sorry for the Incoffenience’
  • Alex and Sara have a one night stand which Alex is mega-guilty about but Sara is lie ‘meh’


  • A random waitress is very excited to be at the wedding, who is she? I have a feeling she might be Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future – Prediction!


  • The Nazis attack at the ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ part!
  • Wally does an awesome multi bullet catch and even throws one back into the barrel of a gun! He needs more screen time – Put him in Legends!
  • The team ups were fantastic: Sara and Alex, Killer Frost and Heatwave, Oliver and Cisco, Barry and the Ray among some of the best.


  • Some new abilities on display, Supergirl thunderclap, Leo Snart Ice Grenade, Killer Frost Ice Blade, Oliver has a Kryptonite arrow and uses arrow cables to hold a building up, oh and the Atom can supersize parts of his body (keep it clean!)
  • Evil Tommy was great as Prometheus even if he did kill himself with a poison tooth very soon after being captured.


  • Oliver-X is struggles with balancing his mission with the love for his partner just like Earth-1 Oliver.
  • Thawne his using Harrison Wells’ face to screw with Barry for all times sake!


  • Metallo-X was pretty cool, managing to take down the whole of Team Arrow but is overwhelmed in the final episode by all of the meta humans.


  • The girls rescue of Supergirl in STAR Labs was  pretty good if a little ridiculous (yeah I know).
  • New character The Ray is awesome and his power set pretty impressive. He is from Earth-1 but it’s never explained how he got to Earth-X. His relationship with Leon Snart (a good version of Captain Cold) was actually brilliant.


  • Wynn-X is a general of the freedom fighters based in Earth-X Arrow cave and an incredibly bad tactician sending their version of Red Tornado to destroy the dimension gate before the team he sent has a chance to get through it.
  • Evil Quentin Lance killed his own daughter for being gay.


  • The Nazis use their version of the Waverider as a neutron Bomb.
  • Barry is able to do super fast recon!
  • Thawne fought Superman once but he is faster than the Kryptonian.
  • Earth-X version of Mick Rory was a hero, he saved cops.
  • Zari has a new outfit!
  • Oliver-X doesn’t care about the mission, he just wants his wife to live.

Sorry about the length of the list but there was a lot of stuff going on in this crossover. I wanted to talk about the ending for a little bit. Victory scenes were actually incredible. The fighting was incredibly well choreographed and all these heroes on screen at the same time was fantastic. Barry defeats Thawne but lets him go, after all if it wasn’t for the Reverse Flash, Barry would never become the Flash. Supergirl-X goes Supernova after being flown ‘up, up and away’, our Supergirl falls to Earth only to be caught by the man of steel, Nate Heywood. Oliver kills himself, or rather Oliver-X. To finish things off all the team go their separate ways leaving Barry, Iris, Oliver and Felicity behind (although Leo Snart is going to be staying on Earth-1 for some reason). Wanting a small ceremony, Barry speeds John Diggle over to marry them and that’s when Felicity drops the marriage bomb, we get a four way wedding! Way to steal Barry and Iris’ thunder guys.

I do have one glaring issue. HOW IS THAWNE ALIVE?!?! He has been written out of existence twice!!! I don’t understand it and no amount of endless googling has given me an answer, if anyone can calm my mind then please do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m sorry this review has been a bit haphazard but if I went through each episode like I normally do then we would be hear for years. It was a better crossover than the last one if for no other reason than it was one continuous story and pretty much just one long episode split into four. Each main hero got their time to shine, sometime several of them. None of the main characters felt left out but there were some notable absences for a long time. Nate, Zari and the Atom were nowhere to be seen for the first three episodes, even though the Waverider was there! The fights were great, the effects were mostly good and the relationships between characters that don’t normally interact were brilliant, Alex and Sara in particular. The main problem was that there are just too many people to give screen time to oh an also Barry could have taken out all the Nazis instantly but that’s a debate for another time.

I will be coming back to this crossover whenever I have the time as I would like to break it down in a better way but for now I’ll leave you with my final thought; it was good, exciting but a bit too busy.

Hopefully next week will be a bit calmer! See ya!

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