It’s that time of year again when lights are twinkling, fires are roaring and Michael Buble is making his way out of his cave….I am of course talking about Christmas. With so many shows, films and fandoms around the choice of present for your nerd so dear is bigger than ever, with that being said I have compiled the below list of my top 5 picks for affordable, fun and utterly nerdgasmic gift choices!


  1. Harry Potter Fairy Lights

    Bring some magic to this Christmas for your witch or wizard by giving them these awesome Hogwarts fairy lights. Whether they’re for a Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor or even Slytherin these warm lights are the perfect edition to any room and for just £9.99 they are a Serius deal!!
  2. Game of Thrones tankard

    Christmas is coming…and as the majority of things in this show would make inappropriate or awkward christmas gifts and swords are not exactly a safe option either why not show your love for the thrones fan in your life with one (or all) of these tankards. With a choice from House Targaryen, House Stark and The Nights Watch these are the perfect way to drink your way to Christmas cheer!
  3. Chip Mug

    Everybody loves a bit of Disney (and if you don’t… what is wrong with you?). One of the most sought after pieces of Disney memorabilia is of course the classic Chip mug from Beauty and the Beast. Wether is be for a tasty cup of tea or simply to decorate this adorable mug is a Disney nerd must have!
  4. Nerdy Bathrobe

    Okay so this one is a litte more vauge then the suggestions so far but with choice of bathrobes on offer there really is something for everykind of nerd from a Zelda robe for the gamer, Doctor Who robes for the tv fanatic and even some awesome Star Wars robes for the absolute legend of a film nerd to keep comfy and cool.
    334575a-emp gro102-tardis-robe1 Official-Zelda-Luxury-Bath-Robe
  5. Metal Posters

    Okay so I know this one must sound a little bit odd but trust me, this posters are amazing! With choices of designs for basically any fandom you can think of and the amazing artwork to choose from these posters would be an awesome addition to any nerdy home. I’ll admit that I own a couple of these posters and they have all been brilliant quality and really fairly priced, I can honestly say that I would recommend these to anyone who loves a bit of nerdy artwork!
    3a1619d5d21350176907ce0218ba4299_83b180783e5e313943f10f4881ed7af2 60840f964ac91e5da1aae43706f8c6fd.jpg 8df6d792c1b27e04cfe5e78e626c5fe9_62b96ba23456481bd64d9bcb47559b9f

And that’s my list! Hope you enjoyed it and that the things included were at least fun to look at if not helpful for all the Geekmas shopping you’ve got to do!

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