Merry Geekmas! As an early Christmas Present I’ve got another load of Geeky news for you! I’m starting to think that these aren’t going to be every week! Life gets in the way you know? Instead as they are called Geekly Round Ups I’m just going to write them when I can. Some will be short, others epically long, you have been warned! I have brought you a round up for a couple of weeks so this is a bumper one. The week started slow but ended with an enormous bang! (I wonder if you know what I’m referring to?). Let’s have a look and see what has been going on in the world of geek!

Is Lizzy Caplan a gambling girl?

The unthinkable has happened! More casting has taken place for the elusive Gambit movie and Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex, Cloverfield) in line for the female lead. No other details have been released yet but Channing Tatum has company on the cast list at least! To make things even more exciting we have it confirmed that production is planned to start in March 2018! Woop! We have been here a couple of times before however but if true, we’re looking at a 2019 release. Of course this could all change (again) of the Marvel/Fox talks bear fruit. The comic book movie world will look very different in a few years time!

Lizzy Caplan

The Mar-Vel-lous Jude

More comic book movie casting, Mr Jude Law, soon to be seen as young Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts sequel, The Crimes of Grindelwald, has been cast alongside Brie Larson in the Captain Marvel film. Filling the shows of Carol Danvers mentor Dr Walter Lawson who in the comics is also know as Mar-Vell – the cosmic alien responsible for Carol getting her powers!

Jude Law

Will Law suit up in the film or will they do something similar to the first Thor film, having the earth alter-ego of Donal Blake just as a throw away comment? Regardless of how they do it, Jude Law is a fine actor and appears to be having a bit of a career resurgence! What will he do next? Star Wars?

Goldberg looking Flashy

Bill Goldberg has confirmed he will soon be appearing in two episodes of CW’s The Flash! Goldberg is following in the footsteps of fellow wrestlers Adam Copeland aka Edge and Cody Rhodes. There is no word on what character he will play or when he will appear but at this point it’s safe to assume it’s in the latter half of the season. Is there a particular character you would like to see him suit up as?



Animated Batman films are always popular. They don’t usually get the same recognition as the big budget live-action films but many of them are fantastic!! We recently got a trailer for Batman Ninja which is due for release next year. Drawn in the style of many anime films, this looks all kinds of awesome at the same time as being utterly mental! If you’ve ever wondered what the Bat-family would look like as Ninjas/Samurai well here’s your chance! If the character design looks familiar, that’s because it is from Takashi Okazaki, the man behind the design of Afro Samurai, if you haven’t watched that then do so immediately. Take a look at the trailer below and just try and stop the smile creeping across your face!

Titans Titanic Tease

Not a lot has been heard from the production of the Titan’s live action show. We’ve had a few casting announcements a while back but now, here is our first look at our new Dick Grayson!


Brenton Thwaites looks bloody brilliant in this shot. He looks like a modern Robin should look and the suit isn’t that far away from the one glimpsed in Batman v Superman! Even the ‘R’ looks the same! It would appear that while Thwaites is filling the tights of Grayson, the look is very much inspired by the Tim Drake Robin, right down to the bow staff and the arrangement of colours throughout the outfit. Regardless of the inspiration, the suit looks great and is a more realistic look compared to Dick Grayson’s appearance in the comics! No short shorts here!

To Infinity and Beyond

Brace yourself, the big guns are here! We were blessed last week with a huge Vanity fair article celebrating 10 years of the MCU. In this article we basically got a new look at every major character from the films in old and new outfits! Some were pretty standard, others intriguing! Let’s start with the covers.

Not a lot of surprises here but I love how the teams have been mixed up a bit. Spiderman with Star Lord, Pepper Potts and Dr Strange all look pretty much the same as the last time we saw them. Captain America, Vision and War Machine (who is back in the suit) look similar, although Cap is wearing his Winter Soldier suit. This is our best look yet as Evangeline Lily’s the Wasp in her suit and Hawkeye is sporting a wonderful new do! Finally we have Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Falcon, all sporting new looks, most notable Widow with blonde hair and Thor with his latest short hair but interestingly no eye patch (clearly to avoid spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok)! Now for the article pictures, prepare yourself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everyone is hear, right down to several characters from Black Panther and Mrs Hawkeye. All the Guardians, the Avnegers, the Revengers and supporting characters are there. This is the core cast of the MCU. Happy Hogan, Hank Pym, Nebula, Mantis, Valkyrie, they are all here. Even Kevin Feige and Stan Lee feature! Could it get any better? Well, yes it can and it will soon! The reason this article caused a bit of confusion is because most people assumed it was a sneak peak at Infinity War. While it does give us a look at how some of the characters will appear in the film, a lot of them are wearing older variation of their outfits, Captain America and Bucky especially.  You think this is exciting, read on to have your mind blown.

I’m just going to leave this here;


Looks pretty coo right? The same classic Avengers ‘A’ but in a much more cosmic colour palate. Don’t spend to long looking at that though….Check out the fucking Infinity War Trailer!!!!!!!



That was my immediate reaction last week when the trailer dropped and after a few hundred viewings I’ve calmed a little but I am beyond excited for this film. I’m not going to give you a break down because I can talk about this trailer for hours, and have done already! Instead here’s a few things that made me go ‘OH’ ‘HUH?’ ‘WOW’ ‘YEAH’ and ‘ON NO!!!’.

  • The Iron Spider Suit in action!
  • Cap’s beard and ‘shield gauntlets’ ?
  • Bucky has a new arm and an army
  • Human Vision?
  • Vision’s headache
  • Spidey Sense
  • Tony cries
  • Thor meets the Guardians
  • The Hulkbuster is back
  • Thanos looks awesome if somewhat rubbery
  • Loki hands over the Tesseract
  • Only two infinity stones seen in Thanos’ possession
  • War on Wakanda
  • Spidey and Iron Man getting beat down!

As you we see from this list there is a lot going on. Some people already think too much has been shown and they can work out the whole plot. I don’t think this is the case. I think it’s clear that Thanos will arrive looking for the Infinity Stones and probably lay waste to much of the planet prompting the heroes to fight back. There will be death and destruction, the film will undoubtedly finish on a cliff hanger and it will surely be the Avengers greatest challenge! Who will remain standing at the close of this film?! Only 6 months to wait and we will know. If you’re disappointed that I haven’t gone into more detail then don’t worry, just send me a message on our social media and I will be more than happy to discuss in great detail. For now, I’m going to concentrate on The Last Jedi, after all it’s only a week away!!! Until next time Geeks, see ya!

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