No time to waste this week (mainly because I’ve fallen behind again!) So let’s get into the CW-verse!

Supergirl – S3 Ep7 – ‘Wake Up’

This is the episode I’ve been waiting for all season but it did not live up to my expectations. Two main things happen this week, Sam finds out she is from Krypton and Mon-El returns! The former was inevitable and wasn’t done very well in my opinion. Sam goes from outright refusing to admit she is any different, to going to see her estranged adoptive mother, seeing the alien pod (which was a scene perfectly copied from Smallville) to following a pulsing crystal into the desert.

After activating the ‘Fortress of Desertude’ Sam discovers her origin (being designed as a World Killer) and then her true self ‘awakens’, please let me introduce the big bad of the season “Reign”. I predict she will cause chaos for a while before Kara (or Lena) manage to appeal to the human side of her and stop her ‘reign’ of terror. Also one side note, if you are trying to hide your ‘abilities’ from your daughter, maybe don’t deliberately put your hand into a pot of boiling water when she is stood about 2 metres away!

Meanwhile, the weird ship we had a glimpse at a couple of episodes ago is alive and kicking. An attack on a submarine brings the DEO in to investigate, the ship has apparently been there for 12,000 years! When Wynn, Supergirl and J’onn get aboard they are greeted by a rifle wielding Mon-El! He’s very cagey about where he has been and after being taken back to the DEO for treatment he gets caught stealing some tech causing Kara to knock him out. Can’t we have a return of a character without a betrayal?! Refusing to tell Kara anything, Mon-el convinces Winn to take him back to the ship. Then Supergirl spoils the party.

Mon-El reveals he has been gone for 7 years, living in the 31st Century. The other pods in the ship contain people from that time including his wife!! Kissing her in front of Kara was probably not the nicest of ways to break the news, especially after just having a conversation where he said he never forgot her and still wears the necklace she gave him! So it’s safe to say that the pods contain members of the Legion of Superheroes from the future and I couldn’t be happier about this! I am annoyed that Kara yet again has a romantic relationship go up in flames just at the point things were getting good for her. Seriously give the girl a break!

A much better episode dealing with some issues that have been dormant for a little while and giving some development to Sam’s story. I’m sure it won’t be long until Kara and Sam come face to face again, but it will probably have to wait until after the CW crossover. Not enough Alex and a small uninteresting sub-plot about J’onn and his dad moving in together are my only complaints really. So good job Supergirl!

The Flash S4 Ep7 – ‘Therefore I Am’

The origin of the Thinker is this week’s focus and it wasn’t as sinister as I first thought it might be. The flashbacks were potentially padded out a little too much but basically, Devoe and his wife developed a ‘thinking cap’ which would expand the brains capacity for thought and thus raise the wearers intellect. Testing the cap on the same night as the Particle Accelerator explosion, wanting to use its power, Devoe is struck by lightning and Dark Matter which makes him super intelligent! The downside? His mind is drawing energy from his body causing accelerated degeneration which will kill him. Luckily his wife is a super smart engineer and builds the funky seat for him to extend his life expectancy.

It’s still unclear what his plan is but at least we know where he started. The most confusing part of the episode is why Barry insists on pursuing him when he has no physical proof Devoe is a bad guy. Barry is convinced the man is too perfect and won’t stop investigating, despite the Devoe’s reporting him to the Captain and getting a restraining order. Barry confronts Devoe with very probing questions, even stealing his mug for DNA testing. Team Flash think Barry is trying to make him appear guilty and should let it go. Instead Barry breaks in to the Devoe household WITHOUT A DISGUISE!! Inevitably he is photographed and gets suspended from work!

Iris tries to reign Barry in a bit but stupid Barry confronts Devoe again! This time though Devoe tells the truth. He knows Barry is the flash, admits to having powers and hints at plans for the future. After Barry tells the rest of the team they finally believe him although they are not nearly apologetic enough! Barry has been though some shit, let him have some freedom! Devoe isn’t all bad though, he tells his wife he is going to let Barry get married “After all, what is knowledge without love?” Ummm, what?! This is just the shows way of saying that Devoe probably won’t feature very heavily in the crossover if at all!

It was a good episode, but Barry is the stupidest smart person in the world. He really needs to work on his infiltration skills and he showed he is faster than light by stealing Devoe’s mug in front of him, why didn’t he explore the Devoe house at speed!! He would have done the whole place and been out in a couple of seconds!! I’m glad they haven’t kept the villains’ past a secret like they have for the last three seasons, now we just need to find out what he has against the Flash. Finally, having Wally return is great, especially because he said he has been away fighting a giant starfish from Space, this is a reference to a recurring Justice League villain from the comics known as Starro! I loved that little nod!

Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep7 – ‘Welcome to the Jungle’

I understand that this show is about time travel and a bunch of misfits generally bumbling through time whilst saving the world, but there are only so many times they can shit on some world history by making light of some of the greatest atrocities the modern world has ever known. That may sound like a bit of a harsh opener but this week the Legends went to the Vietnam War to fight Gorilla Grodd. Yep, that’s right, the anachronism the team are fighting is a time-displaced, telepathic, evil gorilla. Let’s just smooth over all the death and destruction and fight a giant monkey shall we?

Now I’ve vented a bit I can get into what actually happened. The team head into the jungle, Vixen, Ray and Zari head off to speak to locals and end up being taken to a secret village where they discover Grodd is building an army. He plans to assassinate the President (who just so happens to be in the area at the time) to bring about World War 3. Vixen tries to use Ray’s shrink ray to stop Grodd but it fails, she then appeals to his animalistic side by using her amulet but an attack interrupts them and he escapes, heading toward the Waverider. It’s up to Professor Stein who is aboard alone to send Grodd to a firey napalm death, that is until Damian Darhk rescues the ape in the nick of time, recruiting him for some big plan! Seriously, stop using Darhk!


Surprisingly, that isn’t the most ridiculous story thread in the episode. That honour goes to Mick and Nate bumping into Micks dad! He was a Green Beret during the war so of course they meet him. I can’t tell whether the actor was told to do an impression of Mick Rory or he is actually like that, either way he was barely watchable. Nate encourages Mick to deal with his daddy issues and we learn a few emotional things; Mick let his dad burn to death, before he came home from the war his dad was a fairly normal person, he is willing to kill a group of innocent people because…..reasons, Mick bonds with his dad and realises he should have burned himself. Mick also plays the hero by stopping his dad killing a whole bunch of people. Surely stopping his dad being a monster means he himself will be less of one because his dad wouldn’t be as haunted by the war? To be honest I’m beyond caring.

So a couple of other things happened in this stinking pile of crap of an episode. Sara is in a coma as a result of her tangle with Darhk last time and only wakes up after Grodd telepathically controls her to attack Stein. Jax and Stein are coming to blows over their impending separation, the team notice that it is a huge coincidence they are meeting their families on their travels. Is this on purpose? Are they being put in situations where they might mess with their own past? Yeah probably. Enough of this, let’s move on.

Arrow S6 Ep7 – ‘Thanksgiving’

First things first, I am not going to list off all the Thanksgiving puns in this episode. There were way, way too many! Let’s just talk about what happened. Mayor Queen gets arrested for being the Green Arrow in front of William and a whole bunch of reporters. His first hearing happens within hours and he is released on bail, which Felicity pays with the first profit from her startup; leading to some tension between her and Curtis which is resolved by the end of the episode so it’s inconsequential. The FBI say that have clear evidence that Oliver is the Green Arrow but they haven’t released what it is yet, suspicious!


Caiden James and Black Siren are back this week stealing stuff to build a giant bomb, intending to blow up a Billy Joel concert, cue weirdest cameo ever (was the director of this episode a fan?). Team Arrow try to stop the theft of some tech but it all goes tits up when Diggle, having tried a prototype injection for his tremor, starts suffering badly and the mission fails. It turns out he is suffering from withdrawal from the other drug he took, if his condition continues this way the nerve damage will spread and lead to paralysis. Oliver clearly finds out about the issue and after a brief angry conversation where they both lash out at each other, Oliver apologises and says he will sub in as the Green Arrow until Diggle is back on his feet. So quick is he to put the hood back on that he casually lies to his son again.

The concert bomb was a fake. It was all a ruse by Caiden just to draw the team out so he could issue a threat to Oliver and capture the vigilante’s on tape. Caiden claims Oliver was responsible for taking his son away from him, which confuses him and us, I’m assuming this will be explained more later. The video footage goes viral and the anti-vigilante bill passes, things are about to get a lot harder for the team! The episode was okay but I feel the Felicity/Curtis confrontations were unnecessary and the team is getting ridiculously stupid, they literally jump at any hint of some wrong doing without properly investigating it. They never used to get caught on camera before, it was clearly a trap!

Oh yeah and Thea has woken up! Felicity and Curtis smoothed over their differences and managed to create a wonder drug that woke her up! The rest of the season is surely going to go badly for Oliver, he currently has a lot to lose and we know what happens when Oliver is happy!!! My last thought on this average episode is that we now know Rene uses real bullets. He has been killing scores of people and no one bats an eye?! What is going on? At least they explained that Diggle used to use tranquilizer bullets! Wild Dog is a monster!


All four shows were just scrabbling to give some answers before the crossover arrives. We know from pas experience that the crossover tries to forget about the main story arcs from the respective shows so there can’t be anything too big bleeding into it. You will notice that all four shows finished with the respective teams acknowledging a break in their duties. Convenient. What does the crossover have in store for us?


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