Geekmas is upon us! As we creep closer to the big day many of us will be scrabbling around for gift ideas (I know I am!). I would like to say that this post is all about some brilliant gift ideas for the geek in your life or yourself, but I can’t. Instead I’ve been scouring the interweb to find some of the most sought after items from today’s most popular fandoms.

These are items that are incredibly difficult to get hold of and many will set you back a sweet penny or two but if you were lucky enough to obtain one of the following items you would be a very happy geek indeed. Make ready your salivary glands and hide your credit cards to prevent you from using them, let’s see 10 items that geeks crave!!!!!

Star Wars – Luke Skywalker’s Episode IV Lightsaber

Star Wars

Every Star Wars fan has a lightsaber, even if it’s just a toy one or a pair of lightsaber chopsticks. I myself have owned 4 different sabers and always want more. There are some incredibly detailed replicas out there, combat models, Force FX versions and countless companies who make custom designs. So what’s better than a replica, only the real bloody thing! Back in 2004 Movie producer Gary Kurtz sold part of his Star Wars collection, including the actual weapon that Luke Skywalker was given by Obi Wan Kenobi. It sold for over £100,000 and made a collector very bloody happy!! It’s not the most expensive Star Wars item ever sold, that title goes to George Lucas’ Panavision Camera used to shoot some of the original film, this went for a staggering £427,000. People will pay a lot for a bit of film history!

Star Trek – TOS Enterprise Command Chair

Star Trek

Understandably it’s generally the older items that go for the most money. Before the age of mass-merchandising and in a time where after a prop was used it was quite often just binned, not much survives. The most expensive Star Trek item ever sold is Kirk’s Command Chair from The Original Series. I can understand how this would be so desirable, if you’ve watched any Star Trek episode then it’s more than likely that you have pretended to be the captain of a star ship at some point. With this you can get even closer to that. The only problem is you would have to shell out in excess of $304,000 to get your hands on it. A small price to pay for the most die hard of Trek fans but for the average Joe, unobtainable.

DC – Action Comics #1

Action Comics

Like any comic book reader, I am always looking out for vintage comics, particularly issues featuring the first appearances of well known beloved characters. Today it’s fairly easy to get hold of a reprint or copy edition of a antique comic but the originals are forever sought after. There are so few copies of the original prints of various titles from the early days of comics and even fewer that are in a good condition. We all know about the condition grading system of comics, the higher the grade the more expensive it is likely to be well, in 2014 an original copy of Action Comics #1 rated at 9.0, the first appearance of Superman sold for an Earth shattering $3.2 million dollars! A single comic book!!! That it always beyond belief. Imagine having that comic book! I would never sell it if it was mine. I’ll just leave this hear for any DC fans wanting to go bankrupt buying comic books!

Marvel – Amazing Fantasy #15

Amazing Fantasy

Of course it’s going to be another comic but don’t worry this one won’t set you back nearly as much as Superman’s first appearance. We have the wall crawling Spider-Man to thank for this entry. Arguably Marvel Comics most popular character, his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 is a well loved story, in 2011 it was purchased at auction for $1.1 million. More than half the price of Action Comics #1, a bargain! Seriously looking these things up is making me very sad, I’m not sure I’m going to make it to the end of this list!

Lord of The Rings – Aragorn’s Sword, Andúril

Aragorns sword

When it comes to things like Lord of The Rings, the most sought after items are always going to be the weapons. There are so many iconic swords, axes, bows, staffs and daggers that any one of them would be amazing to possess. Obviously the more prominent the character the more prized their weapon is so it’s no surprise that the most expensive piece of Lord of the Rings memorabilia ever sold was Andúril, Aragorn’s sold which went for the kingly sum of $437,000. He is a king after all, he has to have the best stuff! The instant this was in your hands you’d want to swing it about and command the army of the dead but would you want to risk breaking something worth nearly half a million dollars just because you wanted to look cool? Damn right you would!!!!

Game of Thrones – Iron Throne

Iron Throne

Being fairly new to the world of Geek memorabilia, there aren’t any of the ultra-rare, vintage items that things like Star Wars and Star Trek have. That doesn’t stop some of the most iconic props from the show achieving impressive sums, and even replicas netting quite the coin! Fancy being ruler of the Seven Kingdoms? Well you can be if you’re willing to shell out $30,000 (plus $1,800 delivery). Every person has their favourite chair at home, imagine coming in from a long day, kicking your boots off, sitting in your throne, sentencing a few hundred peasants to death and then settling in to watch I’m a Celebrity. Either that or the obsessive amongst you will sit there and try to count how many swords were used to make the throne (spoilers, it’s more than a few!)

Harry Potter – The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Harry Potter

Auctions of different versions of Harry Potter books have become fairly popular knowledge. J K Rowling has often sold off her personal copies, or issues that have spelling mistakes etc for charity and this next item is no different. Not part of the main saga, a hand written, leather bound, silver embellished, inscribed by Rowling herself copy of short stories went for a staggering £1,950,000. To be fair, Harry Potter is one of the biggest fandoms in the world and this was one of only 7 copies written but still, that’s astounding! I kinda want this now, and I know a particular member of the Jack and the Geekstalk crew who would cast the Imperius curse on anyone to get hold of this!

Wrestling – WWE Jeff Hardy Elite Collection Series 1 Mattel Legends Figure


I’m not a wrestling fan but both Sammi and Luke of Jack and the Geekstalk are. They own a few figures themselves along with a tonne of other merch. When I asked Sammi how much she though this sold for she responded with a respectable $900. For an action figure that’s a very high price. Well she was way off. This unreleased figure sold for £10,000. I think her exact reply to this amount was “What?!!!!!! Holy mother of F***” So, yeah that was unexpected! WWE figure are very popular and have been for a number of years so I can only imagine the value of this one will only increase as the years go by. Start buying figures now and in a few years they might be worth something! (probably not though because the level of mass production effectively negates the market value of any product unless it has a unique flaw or something – sorry to get techinical)

Doctor Who – 1966 Dalek


This is a no brainer for any Whovian. If you had the chance to buy a full size Dalek you’d take it right? I’ll sweeten the pot a little; if you had the chance to buy a full size Dalek that you can fit inside and move around? You need more? If you had the chance to buy a full size Dalek that you can fit inside and move around and was an original 1966 TV prop? Yeah there you go, drooling with desire yet? The downside, it will set you back $38,000, oh and it can’t climb stairs! But you will command every low level area with your plunger! Fear the plunger!!!!

Video Games – Swordquest Talisman

Vintage is key. That is what I have learned from my research into this list. In the video game world, Virtual Reality technology is steadily growing and will soon be a dominant force in the industry. The hardware required to achieve a fully immersive experience does exist but will cost thousands. But nostalgia is prevalent in this industry as much as any other. Back in 1982 Atari release a game called Swordquest and with this a contest to win a combined prize of $150,000. It combined the game, real life comic books and real world items which were expensive even at the time, including a talisman that was made of 18K gold with diamonds embedded in it! I’ll let wikipedia explain the whole contest but rest assured, there was a lot on offer but the contest never finished due to the 80s Video Game Industry crash, the remaining items today would be virtually priceless although each one was valued at between $25,000 to $50,000. There is still some debate over the fate of the prizes awarded but bloody hell that was an ambitious project!

Now that I’ve made you feel like the poorest person in the world I’m going to leave. Do you know of any other perfect geek items that have sold for a ridiculous sum? Let us know in the comments so we can crave them too. I want everything on this list, I also want my very own working Star Destroyer, I wonder which I’ll get first. Thanks for reading!

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