Sung in the tune of ‘Away in a manger’

Away in the Marvel

Universe of stuff

They had all the Chris’s, and all were quite buff

The girls were strong and smart

The Panther no cub

And don’t we all want a Hulk in a hot tub


Over in DC’s world

Of darkness and pain

The Mum’s are all Martha and bad guys are slain

Wonder Woman kicks ass

Steve saves the day

Bruce and Clark try to keep their egos at bay


Here with the Geekstalkers

We’ve chatted all year

To share our favourites, that we hold so dear

Community spirit

Has been at a high

Lots of laugh have been had, no word of a lie

Geeky Nerd, Chewbasha

and King are awesome

Markus, Seb, Jason and Ken, a great foursome

Nerdschatting, The Hulks

Supernerds, Nerdifi

With Open All Powers and Film and TV Show

All podcasts we love

As well as X-Geeks blogs

All are our beacons in the geekiest fog

It’s been a great year

Thanks to everyone

Here’s to twenty eighteen being loads of fun!

Merry Geekmas!

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