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Every single Geek has their own obsession and owns a piece of that fandom. Whether it is a piece of film memorabilia, photograph or trading card, we all have that one thing that is epitomises our interests or means so much to us that we prize it above anything other collectable. Here the Geekstalkers give you an insight into their personal fandoms with their own most prized geeky possession. Want to get involved? All the Geerkstalkers social media links are below, let us know what is your favourite geeky possession! For now, enjoy!

Seb Reeves – @TheRealMrSeb

My most prized geeky possession would have to be my Tolkien collection. It is the ‘Professor’s’ first novel, the hobbit, that drew me into fantasy fiction, and ignited my inner geek. I remember first reading it when I was 9 years old and developed an enduring love of stories with dwarves and dragons, hobbits and elves. I sufficed with a dog eared copy of the Hobbit and an audio set of the same story until I was 14 years old, and developed a yearning to collect as many different copies of JRR’s works from graphic novels to pop up books. I have a chest full of different Tolkien based memorabilia, which sadly I cannot show you, as I broke my hand about two weeks ago and so cannot lift my daughters chest of draws from the top of my chest.

Some of my collection is dotted around the house, so I will take a picture of some that relates to my favourite character from ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘Gimli son of Gloin’. I’m not sure what it is about this enigmatic Dwarf that captured my interest, I like his stubborn and cantankerous nature and that he is true to his companions, plus he’s very handy with his axe. Two items come to mind, both based on the ‘New Line Cinema’ conception of ‘Gimli’. One is a figurine by ‘Toybiz’ which I bought after the release of ‘The Return of the King’ from ‘Forbidden Planet’. The other a limited edition print that I bought after visiting a ‘Lord of the Rings’ exhibition at the ‘Science Museum’, in London.


Ken Major – @KenMajor83

This months topic was an easy pick, for any Doctor Who fan it’s going to be their DVD collection that holds pride of place.
Ever since the BBC started releasing stories on VHS in the 80’s, they have done this by serials rather than series. They carried this trend once they started releasing DVDs around the turn of the Millennium.
Most stories are 4 or 6 parts, so a total running time of either 90 or 140 minutes (movie length). The great things about the disks are the extras too, lots of them are worth the price of the DVD alone.
As you can imagine a show that run for 26 seasons with a total of 156 stories (though a couple missing) does take up some shelf space!
With streaming being more prominent how can I make the collection extra special? Try and get as many signed as possible!
I’ve mainly gone for the surviving Doctor’s and Companions first but there’s been some great instances where I’ve met a guest star that I’ve loved in another role. Shane Rimmer (voiced Scott Tracy) is in The Gunfighters, Donald Sumpter (Game of Thrones) in The Sea Devils and Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) in The Time Warrior.
It’s became a fun little project, I’m always looking at signing events and checking actors IMDB credits to see if I can get more titles signed!

Markus – @TheMarckoguy

I honestly don’t own too many geeky items. And this isn’t because I don’t want geeky items, because I do want geeky items. But it’s more because of financial reasons. I wish I could have all the money in the world to just buy cool stuff with, but that is just wishful thinking. But the few geeky items I do own I think are pretty damn cool. So here are a few I wanna talk about.

First item on the list is this really neat bobblehead of Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) from The Godfather.


The story behind this is that in 2015 I went on a trip with my class to Rome, Italy. While there we visited important cultural sites, saw the pope, ate some good food, and visited a whole bunch of gift shops. And in one of these shops I found this really cool bobblehead. Sure, it doesn’t make too much sense since Vito is from Sicily and not Rome, but in this case I can still accept because look at how cool this guy is. It’s an accurate representation of the character and I love owning him.

Next up is this statue of Edward Kenway (voiced by Matt Ryan) from the video game Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.


As you can see in the picture, Edward is ready for action! He’s holding on to a rope that is attached to a ship’s mast. He’s also holding one of his swords, because he’s a badass like that. The story behind how I got this is that I’ve been a fan of this franchise for quite a few years, and my parents are well aware of that. So on christmas 2013 I got a big box as a gift from my parents. This box was the Buccaneer Edition of Sasso Creedo 4. In this box was the game, an artbook, a soundtrack CD, some cool cards, and this awesome figurine/statue. It’s one of the best christmas presents I’ve ever received and I’m super happy to still own all the things I got with it.

My third and final item is once again a figurine/statue of a video game character. However, instead of a Sassy Pirate, it’s a cyborg by the name of Adam Jensen (voiced by Elias Toufexis) from the game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

So this is Adam. Former head of security at a huge tech firm, now Interpol agent.


He’s a man who has a bunch of awesome robot parts in him. On this you can see him sprinting into action, activating his really cool shield power. He’s also carrying an assault rifle with a detachable silencer. The story behind this is that I was a big fan of the previous game in the series, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and was then of course excited when they announced Mankind Divided. I was so excited in fact that I preordered the Collector’s Edition of it. With that you got a really cool looking box filled with awesome stuff like the a steelbook with the game’s disc in it, an artbook, some codes for extra in-game content, codes for digital books/music, and this awesome figurine/statue of Adam. It may have been expensive, but I feel like it was pretty much worth it.

So those were some of my geeky possessions. I own a few more, but these were the ones I wanted to talk about here. So yeah… have a good one.

Dave from Jack and the Geekstalk – @JackGeekstalk

I’ve said in countless times on this site but Star Wars is my thing. Ever since I saw A New Hope when I was a child, it has been at the core of my geekyness. I’ve lost count of the number of Star Wars items strewn around my house, in boxes, on walls, in bookcases, on my desk at work and even still at my parents house. Star Wars features in nearly every aspect of my life, right now I have drinking from an AT-AT coffee mug which is on a Return of the Jedi coaster with my chosen Geeky item on the wall immediately behind me!

My favourite, most prized piece in my Star Wars collection is this Boba Fett painting by Tsunedo Sanda.


I’ve had this for a number of years and with every house move since owning this painting it is the first thing that is put up in the house. Not only was it a gift from my mother who, at times I’m sure, has worried about the depth to which my Star Wars obsession goes, but it is one of the most beautiful depictions of my favourite character from the saga. Yes okay Boba Fett may be a bit of a joke to some people but within the entire Star Wars universe (old canon and new) he is one of the most feared and respected Bounty Hunters and is a formidable foe, plus he just looks cool!

The firey backdrop and the way Fett is angled makes it appear like he is in the middle of a hunt, leaving a trail of destruction in pursuit of his target and if you ever found yourself this close to the galaxy’s most notorius Bounty Hunter, you might not see another day. Tsunedo Sanda is amazinf artist and I implore you to check out his work, meanwhile I’m going to be sitting here comfortably in my Boba Fett dressing gown and Stromtrooper slippers while re-reading my very old copy of Crystal Star….It’s not unhealthy….I promise!

Dan from Nerdifi – @Nerdifi-MCR

A lot of people have been toy collectors all their lives but I didn’t begin my Hot Toy collection until I was in my early thirties. I’d just gotten divorced and like any self respecting divorcee I was ready to make some reckless purchases! I’d long had my eyes on the Michael Keaton Batman Hot Toy (which is probably the most painstakingly accurate rendering of this iconic version of the character) for some time and I bought it forthwith to celebrate my newfound freedom. While this beauty is the crown jewel in my collection it nonetheless has many equally awesome playmates to share a cabinet with… Some of them were even donated by my current girlfriend.


Nicola from We Have a Hulk @wehaveahulkpod

Anyone who listens to our podcast or knows me personally will know of my love for Game of Thrones and in particular, Kit Harrington who plays Jon Snow! Last year me and Chris travelled down to London to watch the play Doctor Faustus which Kit was starring in, but unfortunately the theatre was flooded so the play was cancelled. Kit didn’t let us all go home empty handed though, as he signed posters and took pictures with everyone! So my favourite geek item has to be my Kit Harrington signed poster!

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