I’ve decided to change my mindset in relations to these shows, instead of expecting them to be shit I am approaching each one hoping to be entertained, regardless of whether the show is any good or not. I think that’s the only way I’m going t get through Legends! So without further ado, let’s make like a Kryptonian and Flash! That didn’t work did it?

Supergirl S3 Ep6 – ‘Midvale’

It’s all about sisters this week which thankfully means we get a lot of Alex, though not in the way you would expect. Taking a leaf out of Arrow’s book 90 % of the episode is a flashback to Alex and Kara’s teen years. It is refreshing to have something a little different and I think the show nailed it with the casting of young Alex and Kara. Both actresses are fantastic and you can totally believe they will grow up to be the characters we know. In present day, reaching their childhood home, Alex and Kara fall out, Alex is hurting so is lashing out at Kara for being a hypocrite, trying to  help her feel better when she very recently shut herself off for 6 months due to her love loss.

alex kara

On to the flashbacks. Having a Kryptonian in the house obviously means growing up wouldn’t be normal.The pair act like sisters, fighting for the bathroom, arguing and moving in different circles at school, Alex being one of the cool kids and Kara being a nerd. Lost story short, the two end up working together to find the person behind their friend Kenny’s murder!! I know, bit heavy for these kids to deal with! Things get even worse when the girls discover one of their teachers is sleeping with a student. They accuse him of the murder and then find out it wasn’t actually him at all but the local Sheriff who has been involved with drug deals, killing Kenny because he had photographs of a deal.

The Sheriff finds out they have evidence, tries to kill the girls with his car, then almost shoots Alex until Super-Kara saves the day. I quite liked the story and how they explain the sisters going from hating each other to being best friends, when Kara saved Alex she realised her adoptive sister will always be there for her and Alex gives Kara a reason to feel human. Needless to say, in the present, Alex recalls these events and they smooth over their falling out before riding off into the sunset in J’onn’s car. It only takes solving a childhood murder to bring them together.

There were lots of little great moments in an episode that was fairly predictable. Smallville’s Chole Sullivan and her ‘Wall of Weird’ get a mention, the dead friend knew Kara was super after catching her flying, but he liked her anyway. We do get a slightly confusing scene where an FBI agent who looks exactly like Kara’s mother (the new actress anyway) tells her to reduce her super-activity for fear of being discovered. This turns out to be J’onn in disguise but why pretend to be her mother?! Oh and has Kara been to the Twilight school of fast running?! A much better episode, maybe because there was no Lena or Samantha subplots going on. Clearly a filler episode but a good one.

The Flash – S4 Ep6 – ‘When Harry met Harry’

This is an example of a good idea done very badly. We love every version of Harrison Wells that has been featured in the show. They are all different but brilliant in their own way. In an attempt to track down Devoe, Earth-2 Harry has brought together some other versions to assist. Each one is an awful caricature and every scene with them is awful. The brief glimpses of other Wells we’ve had before were funny because they were just that, glimpses. Entire scenes with them don’t work. A camp German authoritarian, a lothario, and a half cyborg?! Who got drunk when they wrote this episode?! In the end they find Devoe and when Team Flash head to the house they see a very normal looking couple and not a super villain they were expecting, though there is no reason for them to look shocked at his appearance, they never knew what he looked like!! It was interesting to see that Devoe knew there was a chance they would be discovered, how much has been planned out?!

The best parts of the episode are every scene with Frank Dibny. Barry is well into his training with Dibny resisting the teachings but the characters is great, engaging and hilarious. The opening scene where a mugger gets the jump on the pair is brilliant, his shot rebound at him after Dibny’s abilities send the bullet back at the mugger. It was wonderful. The Team get Dibny hypnotised to try and remember who else was on the bus with him and he manages to see someone wearing a Bison jacket. Luckily, important characters wear the same clothes all the time! This week’s villain of the week is a Meta who can control effigies of living things, like statues and manikins.

Her entire goal is to reclaim some Native American artefacts from collectors and museums to return them to her people. She takes control of a stone jaguar, a cave man manakin and one dressed in hi tech tactical police gear! Barry and Dibny disagree on the best course of action, Barry will always save those in need but Dibny wants to catch the bad guy first. Eventually when Dibny’s failure to protect gets a little girl hurt does he change his mind and agrees with Barry. He struggles with the prospect of having to worry about an entire city like Barry does but after a traditional Barry pep talk he is back on track!


That’s pretty much everything that happens. it was a bad episode but fun in parts. I do have a few issues though. The mugger at the beginning saw both Dibny and Barry’s faces when they used their powers, how are they going to explain that away? The episode was in reference overload! Two Jurassic Park comments when fighting a skeletal T-Rex and a Harry Potter reference when Cisco says the words “You’re a wizard Harry!” during his pep talk to Harry Wells. Also I’m pretty sure hospitals and families don’t let strange men visit and stay in the room of a young child, especially if he was responsible for her getting hurt! And making balloon animals with your own body for a child?!?! Beyond creepy. Dibny is a great character and looks ridiculous in his new suit, even though it is incredibly functional. More Dibny please, keep the show light and breezy with the occasional down turn.

Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep6 – ‘Helen Hunt’

After the first few episodes of the season being less than impressive, this one was a breathe of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, it still wasn’t very good but I had a good time watching it, and there was some advancement in the season arc! This episode sees the Legends in 1937 Hollywood trying to return the ‘real’ Helen of Troy to her rightful time. Helen has become the latest starlet after catching the eye of a director. All men fall at her feet and chaos ensues wherever she goes. Gideon informs the team that because of her success the film industry was essentially destroyed and none of the biggest stars of the 20th Century ever made the big films they were known for. The was the show represent the War of Troy through the film industry was actually very clever, especially withe Helen being stolen by another producer.


Things get complicated for the team when Helen reveals she doesn’t want to return to her time and Damian Darhk turns out to be her agent….for reasons still undisclosed. So here we get into some revelations; the water woman, Kuasa is working with Darhk and turns out to be Vixen’s granddaughter! Not the Vixen of the CW-verse but a bitter, jealous sibling who also possesses a totem granting her powers. This is why she cannot kill Vixen. The weird woman who first popped up in the vampire episode is actually Darhk’s daughter and she appears to be as powerful, if not stronger than her father! There’s a pretty good fight scene with her facing off against Ray and Firestorm, when Darhk helps her out it looked very much like the Father-Son Kamehameha scene from Dragonball Z!

One thing I liked and disliked in equal measure was how Helen was dealt with. She pleaded with Zari not to return her to her own time so Zari meets her halfway. She takes her to the right time, just a different place, only Themiscyra!!!!! Helen is going to meet Wonder Woman!!!! But this does suggest the Legends can fuck about with time with no real consequences. The other thread in this episode was Ray helping Jax and Stein with their separation issue. Things go badly of course and the experiment results in their minds being swapped! This results in hilarious scenes and even a Professor Stein faced Firestorm!

Stein gets to be the hero too this week, Hetty Lemar, Stein’s schoolboy gets her career screwed up by the arrival of Helen, because of this she doesn’t become famous and doesn’t make of scientific discoveries that form the basis of the tech in the Waverider. Steing manages to help her get back on track and Lemar figures out how to fixed the mind swap. Simply fusing into Firestorm fixes is instantly. As I said at the beginning, it was a fun episode and even Neil McDonagh (Damian Darhk) looked like he was having fun! If the show can keep the fun then there might still be hope, just don’t go too over the top!!!!

Arrow S6 Ep6 – ‘Promises Kept’

This episode gives us some much needed background on Slade Wilson. What happened when Oliver left him for dead? Well now we know. He washed up, was rescued and rejoined the Australian Secret Service (I think that’s what department he was with). The episodes main plot revolves around the fact that Slade promised never to leave his son Joe again. Well in the present, he keeps that by joining the Jackals and helping them obtain some explosives. His son doesn’t trust him though, especially when he wounds a guard instead of killing him. As a test of faith, Joe presents his father with a captured Oliver Queen so he can recover the debt Oliver owes him (I’m assuming this is the death of Shadow and his eye).

Slade releases Oliver and they escape only to pursue the Jackals to try and stop them. The inevitable fight between Joe and Slade is great! Also seeing Oliver take on a whole bunch of people on his own is something I will always enjoy. We get a revelation in this scene too, apart from the obvious ‘I saw you kill that man father’, Joe has a brother, one hidden from Slade, Grant Wilson. I could be wrong but this is the man who was Deathstroke in the Star City: 2046 episode of Legends of Tomorrow. Oliver interrupts their heart to heart and Joe escapes. This marks the end of Deathstroke for a while, he’s going off to find his sons and walks off into the misty moonlight.


Back in Star City, Diggle finally has to deal with his drug problem. The guy is in charge of manufacturing the drug turns out to be a bad guy, who knew! He’s the leader of a gang that Team Arrow try to stop stealing some 3D Printing tech. Realising he is onto a loser, Diggle decides to shut Diaz’s operation down, intending to nab a bunch of the drug to cure his tremor. Things go bad when the warehouse burns down so Diggle finally tells the team about his problem. Rene is fine with it, Curtis wants to help find a cure and Dinah, well she maintains the same suspicious serenity, while hiding her own secrets. So that’s that plot device over with, clearly they are going to try and make it a big thing in future episodes but now the team know about it we won’t have the threat of them finding out because of another screw up.

It was an okay episode, nothing special. Seeing the Mirakuru infected Slade emerge and slaughter some people was fantastic, especially with a special appearance from Shadow. I hope that Slade comes back as he is one of my favourite characters (behind Diggle of course) and it was great to get some character development as well as some badass action.


Diggle is great as the Green Arrow, wielding that modified crossbow with expert precision but Oliver surely must take the hood back soon, if you’ve seen any of the crossover promos, Oliver is back in his vigilante get up so is it just the world threatening even that brings him back in or is  it something else? Only a couple of weeks to wait until we find out I guess. Currently Arrow is just about clinging to 2nd place in the CW rankings, just behind the Flash. I wonder if it will creep up into the top spot?

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