A little while ago we gave you a list of Marvel Comics heroes that we want to see on the big screen and one re-do. In the interest of fairness, I’m giving DC Comics the same treatment only slightly different. The difficulty with DC properties is that there have been so many live-action adaptations already so most of the more well known characters have been done to death! Smallville, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine, Gotham have all included various DC characters in one form or another.

So for this list I’ve chosen characters who have yet to be in a live-action DC Comics film and that as far as I’m aware, aren’t on the slate at the moment. I will be comparing some of the following character to their TV show counterparts because some of them are just so so wrong!

Let’s have a look at 9 DC Heroes we want to see on the big screen and 1 Re-do.

Tim Drake – Red Robin

The third person to take on the mantle of Robin, Tim Drake is I think under appreciated. He has the usual acrobatic and martial arts skills of the other Robins but his real talents lie in his detective skills. As the most intellectually gifted of the Robins, he has been described at times as a better detective than Batman himself, even figuring out some of the secret identities of famous superheroes. We have seen Dick Grayson on the big screen and people are always itching to see Jason Todd aka The Red Hood in live action but not much is said about Tim Drake.

Like Grayson, Drake breaks out on his own under the mantle of Red Robin. He has led the Teen Titans, Young Justice and Outsiders at various times, and let’s not forget he was the next robin following the ‘death’ of Jason Todd. It would be brilliant to see Batman reluctant to take someone else under his wing and Time would be fighting against the legacy of his predecessors. If the Batman stand alone film is a detective flick as is being reported, then what better partner to give Bats than Tim!

Booster Gold

Booster is a character that fans have been desperate to see on the big screen for tears. There was a brief live-action appearance in Smallville many years ago but still no film appearance. The is also a current TV connection as his son and Time Master, Rip Hunter, is a prominent character in CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. Booster’s origin is pretty interesting, at least the version that I’ve read, he’s a disgraced sports star from the 25th Century who was caught fixing football games.

Getting a job at a museum he steals some tech, a Legion of Superheroes Flight Ring and a Force Field Belt before using a time ship to travel to the 20th Century and set about becoming a Superhero. Obsessed with being a celebrity and often shunned by other heroes, Booster does have layers, he is full of guilt over past failures and is trying to prove himself constantly,  at one point we learn he is being trained by Rip Hunter to save the whole of time. His friendship with Ted Kord aka Blue Beetle is one of the greatest bromances in comic history. I’ve not read nearly enough of his stories but I am confident with the right actor he would be a very bright (you could even say golden) presence on the screen!


Now, the DC comics universe has some pretty crazy characters and I would say this is probably one of the weirder heroes on this list. Deadman aka Boston Brand was a circus trapeze artist who was killed during his act. As a ghost he is granted the ability to possess living people, controlling their actions and communicating through them. That’s all you need to know really. He is a ghost but still a hero. In this list there are humans, aliens and even those who interact with demons but Deadman is just that, a dead man.

Other than possessing people he can only do things which ghosts are traditionally know to do, like pass through objects and fly. I just think having a spectral superhero on screen would be an interesting challenge effects-wise and let’s face it, the current state of the DCEU needs a bit of something different. Oh yeah and Boston Brand has links with the Flying Graysons so there’s an easy link for him to be introduced.

Mr Terrific

Arrow has almost ruined the Mr Terrific character. Only towards the end of season 5 has the show started to turn Curtis Holt into the character he should be. I appreciate the T-Spheres, Fair Play jacket and the T mask but the way Echo Kells plays Curtis is too comedic. It’s entertaining but I want a more serious interpretation. I want the Michael Holt version.

Arrow hinted at Curtis’ Olympic past but we need to see his athletic ability and genius level intellect instead of being a computer nerd. The T-spheres should have a range of abilities instead of being glorified surveillance drones, they should be able to carry him! They can even instantly cloak him from all technology in the area! His mind is his best asset and should be emphasised as such instead of the character being reduced to Felicity Smoak’s sidekick who sucks at fighting.


Another victim of the CW Network, Supergirl is enjoyable to watch but we only get little glimpses of her true potential. She has been described in the comics as stronger than Superman and has a great potential for rage! The issues where she becomes a Red Lantern are fantastic, she is not someone you want to get in the way of!

It’s not just her power set that makes her interesting though, her parents Zor-El and Alura are closely tied to the bottled city of Kandor which is something I’ve been wanting to see properly on the big screen for years (mainly because it would necessitate the introduction of Braniac!!!). If Warner Bros aren’t willing to bring Supergirl into the DCEU maybe they would settle for an alternate dimension version 😉 More on that later!


Another victim of the Smallville treatment, Zatanna has been seen in live -action before (and is reportedly one of the main characters in the upcoming Justice League Dark live-action movied being developed). Apart from the obvious physical appeal, her powers are very interesting. She is known to be one of the most powerful sorceresses alive, dressing like and masking her abilities as a stage magician, Zatanna has pulled off some amazing magical feats. Most of time she casts her spells by speaking an enchantment backwards and she can seemingly conjure objects out of thin air, heal wounds, teleport and create defences among many other spells!

We are so used to seeing physically and mentally stronger characters on screen so I think it’s about time we had someone whose powers are more other-worldly. The Justice League Dark film that is in development is very exciting and will be looking at things like magic, the afterlife and angel and demons, so different from guys and gals in suits beating each other up! I imagine they will tone down her outfits for the film but I can almost picture a scene in which someone sees and attractive stage magician entertaining a crowd with some cheap tricks only to discover this woman is capable of defeating unbelievably powerful demons! That if you ask me, sounds cool!

Martian Manhunter

Yes I know, another character already seen on the small screen (and done pretty well on Supergirl if you ask me!). J’onn J’onnz is one of the most powerful Justice League members, having some similar powers to Superman, flight, super strength, durability and heat vision. Add to this shape-shifting, telepathic abilities and mass manipulation which enables him to change the molecular structure of his body, becoming almost invulnerable or intangible, allowing invisibility and even altering the size and shape or body parts or his entire self.

A brilliant power set and the ‘last son of Mars’ background (again I know similar to Superman) make J’onn a fascinating character and as Superman once said “He is the most powerful being on the face of the Earth”. Haunted by his past and still struggling to find his place on Earth, J’onn is a character sorely missing from the big screen.

Power Girl

Did anyone say more Supergirl? Well as I mentioned earlier if the studio big wigs don’t want to use the character why not use the Earth-2 variant, Power Girl. A slightly older version of Kara Zor-El and with an almost identical power set she has the advantage of not being vulnerable to Kryptonite from Earth-1. It would brilliant to see Power Girl and Supergirl interact on the big screen and even for Superman to meet another survivor from his home world, albeit from another dimension.

I would imagine her costume would be made slightly more conservation for a film as it is quite revealing. Power Girl likes to identify herself as a separate hero from the Superman brand and is more level-headed but aggressive than her Earth-1 counterpart, adding a multi-verse aspect to the DCEU would be great and I think Power Girl is the perfect character to convey bridge the universes on screen.


Yes I know this is another character who has been featured on TV shows before but as far as I’m concerned he still hasn’t been done correctly. Getting his previous live-action performances out of the way, Michael Shanks (Stargate:SG1) played Carter Hall in a few episodes of Smallville and perfectly shows that comic accurate outfits don’t always translate well to screen! Frank Hentschel’s portrayl in the Arrow-verse looked better (even if the helmet still looks a bit odd), but I didn’t enjoy his performance. Luckily SPOILERS he spends a significant amount of time in Legends of Tomorrow dead so we don’t get to see him too much. A real brawler, Hawkman uses old fashioned weapon, most commonly seen wielding a mace and has enhanced strength and senses.

I think my desire to see him on screen has been brought about due to the teases of Nth Metal and Thanagarians in various superhero properties. I could be wrong but I think there was even a reference to them in Wonder Woman. It is Nth metal of which their wings, belts and boots are constructed which enables them to fly and who doesn’t love a flying superhero? I honestly think Hawkman just looks cool and rather than having someone using laser beams or flying seemingly without any form of propulsion, it would be brilliant to see a man with wings soar in and starting smashing about with a mace! Steppenwolf is using an Axe in Justice League so why not bring another old fashioned weapon to the fight?!

Re-do: Constantine

John Constatine has had both live-action TV and Film adaptations and neither have been particularly successful. The Keanu Reeves film changed a lot of the characters background, appearance and general demeanour, basically all that was left was he was a smoker. I do quite enjoy the film as it has some interesting set pieces and the way it showed how angels, demons and even God and Lucifer interacted with the real world was visually great. I can see the comic references throughout the film but I don’t think Reeves was the right person to play the role and the romantic angle involving Rachel Weisz wasn’t needed. Though if you do need someone to go an retrieve a medical bracelet from Hell, Constantine is your man!

The TV show fared a little better but was cancelled after only one season. Matt Ryan’s portrayal was much closer to the source material and is still alive in the CW world, having made a few cameos and will even be in the latest season of Legends of Tomorrow. The mystical aspect is there, the comedy, the gruffness and of course the smoking. Imagine Constatine in the current DCEU! The films are dabbling with the mystical side of things so it wouldn’t be too difficult to include him. It would be great to see the Justice League go up against some demonic characters and I sincerely hope the live-action Justice League Dark rumours turn out to be true. No one else can wear that trench coat like Constantine.

So there you go, just a few thoughts on some characters that would do well on the big screen. What do you think? Are there any other DC heroes that you want to see? Let us know in the comments.

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