We are pretty much halfway through the first half of the season for each CW Superhero shows and so far, things haven’t been great. The first four episodes have addressed where all our heroes are and hinting at the season long arc but no real meaty information. This week the teams start to deal with wider issues but will the quality of the episodes improve?!

Supergirl S3 Ep5 – ‘Damage’

Lena is the bad guy again this week, well that’s what the general public think. Children around the city have started falling ill with lead poisoning and the evil corporation guy Morgan Edge is quick to blame Lena’s lead bomb from the end of the previous season as the cause. The city turns against her very quickly and there’s even an assassination attempt by one of the parents! This seems like a very quick escalation of events even though no actual proof had been given that Lena’s device was responsible. After Jimmy suggests Lena step down from CatCo to protect the company, he takes a bullet for her at a press conference. Their ‘sexual tension’ is almost palpable but incredibly annoying that they are giving Jimmy the romantic interest angle again!


The best investigative team in the city are on the case, Kara and Samantha work together to find the truth, even after a drunken Lena who is hiding out in Samantha’s house, tells them to stop. They quickly discover (using means that may not have been entirely legal) that all the children were poisoned by some chemicals in a local swimming pool. And guess who’s company makes the chemicals? Superman! No it’s Morgan edge of course. Instead of going to the police Lena goes full Luthor and confronts Edge with a gun. No surprises this doesn’t work out as Lena is knocked out and wakes up inside a cargo plane which is ready to drop more chemicals into a reservoir to poison the whole city.

Kara Sam

In a scene that is reminiscent of The Lost World and the Amazing Spiderman, we see Supergirl holding both part of a broken plane while Lena has to climb us to safety. I won’t bother to explain how we go there but rest assured, Supergirl saves the day. Now it’s Supergirl’s turn to confront Morgan, they both know he was responsible but he has covered his tracks enough that she can’t prove it, he even goes as far to threaten her! That never ends well!


It was a pretty good episode but I would have enjoyed it more if I liked Lena’s character. She isn’t engaging and the constant flip flop between nicest person in the world to ruthless Luthor is getting boring. The odd girl group vibe going between Lena, Kara and Samantha just gets weirder by the week. I get that they are trying to make them be the best of friends so when Samantha, who by the way has discovered she’s bullet proof, goes bad guy the betrayal will be worse, but it’s just not believable.


One huge positive though, Alex and Maggie’s scenes were genuinely heart breaking. They cannot find a compromise, Alex will always wants kids but Maggie won’t. They finally call it a day and after a farewell fuck, Maggie leaves. Chyler Leigh is by far the best actress in the whole CW-verse. I felt every emotion she was portraying, she is just amazing.  A much better episode than we have had previously but it still needs to focus on Supergirl more!

The Flash S4 Ep5 – ‘Girls Night Out’

The entire premise of the episode is Barry and Iris going on their respective Bachelor/ Bachelorette parties and having their own little adventures. Let’s get the boys out of the way as their story was funny but not interesting.

Frank Dibny crashes their do at the West house which to be honest, a slide show with brandy, was always going to be boring, he takes them to a strip club. Cisco has made Barry a special concoction which will get him drunk and a drunk Barry is a fun Barry! He is spouting off about being the Flash and cries over his chicken wings. One bar fight later and the boys are locked up where Barry and Joe have a heart to heart about him being a dad again. The weirdest things about this is that Cecile’s daughter is a stripper in the club, apparently doing it for research into a feminist project she is working on!


Now the ladies. Iris, Cecile, Felicity and a reluctant Caitlin go out for some drinks only to be interrupted by the evil looking man Caitlin knows who’s power appears to be a snake eye emerging from his eye….ewwww. The attack draws Killer Frost out and the rest of the episode is spent with the remaining ladies trying to help Caitlin/Frost deal with her other side and get out from under the clutches of the bad guy of the week, Amunet Black, played with the worst British accent, by Katie Sackhoff. Her power is cool though, being able to control a certain metal to create gauntlets, projectiles and shields. Caitlin made a deal with Amunet for an antidote to Killer Frost which only partially worked, in exchange for Killer Frost being her muscle.

Their fights are quite good, ice against metal but Sackhoff’s performance is hindered by the appalling accent. Caitlin has an apparent split personality/Incredible Hulk problem with Killer Frost which appears inconsistent and dependant on plot. Iris, Felicity and Cecile help take down Amunet, who I should mention is trying to auction off another Meta-human who cries drugs (this is another created by Barry). The girls stop Frost from killing Amunet (why not turn her into the police?) but the Weeper runs away refusing their help. Rounding the episode out we see the Thinker in his super floaty chair chasing down the Weeper.

The fine details surrounding the main plot were rushed. Barry & Co are bailed out by Harry, Joe and Cecile have a chat about being scared at being parents, Iris and Caitlin go from being ‘work friends’ at the start of the episode to her asking the other to be her Maid of Honour, the main bad guy wasn’t dealt with and it felt like they show forced a feminist arc in there to balance the fact that the boys went to a strip club. Caitlin has always been a favourite but now we just have a repeat of her internal battle from last year. Give her something original! Felicity basically did nothing in this episode and Cecile was essentially the comic relief. They are really pushing the Iris Leader angle this season. #Feminism


One final thought; This is the second episode in which the words “This house is Bitchin'” have been said. The exact words Barry wrote in his weird language. If this is just an inside joke it is lame. I will be very annoyed if it results in nothing.

Legends of Tomorrow – S3 Ep5 – ‘Return of the Mack’

The Legends and Rip (who is on his own secret mission away from the Time bureau) stumble across rumours of a Vampire in Victorian London. Apparently there was a body from the future that arrived and now some weird Occult worshipping group are trying to resurrect it. Rip thinks Molus is behind this and recruiting soldiers for some war. It turns out the body is that of Damian Darhk!!! I thought we had finally seen the last of him but apparently not. Rip wants to let the group revive him so they can trap Molus but the Legends want to shut it down right away! As with all of Rip’s plans, he betrays the team and lets the ceremony happen.

All hell breaks loose as Darhk rejoins the living with his memories and powers. The resulting fight scene was actually pretty good (if somewhat ridiculous being set to the tune of Return of the Mack) especially when Rip uses a Time Grenade which freezes everyone except him. The Legends come to rescue forcing Darhk and Molus’ agent who he has been speaking though to retreat. Sara finally gives Rip the old heave ho’ she can’t trust him anymore and hands him over to the Time Bureau.

Zari was fleshed out a bit this week. She wanted to use the Waverider to save her family, then she gets freaked out during a ‘psychic reading’ show when the psychic channels the spirit of her dead brother. She blames herself for his death and even tries to get the woman to channel him again which only results in getting her totem stolen. I’m pretty confident it was Molus speaking through the woman and not her brother at all. We get another couple of scenes where Vixen tries to convince Zari that they are connected. Why must the whole season revolve around the weakest character on the team?

Back on the ship Jax and Ray devise a way to sever the connection between the two parts of Firestorm. Stein rumbles them and is pissed off even after they explain it’s because Stein’s priorities should be with his family. In the end, Stein comes around and agrees to try and stabilise the Firestorm matrix so that they can spend time away from each other. Convenient.


Ray was wasted this week and Nate was reduced to a damsel in distress but not using his powers for reason. And why did the kidnapper have to be an ancestor of Professor Stein? Needless addition. I did think it was quite funny how Mick was obsessed with vampires through the episode, having played one himself on the big screen! I think I’ve made my peace with the show, each week I’m expecting it to be crap so if there are good bits I’m pleasantly surprised, but I’ll say it now, this show will not get another season.

Arrow – S6 Ep5 – ‘Deathstroke Returns’

This week ‘Vigilante’ is unmasked, you know the one that we were supposed to think was Adrian Chase before he turned out to be Prometheus? For some reason Vigilante is trying to take out the Councilwoman who is introducing the anti-vigilante bill, even though killing her would effectively make her a martyr. Dinah gets him in her sights and discovers after a little fight that he is her old partner, Vincent! He gained some kind of healing ability at the same time she got her powers and survived a bullet through the brain. Like a woman possessed she wants to put him down but after a Diggle chat she let’s him go. I didn’t like the way he’s turned from a copy to a cold blooded murderer just because he thinks being a cop wasn’t enough, oh but he’s not all bad because he took a bullet for her and can make matchbox flowers. Boring.

That’s the side plot out of the way. Oliver and Slade Wilson are on a mission to find Joe his son who has been locked up. Slade wanted to use Oliver’s political weight to secure the release. Slade is too ashamed to let his son know he got him released. It doesn’t matter in the end though because after seeing through the ruse that is the claim his son dies in prison, they learn he has been taken by a group calling themselves The Jackals. Slade tools up and drugs Oliver so he won’t be able to get his hands dirty. Deathstroke’s fight through the Jackals hideout is savagely awesome. We haven’t seen him taken on this many people before. Then the inevitable happens, Slade’s friend who got him some information in the first place is working for the Jackals, oh and his son is the leader!!!!

It was an inevitable twist but interesting the stakes Slade has put on the situation. He offered to join the Jackals if they release his son, Will he join them now he knows his son runs the operation? It was great seeing the contrast between the search for his son and some flashbacks to a camping trip he had with Joe (which was actually cover for an assassination). He’s a terrible parent but it was good to see the original Deathstroke outfit again. I predict that things are not going to go well for Slade, I reckon his son might die soon.

Seeing Oliver struggle with wanting to help his ally and still keep his promise to William was genuinely great. It won’t be long before he is back in the hood in my opinion, it doesn’t help that when Oliver asks Felicity to tell him not to go she practically pushes him out the door! So much for staying out of that life! The last thing I will say about the episode is this; wrap up the FBI investigation storyline. It is boring, serves no real purpose other than giving side characters a place to be. we know the team are lying to the agent, we know the agent suspects them all. Just bring it to a head and be done with it. We have seen ‘identity reveals’ far too often in this show already.

Having Slade back and kicking ass was great, more please!

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