After a couple of weeks of only a few big stories in the geeky world, the last week has been crammed full of stuff that was interesting, to me at least. From films to TV to video games we have little gems of varying scale but all worth a look! Time to dive in!

Billy comes Batting in!

After the recent announcement of Zachary Levi being cast as Shazam, it wasn’t going to be long before his younger alter ego was confirmed. Asher Angel is our Billy Batson. I can’t really comment on him because I haven’t seen anything he has been in but he does look like a young Levi.

WE Day California, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 27 Apr 2017

I’m glad they are going to keep the traditional young boy ageing up when he transforms. There were some rumours that the DCEU Shazam was going to be 20 years on from him gaining his powers, meaning Billy would actually be in his late 20s. Hopefully this will mean that he will have the youthful exuberance that the character demands. Basically I just want a live-action version of the character’s from the animated Young Justice show.

Brains before Beauty

If you’ve read any of my Supergirl Round ups, especially from the last season, you will know that I speculate a lot about the future of Mon-el. At the end of season 2 we saw him disappear into a vortex in space and straight away I theorised that he has been taken in the future! In the comics Mon-el spends a considerably time in the 30th Century, teaming up with the Legion of Superheroes. This has already been teased with the sight of a Legion flight ring in the Fortress of Solitude. It looks like we will be getting a version of this story on the show as Jesse Rath (Defiance) has been cast as Brainiac 5, a core member of the Legion of Superheroes.

2016 Summer TCA - "No Tomorrow" Portrait Session, Beverly Hills, USA

This is really exciting and could suggest Supergirl is heading to the future or more likely, some of the Legion will be coming to present National City. The potential for new characters is almost limitless and the return of Mon-el can only be a good thing. The show is missing him greatly.

Grubs up for Deadpool

The Deadpool 2 promotional machine is revving up. We have had a few promotional images, mainly focus on new characters Cable and Domino but now we have the first poster and a special cover for ‘Good Housekeeping’ magazine celebrating Thanksgiving with the traditional Deadpool slant.


All the character you would expect are there side newbies Cable and Domino, all preparing for a slap up meal. As with most of Deadpool marketing there are no story hints, this is just fun and it’s great. Hopefully we will be getting some film related stuff soon to get our teeth into but for now this will do. Still a long time to wait until a 1st June 2018 release.

Runaways tool up!

We are only a week away from the release of Marvel’s Runaways on HULU, still no idea when we will get a UK release. We have had a couple of trailers and photos but we have seen very little of the groups powers. These new posters change that as each character has their own poster display their unique ability.



Nico’s Staff of One, Molly’s super strength, Chase’s Fistigons, Karolina’s glowing bracelet breaking, while Gert’s velociraptor Old Lace, whose tail is shown and Alex, holding a tablet, because he’s the tech genius. A picture can say more than a thousand words and these ones have piqued my interest. I’m still worried the show will be bad, drowned in teenage angst but I will give it a chance. There are some cool powers available and I’m interested to see how they look on screen. Keep an eye out for more after the 21st November premiere.

The Doctor is in!

In an announcement that split the entire internet we were given our first look at Jodie Whittaker’s The Doctor. Being female aside, the look is very different at the same time as paying homage to previous iterations of the character. Not being that knowledge about Doctor Who I can’t comment that much but personally I like the look.

Jodie Whittaker

Purely based on this promotional image I am going to try watch the show again, I have dipped in and out over the years but generally watch the first few episode of a new Doctor. The only thing that it putting me off is the casting of Bradley Walsh as one of her companions. Just why? What do you think? Think it looks good or not your kind of Doctor?

Black Panther is just beautiful.

Even if the next film in the MCU, Black Panther, is bad, no one can deny that it looks incredible. Every scene in the trailer, poster, outfit, weapon and vehicle looks amazing. I am confident this will leap to the top of the best looking comic book film ever in my opinion. These new posters are no different. The main characters are all given their own spotlight poster and and we even seen Andy Serkis’ Ulysees Klaw sporting a rather techy looking prosthetic hand (with a bloody sonic cannon inside!!), even if it does look like some really dodgy CGI.


Every character gets a tag line on their poster hinting at their motivations in the film which I think is inspired. We still don’t really know what is going to be happening, other than Kilgore leading some kind of revolt against the new king of Wakanda and I have to say I don’t want to know anymore than I already do. Beautiful is not a sufficient word to describe the look of this film.

Potter on the Move

The Pokemon Go craze has died down considerably. There are still a lot of people that play it but it is no longer in control of the world like it was previously. Moving onto new things and clearly looking to draw in a new group of people, the company behind the mobile gaming phenomena, Niantic are developing a new game based on the world of Harry Potter!


Harry Potter: Wizards Unit will allow players to meet and interact with characters from the Potter series, learn and cast spells, discover mysterious magical artefacts and team up with other players to take down bigger enemies. Basically, think Pokemon Go but Harry Potter. The Team system will be better suited to this new game seeing as the Hogwarts houses are already well established in the public consciousness and I know at least one member of the Jack and the Geekstalk team who is very, very excited by this announcement. Still no release date but keep an eye out for more news.


I’ve save the best (in my opinion) until last. As The Last Jedi creeps ever closer the excitement around the franchise is increasing. The last week has given us some lovely news which has blown my mind! There were a couple of new motion posters for Rey and Kylo Ren, again hinting a link between the pair. I predict their relationship is going to be integral to the rest of the trilogy.

Talking of trilogies, the biggest story of the week comes in the form of Rian Johnson being given all the Star Wars power by being put in control of the next stage of the saga. Johnson will be heading up at least the next trilogy after Episode IX and according to the official Star Wars announcement, they will be moving away from the Skywalker saga as well as exploring areas of the universe never seen before. Apart form being overwhelmingly excited by this news and the fact that we will be getting new Star Wars films for the foreseeable future, there is so much the new films could focus on! No more Skywalkers….let that sink in! Will they focus on a different time period? Maybe ancient Sith and Jedi? Or flash forward? Or looking at other stories within the same time period as the existing films but not connected to the Galaxy’s most troubled family? Anything is possible, especially because the old canon has been mostly done away with, they can do pretty much anything!!! Phew! Breathe Dave !!!

rian johnson

As a way to calm down let’s have a little more Star Wars. Because the world loves everything in this universe, Disney/Lucasfilm have decided to give us some more. As well as TV shows based around the Monsters Inc films and a Marvel property, there will be live-action Star Wars TV show heading our way soon! Holy cow, it’s about bloody time!! They don’t all need to be cartoons! With a decent budget a Star Wars TV shows could be incredible! Let’s face it, most of the Superhero shows are declining rapidly in quality, maybe it’s time for a return to sci-fi. We already have a new Star Trek, so bring on the Wars!

Well that was certainly a lot to get your head around. I expect the next Geekly round up to be a bit lighter as much of the Geeks world will be focused on the release of Justice League (which we will have seen by the time you read the next post). I’m not holding out much hope after the BvS disappointing but I do think it has the potential to be good, not great, but good. As long as it’s entertaining I’ll be happy. Signing off for now, have a gloriously geeky week!!

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