Season 2 Episode 5

WHAT THE HELL DID I WATCH AT THE END OF THE LAST EPISODE!! I literally do not know what the expect from this episode now… I am almost scared to carry on now…but might as well!

  • Has this show got the record for the longest opening credits…I swear they go on forever
  • Mate, your King’s security is taller then you
  • Okay… you’ve just been killed by a smoke baby… well at least it wasn’t a pig I guess
  • Oh god, Brienne loved him…awkward
  • Natalie Dormer continues to be awesome
  • Do these people not have drinking water, I swear they only drink wine!
  • Stannis is a dick
  • Demon monkey…
  • Oh my god have you not left on your boat yet? Hurry up Greyjoy Jr!!
  • Oh good, Greyjoy jr is getting ideas…just what we need!
  • I am starting to get sick of the word winter
  • Holy crap someone is actually drinking water!
  • Okay so guy who was prisoner is now in the army? Either way he is really creepy
  • Where did this guy go to get the blonde streak put in his hair?
  • Jerome really likes the C word
  • Fuck…that’s a lot of wildfire…that’s probably not good
  • Awww cute dragon
  • Clear blue has some serious sass on her
  • Brienne is a loyal mother fucker
  • Ahhh shit, that’s not a good dream
  • Sam is a genuine ray of sunshine
  • He’s your man servant and he is totally in love with you Khaleesi
  • Fuck…sure Khaleesi is only just learning that King Robert is dead… someone tell her he was offed by a pig
  • Bloody hell could you love her any more friend-zone?
  • Ouch… deserved but still ouch.

It’s been a while but Sammi is back on it, she will be your torch-bearer through the dark days of no Game of Thrones!

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