I’m still a bit behind with these Round Ups but better late than never! After a disappointing second week will the CW Superheroes give us some entertainment or will it be another case of all show and no substance. Let’s take a look!

Supergirl – S3 Ep3 – ‘Far From the Tree’

It’s all about dads this week, except for Kara, she takes a back seat again to make way for Maggie and J’onn to deal with their Daddy issues. Firstly, Alex pretty much pressures Maggie into inviting her father to their bridal shower, even after Maggie told the heart wrenching tale of how he left her on the street when she came out as a teenager and was the last time she spoke to him. She invites him anyway. It’s an awkward reunion with Daddy Sawyer clearly being uncomfortable but revealing that he has been following her career and still keeps a photo of her in his wallet, things could be looking up.

Alex maggie

It doesn’t last long, seeing his daughter express her love for a woman tips him over the edge and he storms out. He thinks she is disrespecting him and all that he has worked for because people will see her as a freak. Clearly the show wanted to emphasise the issue of segregation, they even throw in a reference to Trump’s wall! Not to worry though, clearly upset by his outburst, Maggie later verbally bitch slaps him, she is surrounded by people who love and respect her for who she is and doesn’t need his approval anymore. It was actually great to see Maggie standing up to her father, she is an incredibly strong character but was clearly damaged by the treatment from her parents, now she has risen above it, I loved that scene.


Meanwhile, Kara and J’onn have made their way to Earth using J’onn shape shifting Martian ship (awesome) where they discover another Green Martian lives, none other than J’onn’s father! He has been held captive by the White Martians for 200 years. The Whites are trying to torture the location of a mystical staff used by the Martian forefathers. Megan called J’onn to help the rebels find it so it can’t be used against them. If this wasn’t suspicious enough already, J’onn’s father doesn’t believe he is who he claims to be and some of the rebels decide to use force to get the information.

A fight ensues and ultimately Kara convinces J’onn’s dad (with the help of a memory from J’onn) to help them. They find the staff, defeat the Whites and are given the staff by the rebels with them stating it’s too dangerous to have on Mars. Oh yeah, and now J’onns dad has come back to Earth with them.

I never like the episodes where Supergirl takes a back seat and this one was made worse by having to rely on so much bad CGI. It’s no wonder the Martians switched to their human forms so quickly. More fighting, less talking please, but yet again, the Maggie/Alex story is becoming stronger (maybe a spin-off is in order?).

The Flash S4 Ep3 – ‘Luck Be a Lady’

We actually get some answers in this episode and they weren’t what I was expecting. We know that the Thinker has an interest in a group of people with powers but we still don’t know why. Well this week’s villain shed more light on the subject. Barry has to go up against someone they name Hazard. She is able to generate a ‘luck’ field granting herself incredible good luck at the expense of those around her. This creates some interesting scenes very reminiscent of the Final Destination scenes as potential disasters happen all around her.

We find out that Barry accidentally created a new load of Meta-humans when he returned from the speedforce as a bus load of people were exposed to Dark Matter when he arrived. Both Kilgore and Hazard were on that bus. So the Thinker didn’t create them but he is keeping tabs on them, has he recruited them? The great part about this episode was how they showed the escalation of Hazard’s powers. The more good luck she received, the more the bad luck would spread. Wally getting dumped by Jesse, Iris and Barry’s wedding plans getting ruined, Joe’s house falling apart oh and a plane starting to crash in the city, all accidentally caused by Hazard. Luckily a bad event turns good when the Particle Accelerator activates and at the last second Earth -2 Harrison Wells tells them to stop preventing it, the explosion of energy negates the luck field allowing Barry to capture Hazard and all the bad stuff to stop happening. Lucky it didn’t blow the place up again!


Team Flash is changing its rosta. Wally leaves the team stating he wants to go out on his own and that he isn’t needed now Barry is back, nobody (including me) noticed he wasn’t around during the Hazard crisis. Harrison Wells is invited to stay permanently. He thinks the Metas were planned or at least expected by someone to disrupt things for Team Flash and the city. We also see how the Thinker knows what they are up to, Team Flash have kept the head of the Samurai robot in their lab and it has a hidden camera (of course it does).


It was funny to see the team literally falling over themselves at times with their bad luck and Iris rushing their wedding only for the priest to be allergic to the incense.

There was a blink and you miss reference that I feel will mean something more in the future, when Cecile suggest selling Joe’s house he says the house is ‘Bitchin’, this was what confused Barry was writing in that weird code when he came out of the speedforce, that can’t be a coincidence. In what seems to be an attempt to make Cecile more interesting, or give Joe something to do, she announces she is pregnant. That’s not going to be complicated at all!! A better episode but still too much focus on the Team instead on The Flash himself for my liking.

Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep3 – ‘Zari’

This entire episode is an indirect recruitment mission. The Legends gain a new member by the end of the episode who is mysterious, has a dark past and some neat abilities to boot. It’s just a shame that there is a torrent of crap to wade through before she joins the team. This won’t be a long recap.

In 2042 Seattle, ARGUS have become a militaristic government and it is illegal to be a Meta-human. The Legends intercept a distress call from the nerdy Time Bureau officer Gary about the water woman attacking a prison truck. She fails to capture the prisoner who turns out to be Zari, some kind of super hacker. The Legends come up against the water woman as they search for Zari and are instantly outmatched. As with all characters they meet, the Legends bring Zari on to their ship and she immediately asks them to break her brother out of a meta prison.

Things go wrong (of course), seeing meta-humans being tortured, Jacks lets all the prisoners out and Zari lied about her brother and steals an amulet before escaping. The amulet gives her powers with which she creates a tornado and flies away, with Ray in pursuit. Ray gets taken down by the water woman, she offers Zari revenge in exchange for the amulet but Vixen joins the fight and force the water woman to retreat saying “I could kill you, but I’d only be killing myself”….interesting.


The other story going on this week was centred around Vixen’s powers freaking out. At one point she is asleep on the ceiling while challenging a spider! Nate and Vixen go on a vision quest using some powerful tea which causes some genuinely hilarious moments from Nate! Vixen learns her totems power grows to match the level of threats that are coming and she learns to channel it more. Then for some reasons she decides that Zari is a kindred spirit (possibly because she also has a totem), their fates are intertwined so Zari is invited onto the team.


Apart from funny Nate, Gideon saying bollocks and a confusing final scene showing a young Ray Palmer meeting some kind of animal, the episode was boring. I can’t tell whether the show is just badly written or the acting on show is poor, something needs to change. The show cannot survive on a few references and some comical moments, where is the heart the other CW shows have had in the past? Come on Legends, you used to be fun.

Arrow S6 Ep3 – ‘Next of Kin’

I’ll say this now, I really liked this episode. It might seem like I don’t from the things I’m about to say but I genuinely enjoyed it and I think it’s largely due to the focus being on Diggle who has been my favourite character for a long time. He is not reduced to just being the big guy on the side, he has some brilliant scenes and boy his arms are huge!

Diggle is now the Green Arrow. Chasing and fighting bad guys just like Oliver did before. There are some differences, Dinah has to use her canary cry to shoot Diggle over a huge gap (which must have been painful) and he doesn’t shoot any arrows, a point picked up by the FBI agent investigating Oliver. Things appear to be going well and Diggle even claims his tremor is gone. Unfortunately this all falls apart when Diggle fails to make a call when trying to stop this week’s bad guys stealing a truck filled with nerve gas. Wild Dog tries to pick up the slack but it’s too late and the truck explodes injuring some people.

Rene grasses Dig up to Oliver who gives him a Diggle style pep talk to the man himself. Dig wanted to quit but Oliver knows he can do the job. It works and Team Arrow manage to save the people and take down the bad guys, even though some of the gas was released. Although I will say that the way the show portrayed Diggle making the hard choice was him saying “Handle the gas!”, how exactly should they do that?! They figure it out of course using Dinah’s cry to push it back then igniting it. Diggle has regained the trust of his team and even gets a funky crossbow that Curtis and Felicity have made for him, it shoots arrows instead of bolts, this should put off the suspicions of the FBI shouldn’t it?


There’s a nice call back to Oliver shooting tennis balls as Diggle does the same thing with the crossbow and then right at the end of the episode we learn that his tremor isn’t gone. He is using some kind of drug to make it go away, well this definitely won’t come back to bite him will it? The stand out scene was when Diggle was fighting the leader of the bad guys in and around a car! Really well shot and awesome!


The bad guys were forgettable, some rogue CIA soldiers who stole some gold, and are killing off defectors from their team. Yeah I wasn’t interested either, it was very similar to something Quentin Lance had to deal with last season (or was it the season before?). Meanwhile, Oliver is being a proper Mayor/Dad. Trying to help William with his school work he asks Felicity to tutor him then following an A on his maths test gives her the key to his apartment. At work he has no choice but to put the vote on a Anti-vigilante bill out to the public, this shows support for the bill and thus casts doubt on the allegation of his involvement with the Green Arrow but puts his friends at risk.

It was a good episode, a breath of fresh air much needed by the show. I’m looking forward to seeing how Diggle gets on in the hood and when another of his secrets comes out. I’m not interested in Felicity and Curtis’s startup, even if they throw in an easter egg regarding the name Oracle, there are too many people on Team Arrow, we need a bit of a cull.

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