I’m not doing well so far! Only the second week that the CW shows have been back on our screens and I’m already falling behind! Well I will endeavour to do better!! Let’s not mess about any more and get right into it!

Supergirl – S3 Ep2 – ‘Triggers’

This episode was a a marked improvement on last week, it’s probably something to do with the show returning to the ‘villain of the week’ trope, which in my opinion is what this shows needs. That said, the villain isn’t very original, a Meta-human called Psi who can induce fear in people. This sort of power was already used in an earlier season of the Flash but it was interesting to see the Girl of Steel taken down.


Again we get the usual over confident first meeting with the bad guy which back fires, a second confrontation which goes better but still fails until the final fight where Supergirl overcomes the power through sheer determination. I think the message of this episode was to show Kara coming to terms with her grief and fear of losing Mon-El. She blames herself for sending him away (rightly so) and only another sisterly talking to from Alex pulls her out of her funk. Hopefully this will stop her moping around now!

In other news, Lena arrival at CatCo was actually really entertaining, her ‘hands-on’ approach to her new company makes Jimmy feel threatened and there is the tease of a possible romantic future between the two, because when he isn’t being Guardian apparently he has no other use than being a romantic interest. seeing Lena take Kara down a peg or two after being a pretty shit employee was great and it will be interesting to see how their friendship changes.


The story of the mystery woman who I now know to be called Samantha is fleshed out a bit more. her stupid daughter is trying to get her to admit she has powers and even goes as far as deliberately putting herself in harms way (under a Wrecking Ball) to draw out her powers. Supergirl saves the day before she has a chance and after a brief talk with the daughter, Samantha is starting to second guess herself. Testing her strength trying to bend a crowbar results in nothing, maybe it’s only in times of stress that her powers emerge. Oh yeah, Samantha is taking over for Lena at L-Corp while she concentrates on CatCo because……reasons.


It was an average episode and I still maintain that Alex is the high point of the entire show even though she had very little to do this week.


Kara is struggling to balance her lives and still needs some closure in respect of Mon-El. Where has he gone? And what does the cry for help from Miss Martian mean? Are we headed to Mars next?

The Flash – S4 Ep2 – ‘Mixed Signals’

The Flash returns to it’s usual pattern of villain of the week much like Supergirl but mixes some pretty horrifying crimes with really bad effects! The main thread follows Team Flash trying to stop a guy calling himself Kilgore who is taking out his old tech mates that screwed him out of a fortune. The episode starts off with Kilgore hacking a lift and killing the occupant, but the most interesting part of this scene is that Oliver Queen’s apartment is for sale!

Barry does his usual and goes up against Kilgore without much of a plan. Unfortunately Cisco has pimped out his Flash suit with a load of tech meaning that Kilgore can take control of it! Much like some scenes from Spider-Man: Homecoming Barry discovers a whole bunch of new suit abilities as Kilgore activates them resulting in quite a hilarious sequence. The situation is only salvaged when super Iris tells Barry to lightning bolt himself to short the suit out, even though the rest of the team disagrees. This of course works so Iris is the hero and Barry manages to take Kilgore down.

The only interesting thing to come from Kilgore was that he did not get his powers from the Particle Accelerator explosion. Someone gave them to him, it’s pretty obvious that person is the Thinker, which is made even more certain by the last scene of the episode where it is suggested that the Thinker has got 12 people (including Kilgore) involved in his plan, presumably with other powers. Who will the others be?

The rest of the episode mainly deals with the change in the Team Flash dynamic. Iris and Barry clash over what the best course of action is during a rescue and Caitlin suggests they go to couples Therapy. it’s funny watching the pair try to explain their situation without revealing their ‘other’ jobs until Iris turns into the biggest bitch ever! She explodes at him for leaving her for 6 months and I just screamed back “HE LEFT TO SAVE THE PLANET YOU MORON!!” *breathe*.

The episode was an improvement on the last and it’s refreshing to see a happy Barry for once. Speed watching all the TV shows he’s missed and catching shrapnel from an exploding grenade were the highlights as well as a sudden jump in Cisco and Gypsy’s relationship. They are full on dating and have expressed their love for each other! Things are getting serious.

Hopefully the effects will improve and the story won’t revolve around someone creating Meta-humans to fight Barry, you know, like Savitar/Dr alchemy were doing last season. The show really needs something original, at least the villain doesn’t appear to be a speedster this time!

Legends of Tomorrow – S3 Ep2 – ‘Freakshow’

Well Legends has taken a dive. For a show which relies of its ridiculousness to keep people entertained, this episode was just a mess. Considering it pretty much takes place in a single location it was…..shit, that’s the word. This wee the Legends follow an ‘anachronism’ (I hate the use of that word in this show), to PT Barnham’s Travelling Circus. Here we meet Barnham (played by Billy Zane) who has got his hands on a Sabre Tooth Tiger. To be honest, I think this could have been left alone, it was an animal in a circus. It probably wouldn’t draw that much attention!

The Legends plan to use Ray’s new shrink…errr…’ray’ to make the big cat easier to remove goes badly wrong, in fact with all Legends plans the reverse happens. They increase the size of the animal and it escapes. The only way to fix this? Get the woman who can speak to animals. Sara goes back to 1942 and very easily convinces Vixen to abandon her village again to help them. We find out that she left because she realised the present day Vixen would never exist if she didn’t, thus condemning countless people that she had previously saved.

Stewing over Vixen’s return, Nate gets drunk and makes everything worse, leading to his capture and the subsequent capture of Ray and Jacks when they go to rescue him. NOw PT Barnham has three super powered men for his show! In the meantime Sara and Vixen shrink the cat and bring it aboard the Waverider only for Mick to let it out during a fight between Sara and the Bitch Time Bureau agent. Sara saves the agent during their fight and they again tease a future friendship or romantic entanglement between the two.


The last few scenes are incredibly silly and not in an entertaining way. Jack and Ray are forced into pretending to be conjoined twins….yeah really. Stein infiltrates the circus dressed as a clown to try and help his friends, Mick overcomes his fear of clowns to fight the others and Vixen goes out of control, savaging people left right and centre. Who can calm her down? Her old flame Nate of course. Yawn.

The writing was lazy and it was clear that most of the cast are beginning to lose interest in what they’re doing. There is no way another series will be made if the rest of the show is like this. I can only hope some of the fun bits like the ‘meta’ jokes (Stein condemning the designer of the Titanic being the same actor who played him in the James Cameron film) and a wider universe reference of ‘Man of Steel’ give the show something to watch. A time travelling based show should have endless possibilities, not endless chances to screw up.


One last thing, we get the second mention of Molus and presumably a follower of said person/being summoning someone from water. HUH?!? I don’t expect a full explanation this soon into the season but come on, give us something.

Arrow S6 Ep2 – ‘Tribute’

Remember when I said I felt like the CW shows were repeating themes from previous seasons? Well Arrow is doing it too. This week we see Oliver struggling to balance being a father, the Mayor and a Vigilante, oh yeah and trying to worm his way out of the Green Arrow’s identity being revealed. A short press conference where he professes his innocence and drops a Bruce Wayne reference does nothing to dissuade the investigation. In fact the FBI are on the case and will be following him closely to see if the allegation is true.

Long, drawn out story short, Team Arrow are trying to work out who leaked the photo, Anatoli pops up again to hold some Markovians to ransom, Diggle reveals he got a shrapnel injury on the island and hid it from the team for some reason, William hates Oliver again, he’s being a shit father. Considering there was actually quite a lot going on in the episode I was bored. We have had the Oliver/Anatoli prickly relationship, we have had Oliver juggling responsibilities, we have had Oliver being outed at least twice before and when are the team going to learn that keeping secrets from each other will not end well.


Diggle finally admits his problem when Dinah almost gets killed in the field and says he will tell Oliver but as chance would have it, this is the exact moment Oliver asks Diggle to take over as the Green Arrow so he can concentrate on being a father. The secret will stay that way for a little while longer until it inevitably comes and bites Diggle in the ass.


Despite what Oliver thought, Anatoli didn’t leak the photo and it was proved to be a fake anyway (convenient), but the FBI are sticking with their investigation because……..reasons. The only thing we can really take from this is that Anatoli is a dick and just wants to mess with Oliver, he demanded $20 million from the city in exchange for the hostage but killed the guy anyway and walked away when Oliver didn’t kill him. What was the point?!

The only thing that made me smile a little was when one of the great mysteries in Superhero media was discussed. Curtis reveals he’s been doing some freelance coding on the side to make some money which leads Felicity to suggest going into business together. How to the other members of Team Arrow earn money? Oliver is the Mayor, Rene works for the Mayor’s Office, Dinah is a cop, and Diggle is married to the head of ARGUS so it’s just Felicity who is able to live without an income apparently. More to the point, when do any of them sleep?!


A simultaneously crowded and vacuous episode. Nothing new to show and probably the first filler episode of the season which is worrying as it’s only the second one. I will admit however, that I am interested to see how Diggle gets on as GA and if Oliver can keep himself away from the hood (of course he won’t!). We could do with less Dinah and William, just get back to the comic book action!

So not a good week for the CW shows in this watchers opinion. I will stick with them for now, but if Legends and Arrow don’t improve quickly then…..oh who am I kidding, I’ll still watch them all! I’ve invested years in these shows! I’ll watch until they are all cancelled!

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