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We are bringing you something a little different this month. As it’s Halloween we are going dark and scary. Some of the Geekstalkers have put forward some of the bad guys from films that have freaked them out, scared or downright terrified them. Everyone has that one character that gives them the heebie jeebies, I wonder if any of the Geekstalkers share yours? Read on to find out!

Seb Reeves – @TheRealMrSeb

I was excited by this month’s subject because a have a chance to write about my favourite bad guy the ‘Lycanthrope’ or ‘Werewolf’.

Modern horror does seem to focus on ‘Vainglorious Vampires’, ‘Vengeful Ghosts’ or ’Psychotically Deranged Killers’ all too often drowning these villains in the lime light. However I have always had a preference for movies and stories in which the powerful ‘Lycan’ is the main focus.

I believe that my interest began when I watched the film, ‘The Howling’. I may have been a little under the recommended age at the time, and my dreams a little disturbed as a result. But I was hooked by idea that a man or woman who survives the bite of a Werewolf, become cursed themselves to change upon the light of the full moon.

The Howling

I am not entirely sure what it is that I find so intriguing about the ‘Werewolf’, whether it is the fact that unlike the ‘Vampire’ who is brought low by common elements such as Garlic, water or a wooden stake, to take out a werewolf you need Silver (got much of that lying around?). The ‘Werewolf’ is a powerful force of nature, able to tear down prey and would be foe with ease.

I have enjoyed many a ‘Werewolf’ based movie through the years from my favourite: ‘American Werewolf in London’, to the more modern ‘Ginger Snaps’, and ‘Underworld’. When a new ‘Lycan’ inspired flick comes out, I make sure that if I don’t see in on the big screen I catch it as soon as it comes to DVD.

Ben from nerdschatting podcast  – @nerdschatting

Horror villains. Wow. What a topic! Villains always have the best lines right? So I thought about who my favourite horror villain was going to be.. and again I went through several thoughts.

I rounded them down to three:

1. The Kessler Wolf from American Werewolf in London

a. I decide that it couldn’t be him as he’s more a tragic victim of circumstance rather than an out and out villain with a scheme – I’ll save this for another day

2. Michael Myers from Halloween (1978 original, not the god awful Rob Zombie remake)

a. This was close as I love this movie.. however I had to go with my favourite villain and whilst MM is great, he’s not as good as my final choice…

3. My actual choice!

a. See below!

So my favourite horror villain is the un-named alien from the 1982 John Carpenter movie, The Thing.

The Thing

This movie is incredible. The alien is terrifying. You never really see it. You see it whilst it’s imitating someone else. Which is of itself utterly terrifying! All it wants to do is survive… and it will hide and duplicate people and do anything it can to survive. It’s genuinely a movie that fills you with a slow creeping dread which then explodes into full on body horror!

The scene where Kurt Russell’s R.J. MacReady is testing everyone’s blood sample in an effort to find out who is human and who is The Thing, is so incredibly tense you want to cover your eyes!

All the creature special effects are, I believe, practical effects. No CGI here, and it’s brutally effective and horrifying. The effects were created by Rob Bottin, who got his start working with Rick Baker – who did the creature effects on American Werewolf in London! Nice bit of synergy there!

If you haven’t seen The Thing, which itself is a remake of Howard Hawks’ “The Thing from Another World“, please add this to your Halloween viewing…it’s worth your time and is truly an incredible film with a villain that has never been bettered in my opinion.

The tagline on posters for this movie is “Man is the warmest place to hide”…when you watch the movie, you’ll always ask yourself who was really human come the credits…and who was The Thing..

Ben from X-Geeks – @xgeeks

When you think of Hellraiser, you immediately think of Pinhead. However, it is not the
iconic horror character that I have chosen as my favourite horror villain. Instead, that honour falls to another Cenobite, the Chatterer. While he may have only been a secondary character in the franchise, it was a character that stuck with me. I must have been around six or seven when I watched Hellraiser for the first time, so it left a lasting impression. Whilst I was terrified of all the Cenobites in the movie, there was just something extra sinister about the Chatterer. Whether it was the featureless, distorted face or the horrific sound of the chattering teeth. Something about this character stuck with me.


As I got older, the fear of the character turned into admiration, and he soon became a source of pleasure rather than fear. Whilst the quality of the films nosedived, after the endless sequels, my fondness of the character remained. Thankfully a range of graphic novels helped to correct the lessening quality of the movies.
But even though the character is now a favourite of mine, there is still that memory of being a young child and seeing him for the first time. It’s a sense of fear and dread I have rarely felt since.

Dave from Jack and the Geekstalk – @JackGeekstalk

I like horror films, I don’t see enough of them these days but there’s nothing like a good scare to make you feel alive. There are almost too many iconic villains/bad guys to choose from these days but my choice is someone who sends chills through me every time he is on screen. Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses of Chianti to Dr Hannibal Lecter.


Unlike most people I didn’t see Dr Lecter in Silence of the Lambs first. I met him in the 2001 film Hannibal. On the outside Dr Lecter is a highly intelligent and eloquent, distinguished man with a myriad of high brow interests. Unfortunately for his victims, Dr Lecter has a craving for human flesh. Yes, if you didn’t already know, Hannibal is a cannibal. Comparatively speaking there isn’t a huge amount of gore in any of the Hannibal films, when it is there however it is horrifying. I won’t go into any specific details but you will need a strong stomach for some scenes.

Mads Mikkelsen

As soon as I watched Hannibal I wanted to see every version of the character. I went and watched Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon, Manhunt and Hannibal Rising. Even though Anthony Hopkins holds the crown of Dr Lecter, for me it is Mads Mikkelsen who is the best. Mikkelsen plays Lecter in the Hannibal TV show and is equal parts enchanting and horrifying. So cold and calculating, manipulating and ruthless, the instant he comes on screen you don’t feel safe. I think that is why I love the character so much, he looks like a normal person but inside is one of the deadliest killers ever committed to screen. Whilst the films are inconsistent in quality, the character remains chilling.

Ken Major – @KenMajor83

I’ve always been obsessed with horror stories for as long as I can remember, monster movies are always fun. But it’s the plausible plots that I find most chilling.
Characters like Norman Bates and Jack Torrence are so effective as in a sense you can understand where their motives are coming from.
So for me Annie Wilkes from Misery is the perfect villain, at times we’ve all wondered what it would be like to meet our hero and for a chance discovery Annie gets this opportunity.
Based on Stephen King’s 1987 novel, Annie is a massive fan of Paul Sheldon the best selling author. She’s loved all he’s books, having been involved in a car crash near where she lives Annie is over the moon when she finds the wrecked car.
Nursing him back to health, it soon dawns on her that he won’t be around the house for much longer.
So she comes up with a plan to keep him there, after all she is he’s number one fan…
Most people will be aware of the 1990 movie adaptation, it’s such a powerful performance by Kathy Bates. So much so that it led her to win Best Actress at that years Oscars.

Markus – @TheMarckoguy

When asked what my favorite horror villain would be I just sit there like an idiot thinking “I… I don’t know”. I am not the biggest horror aficionado, so there’s probably a ton of great ones that I’ve missed. I also don’t think about it too much because I generally don’t watch a lot of horror movies. But after some careful “thinking” I believe that I might’ve found something I’m comfortable choosing.
So when it comes to horror villains, none really scare me as much as the Alien from Alien. Yes, I know that it’s been named Xenomorph, but that isn’t the point here. My point is that if you watch Alien (as you should), you would probably also come to the realization that this thing is absolutely terrifying.
Context: Alien is a science fiction/horror film directed by Ridley Scott, starring Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt (R.I.P), Tom Skerritt, Harry Dean Stanton (R.I.P), Yaphet Kotto, Veronica Cartwright, and Ian Holm. And it’s about a group of space truckers (cue Deep Purple’s Space Truckin’) going after a distress signal and then an alien starts killing them all off, one by one. What is so terrifying about it? Well, H.R. Giger’s design is one of the reasons. A skeletal creature with no eyes, two mouths, and slick black color scheme… really, the design lends itself very well for space horror since it looks like something right out of a really bad fever dream. Another thing about it is that it stalks it’s prey, sneaking around in vents, hanging from the ceiling, jumping out of vents… There’s an especially creepy moment from the Director’s Cut that takes a second to process where you see the alien hanging from some chains, waiting for prey,and then it kills *not spoiling it*. Really, it’s just a terrifying shot.
Imagine yourself in the characters’ shoes. You’re in a dark, damp spaceship. You are aware that something might be stalking you throughout it, just waiting for the perfect moment to hop out and kill you… wouldn’t that be absolutely terrifying? And even if you had the advanced weaponry of the space marines from Aliens, you’d still probably be screwed based on how quickly these things seemingly grow/multiply. Okay, some of the later movies featuring the creature made them seem like less of a threat (for dumb reasons), but the aliens from the original two movies are absolutely terrifying to me. And that is why I refuse to play Alien Isolation.

Rich from The Film and TV Show – @TheFTVShow

Picking a Horror Villain is a difficult task. There are so many great horror villains, but for me it has to be Michael Myers. The indestructible force of nature that haunts Haddonfield, Illinois.

I picked Myers because Halloween was the first horror film I can remember watching; and I am talking about the 1978 original, not the god awful remake!, and I just find him completely sinister. Not only because, lets face it, he never seems to die no matter what happens to him, but, whilst he only ever walks anywhere, he also seems to catch up to people….. amazing skill that is.

There is also they way he is described by Donald Pleasences’ character, Dr Loomis

“I met him, fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no conscience, no understanding; even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child, with this blank, pale, emotionless face and, the blackest eyes… the *devil’s* eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely and simply… *evil*”

Micheal Myers

If that is not enough to prove Myers’ villainous streak I don’t know what is. He really is a force of nature, bludgeoning his way through haddonfield residents without a care for anything, all trying to get to his last breathing relative, his sister Laurie.

But you just have to look at him to be really scared. The grey boilersuit, butchers knife in hand and eerily blank mask over his face, along with his silent walking, dead eyes and his inability to feel pain really drive home how much of a badass he really is. The mask, indecently, is made from a mould of William Shatner, but painted white with eyes and nose inlets cut out with a buzzcut of fake hair at the top. That’s scary enough for me!

So let’s recap: Shatner face moulded mask, grey boiler suit, butchers knife & pretty handy with it too, silent walking, inability to feel pain/speak/run, always catches up to his prey, dead eyes, urban myth in his home town, indestructible and doesn’t give up. Yeah, that’s one totally horrific man right there.

In my eyes, the best, and original, killer out of the slasher genre. By. A. Long. Shot!


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