It’s that time again geeks and geek-esses (is that a word?) Welcome to the first CW Superhero Round up for the year 2017/18. Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow have all returned this week and as soon as Black Lightning arrives on UK screens you’ll be getting reviews of that too!

There will be SPOILERS for all the above shows but I won’t ruin the episodes. Let’s not mess about like the love life of every main character in the CW-verse and get going!

Supergirl – S3 Ep1 – ‘Girl of Steel’

Yawn, ooh, o…kay, cool, what?!, nope! These are just some of the statements I uttered during the first episode of season 3 of Supergirl. I sincerely hope that this episode is not setting the tone of the whole season because it was boring. There was very little that hadn’t already been seen before, even in previous seasons of Supergirl itself! We have a new evil millionaire corporation guy, very much like Maxwell Lord. The only surviving romantic relationship, Alex and Maggie, have issues which are resolved by the end of the episode, making their mini episode arc pointless. And we have Kara having an internal war between her two lives. There’s even a hero celebration  event just like Flash Day!

The only vaguely interesting aspect of the episode was that Kara was being a cold bitch! She is clearly broken from losing Mon-El and this has pushed her into neglecting her Kara Danvers life (even quitting Catco) and spending more time as the Girl of Steel. Supegirl is taking no shit and ignoring the advice from her friends and family. It’s interesting seeing the alien side of her more but again this changes by the end of the episode. Alex tells Kara off and so she feels bad and reconnects with her friends.

The nameless bad guy stole some tech, cloaked a submarine and attacked the city but was taken down fairly easily by Supergirl. It was another example of how the superhero side of the show took a back seat to the ‘human’, emotional story. Just because the main character is a woman doesn’t mean every episode has to be about feelings!!! Supergirl is an awesome character and there have been some incredible episodes in the past two series! Bring some of that back! And why can’t CW get statues right?! This was a CGI mess!

I know the first episode is generally just set up for the rest of the season but I did not like it. Just for a sense of completeness here’s some things that have been teased for future episodes.;

  • There is a woman who apparently has superpowers but didn’t realise it and shares a similar dream with Kara although much scarier – future threat.
  • There is a new actress playing Kara’s mother
  • Alex and Maggie are getting married and J’onn has agreed to walk her down the aisle.
  • Lena Luthor now owns Catco and Kara is going to help her run it. Lena is becoming more ruthless.

Alex and J’onn had the best interaction of the episode when she asked him to give her away. Touching and funny at the same time “Don’t cry, if you cry then I’ll cry and then people will know we can cry“, I hope there’s more humour like this. Of course I’m going to stick with the show because I’m an addict but the rest of the season better make up for a crap opening. In summary, episode 1 was meh.

The Flash S4 Ep1 – ‘The Flash Reborn’

In traditional Flash style, a seemingly insurmountable problem that appeared at the end of the last season is fixed quickly and by the end of the episode Team Flash is pretty much back to normal. The exact same thing happened with Flashpoint last season and the huge breach the season before. I’m expecting things to develop as the season goes on but this episode was clearly just designed to explain what everyone has been up to and  how Barry comes back, though not very well.

For some reason Iris is running Team Flash with Wally and Cisco struggling to take down Metas. Julian has gone back to London (clearly Tom Felton didn’t have his contract renewed!), and Cecil is moving in with Joe. The appearance of a super powered Samurai prompts Cisco to conveniently reveal he has figured out a way to get Barry back without destabilising the Speedforce! Their attempt to bring him back doesn’t work even with the assistance of an apparently normal Caitlin (more on her later). But then a naked Barry suddenly appears 300 miles from Central City.

He has a funky new goatee and is mindlessly rambling. Theories are put forward that he might be in shock or have dementia but everyone agrees he is not the same and can’t help them. Team Flash try to fight the Samurai on their own and fail, of course. It’s only when the increasingly stupid Iris deliberately hands herself over to the bad guy that Barry snaps out of whatever he was in, grabs the new suit Cisco made for him and saves the day with faster speed than ever.


So the Flash is back and interestingly faster and happier than ever. Maybe the show runners realised that people were getting sick of mopey Barry and have given him a bright outlook for once! I look forward to seeing happy Barry. It wouldn’t be a CW Superhero episode without a little stinger at the end and this time we get two. The Samurai was robot made by presumably the big bad of the season ‘The Thinker’. He looks weird in his floating chair thing and has apparently been planning something. But also it is revealed that Cailtin is very similar to the Hulk! If you piss her off, Killer Frost emerges but she is for now able to supress her. Clearly she is going to go mental again at some point which if she does is lazy writing as she spent half of last season fighting again the transformation.


A rushed episode (as with all The Flash premieres) but potential is there. As long as they don’t repeat the Killer Frost story and The Thinker is a half decent bad guy (he already has a head start by not being another speedster) then this season has a chance at being good. Barry is again the fastest man alive, so at least that’s fixed. It remains to be seen what else the show can break.

Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep1 – ‘Aruba-con’

I think there maybe something fatally flawed with the CW-verse. None of the shows seem to be able to hold onto stories for very long, especially cliff hangers at the end of the previous season. Legends of Tomorrow is no different. We last saw the Legends having crash landed in very different looking Los Angeles with Dinosaurs roaming the streets. Within the first 10 minutes of the episode, Rip Hunter has reappeared with his ‘Time Bureau’ (basically Time Travelling Men in Black), fixes all the time problems, this season call ‘Anachronisms’ instead of ‘Aberrations’. He quickly disbands the team saying they are no longer needed.


The rest of the episode boils down to each of the main Legends team being bored with their ‘real’ lives. Sara now working in a shop, Ray working for some kind of dating app company and Nate being an actual superhero without Vixen who left him to return to 1942. The only happy one is Mick who is sunning it up in Aruba. Jacks and Professor Stein have grown apart and only see each other for a bonding session once a week as Stein wants to be with his family. It was a crap start to the episode and it got worse when Julius Caesar turns up prompting the Legends to try and save the day by returning him to his time. For some reason they want to prove to the Time bureau that they can do it too! You can guess what happens can’t you?

Yep, the Legends almost succeed but end up making things worse. Caesar manages to steal a book on Roman history from Nate, who I might add had it in his hand!!! How the hell did he not notice it had been stolen!?! Anyway, the Time Bureau strut in to smooth everything over but the main bitch agent (who Sara will undoubtedly have it off with soon) gets captured. The Legends play the hero and go in to fix the issue with punching and explosions. After winning the fight, Rip for some reason gives the Legends permission to continue fixing Anachronisms they find even though the very recent evidence shows they shouldn’t be allowed to! Apparently there is some huge threat coming which the Legends will be able to help with.

The only part of this episode I enjoyed was when Firestorm tried to scare the Romans by being the God of War but called himself Ares instead of Mars! Oh and before I forget, at the end of the episode we see Vixen defending her village from soldiers and she has apparently learnt to conjure the spirit of several animals at the same time! Level Up! A very rough start and not fun, hopefully this doesn’t signal a lack of ideas but if it continues this way I don’t see it getting another season.

Arrow S6 Ep1 – ‘Fallout’

This was a mess. Stories all over the place, flash back scenes every few minutes, some that didn’t explain anything and character developments that just don’t make sense. Here’s the main points from the episode;

  1. Diggle, Renee, Curtis, Dinah, Felicity, Slade Wilson and Quentin all survived the explosion of Lian Yu. Thea survived but is in a coma. Samantha, Oliver’s sons mother did not survive but her dying wish was for Oliver to look after William.
  1. Oliver and Felicity are pretty much back together
  2. Oliver is trying to be a father to William but the kid is very resistant and blames Oli, at least in part, for his mothers death.
  3. Quentin had to shoot Black Siren on the island to save Dinah’s life, this has been haunting him and pushing him back to drink. The pair lied to the team saying that they found Black Siren dead on the island.
  4. Black Siren is not dead and is blowing shit up, including the SCPD and the Arrow Cave.


  1. Diggle has PTSD about their experience on the island. Something happened to him which hasn’t been shown yet but it meant that he is unable to shoot anyone, resulting in Wild Dog almost being killed and Black Siren escaping the Arrow Cave far too easily.
  2. Dinah has noticed the flinches and is now keeping that a secret too.
  3. Oliver is (yet again) revealed to be the Green Arrow. I think that’s three times now!


There’s a lot going on and I can’t tell if the episode was poorly written or I’m just losing interest but it felt like the show itself is confused over what it is trying to do. The fight choreography was pretty great, especially between Canary and Siren and there was a nice fishnets comment referencing Canary’s comic costume, even though the final fight in the Arrow Cave was ruined by an incredibly poor panning sequence which did not make sense. Olive is making progress with William but he is Mayor all day and the Green Arrow at night, not exactly great father material. Taking fatherly advice from Slade Wilson probably isn’t the best idea either.

Renee’s story from the last season is undermined when Oliver presents him with another hearing to get his daughter back. Curtis has been scaled back to be tech assistance, although his T-spheres are bloody awesome. Speaking of which, Black Siren has stolen a prototype T-sphere for some reason! The Arrow Cave really needs a better security system.

Team Arrow were tricked way too easily, the were defeated even more easily and now Oliver has to try and solve the ‘revealed identity’ problem again. As you can tell I didn’t like the episode. The flashbacks to the island were thrown in piecemeal with no real link to the present and sometimes it was difficult to work out if it was a flash back at all! One of them showed Black Siren being rescued by a mysterious suited man, which I’m sure will be explained later but I was like…What does that even mean?! Sort it out Arrow, just because you can’t fall back on years of flashbacks doesn’t mean you can just hope to cobble story together from random rushed scenes. Must do better!

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