Sorry what I meant to say was welcome to another Geekly Round Up of the last weeks geeky news! As you can probably tell I am somewhat excited by a particular trailer that was released early last week, so I’m not going to hang around any longer, let’s talk about it!

Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer

I’m not going to do a play by play but I want to talk about a few things. It is generally expected that The Last Jedi is going to be the Empire of the new trilogy and it looks like we will be getting some familiar themes. There is going to be a huge ground battle between the resistance, with their cool new speeders, and the First Order with some funky looking AT-M6 walkers. The First Order will overrun the resistance and occupy their base with a black clad force user (Kylo Ren) leading the charge. I have no doubts that this will be a fantastic sequence and it already looks stunning!

Darkness shrouds much of this trailer, again keeping with the Empire theme. the lines between dark and light aren’t as clear cut as they have been. Luke Skywalker is clearly reluctant to train Rey and is scared by her power so where else can Rey look for help? Well the trailer seems to suggest she will lean on Kylo Ren, though I think this is just clever editing suggesting that she may flirt with the Dark Side. Seemingly Rey will meet Snoke and not come out of it very well at some point. Maybe Snoke wants her because she is stronger the Kylo Ren. I think there are various ‘vision’ sequences here meshed together but it is clear that both Rey and Kylo are struggling with where they fit into the world.

Kylo’s struggles continue with the shots suggesting he is about to kill his mother Leia. Again, I think this is probably some editing involved making it seem that way but almost certainly there will be a time where they sense each other on the battlefield, making him hesitate. Will he kill is remaining parent too?

I’m going to make a sweeping prediction now. Finn is going to die in this film. We know from various sources that he will be infiltrating a First Order facility to sabotage it. He seemingly succeeds as we see him fighting Captain Phasma surrounded by burning wreckage. If anyone has read the Phasma novel you will know that she is supposed to be one of the most formidable melee combatants ever so I just don’t see how Finn will survive that battle, especially considering he was almost taken down by FN-2199 aka TR-8R in The Force Awakens.

I’ll stop for now otherwise I’ll go on forever but rest assured I loved this trailer (of course I did, it’s Star Wars) and I think the film looks great whilst balancing some dark and heavy themes. If this is the Empire of the new trilogy then we are in for a fantastic ride!

Predator is Coming!!

Finally, we have our first promotional image for Shane Black’s Predator movie and it’s a bloody good one!

PredatorEven if this wasn’t a movie poster it looks incredible! The Predator silhouette comprised of lightning is striking (no pun intended). A lot is riding on this film after the last few films featuring Predators have all been less then impressive. Said to be a sequel to the 1987 film, we will be seeing Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Alfie Allen, Edward James Olmos and Thomas Jayne to name but a few.

The fact that the lightning bolt is striking a city suggest this film could be similar in setting to Predator 2, starring Danny Glover. Could we see another urban battle against these hunters? Hold onto your spines people!

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…..

As we creep ever closer to Halloween this particular story seems quite apt. Rumours of a Beetlejuice sequel have been circulating for years with actors and crew members alike suggesting that there is something in the pipeline, well Deadline have reported our strongest indication yet.


Mike Vukadinovich has signed on to write the script for the sequel. That’s it, no more information is currently available. Will Tim Burton return to direct? Probably but both he and Michael Keaton are tied up with the Dumbo remake currently. Will Wynona Ryder return? I’m not sure if she will but then again, apart from Stranger Things, her recent acting jobs have been a bit sparse. Keep your ears peeled for more news. Wait, that’s not the right saying….

Are you a Gambling man?

Prepare for a heart attack! Last week I spoke about Gore Verbinksi apparently picking up the reigns to direct the Gambit movie. Well now the film has an official release date!!!!!! Yeah okay I know it’s had one before and that has been lost like the two previous directors who were attached, but this is a good sign. The X-men universe is heading in a different direction and if the rumoured ‘heist style’ story of this film is true, it could actually be a good film. Logan showed that you can do a superhero film without the bright colours and pomp of fancy costumes and outlandish effects. So maybe a street level, gritty (I know that word gets overused) film about a young thief who just so happens to have ‘abilities’ could be great! Don’t book your tickets yet though, time has shown this film is about as secure as chocolate piggy bank. Gambit is set for release on 14th February 2019.

Something NEW (mutants) is coming…

The X-men movie franchise is…inconsistent in quality. That’s probably the nicest way I can put it. There are some great parts to it but some equally appalling aspects. In the last few years it looks like Fox have realised a change of direction is needed. Deadpool start the ball rolling with a R-rated comedy super anti-hero film, Logan kept it going with a heart wrenching farewell set in a dystopian mutant future and now it’s the younger generations turn. Here is the new trailer for the New Mutants movie.

I bet you didn’t expect that!!!! It would seem that New Mutants is going to be a horror film set in the mutant universe and it looks bloody frightening. I think this is an inspired decision, the New Mutants are generally a younger class of mutants from Xavier Institute (obviously other characters have joined their ranks over the years but that’s where the majority of their initial stories come from). If you think about it, a young adult who is going through physical and emotional changes already would be petrified if their body starting to things seemingly impossible! Transforming into an animal? Creating illusions? Spontaneous combustion? This would be terrifying! it looks like the film will be set in some kid of ‘hospital’ designed to either draw out the children’s powers or suppress them. Whatever the intention of the people holding them, it’s not going to be an easy ride for anyone. This trailer raised my interest in the film from nearly zero straight up to 11! Unfortunately we have to wait until 13th April 2018 to see the full horror!

Things are still Strange

If season 1 was strange then season 2 is set to be even stranger! A new trailer dropped for Season 2 of Stranger Things and I am more confused than ever. We know Eleven is back, how remains to be explained, and Will is clearly not the same boy he was before his time in the Upside Down. It looks like the mysterious scientists are up to their old tricks again and the town is in danger but on a whole new level. What is that giant thing Will keeps seeing! Is it real? Why is he the only one that can initially see it? I’m getting nervous just thinking about it so I’ll just leave you with the trailer so I can go and lie down in a very bright room, no darkness for me please.

It was a pretty light week, in terms of the things that I’m interested in anyway, but maybe my excitement over the Star Wars trailer clouded everything else. If I’ve missed anything huge from the geeky world let me know in the comments or on Twitter and let’s have a chat!

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