Season 2 episode 3 ‘ What is limp may never rise’

Quick side note before I actually start, I’ve just looked at the DVD case for this season and its pretty awesome…moving on, lets crack on with episode 3 and I am hoping for less baby murder…now there’s a sentence!

  • Oh yeah, Snow got knocked out.
  • Jon, sort your hair out hun
  • Seriously Sam, you are horrifically cute and its totally gunna get you killed!
  • Yep the whole ‘Hodor’ thing is still annoying
  • Ohhh so that’s what’s wrong with Bran…Glaucoma
  • The giants are dead…what the heck is Hodor then?
  • Ohhhh Natalie Dormer…yay
  • Awww Iron Fist is all pissy cause he lost…oh cause he lost to a woman…HA!
  • Ohh so Iron Fist is Dormers brother who is marrying his boyfriend…this is some Jeremy Kyle level sh*t
  • This chick is seriously tall, seriously awesome and I love her already
  • So is Greyjoy Jr is not on the Stark’s side anymore, if so…CALLED IT!
  • Sister Grayjoy is hilarious, Grejoy Sr however is a d*ck
  • The way that Cersei makes the nickname ‘Little Dove’ sound like a threat is very impressive
  • Okay this is bloody genius from Tyrion and I love this rolling shot of all three council members
  • ‘Let’s get it on’
  • Christ Iron Fist how fragile is your ego…get a grip mate (that wasn’t meant to be an innuendo)
  • Just think of her brother mate…see even she agrees, that’s actually kinda weird.
  • Jerome’s laugh is my fav
  • I am so here for Arya and Gendry’s friendship
  • Stop giving characters a background story just to try and make us care that you are about to kill them!
  • Arya is once again a clever little girl!

Can anyone else sense Sammi’s growing frustration with the show?! Slowly she is starting to realise not to get attached to anyone for too long! I wonder how she will fare in future episodes?!

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