Season 2 Episode 2 ‘The deranged lands’

I am going to be honest, still not sure I am actually going to make it through all of the seasons of this show yet, lets see if I can make it through this next episode first though eh…

  • I recognise this guy.
  • Shave a spiders arse… that’s an amazing line
  • That’s it, all look at him, that won’t tell the guards which one Gendry is at all.
  • Oh good Baldylocks knows about Tyrion’s Hoe
  • So many innuendos
  • Have you fucked that cousin too?
  • Nice to see Cersei acknowledging the stupid amount of kings there are
  • New watch guy is a charmer
  • Sam! Do not be a perv
  • Oh Sam, you stupid sweet little fool
  • Jon snow is done with your shit Sam
  • No! For fuck sake I give up on liking characters! This is bullshit!
  • I feel this is gunna be anticlimactic for you Greyjoy… the return… not the sex
  • This show is just sex
  • Little finger do not be a dick, I don’t know what else I expect from you but still
  • Jerome and Tyrion for the win
  • Told you no one would care Greyjoy
  • You’ve been here 2 seconds and you’re already trying to put your dick in something!
  • Oh my god the something is your sister!
  • Yeah I 100% do not trust this red bitch
  • The red bitch’s makeup is on point though, what makeup brands do they have… Urban Wolf? Rimmel Westeros? Maybe it’s Winterfell? The possibilities are endless
  • That table dose not look like a place for comfy sex…
  • Can we cool it with all the baby deaths? Like maybe have a episode break or something!
  • Run Jon… wait what the fuck… I’m so confused
  • Someone needs to see a therapist, if there’s a baby death in the next episode…that person maybe me

It’s safe to say Sammi is growing more and more confused as the episodes go by. Will the characters she loves survive or will the ‘dicks’ prevail! Stay tuned for more!

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