Welcome once again to the Geeky Weekly Round Up which from this point I will be calling the ‘Geekly Round Up’, see what I did there! There’s lots to talk about from the last week so I will try not to ramble on too much, you know, like I am here….Well let’s go then!

Pacific Rim: Uprising….Rises?

It looks like the promotional machine for the sequel Pacific Rim is stepping up. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a trailer this side of Christmas but for now we have the first official posters for the film.

I have to say I really like these posters, mainly the middle one but I love the dual colour. It’s a strong gold on black and almost looks volcanic in nature. John Boyega and Scott Eastwood both look badass in their Jaeger pilot suits, will they be pairing up to pilot Gipsy Danger? And what is Uprising? We’ll find out on 23rd March 2018.

SHIELD will continue to shield!

ShieldIt was inevitable really considering the popularity of season 4 but Agents of SHIELD has been officially renewed for another year. To celebrate this fact a new poster was released (see left). Giving us very little but confirming at least that the show will start off where we left it, up in space!

We had no explanation as to how Coulson got up there, who put him there, what he’s doing and if any of the others are with him. Expect a trailer to drop soon as the show returns late this year and try and ignore the stories coming out surrounding how abc didn’t actually want to renew the show before being told to be Disney! I doubt SHIELD has much life left!

Terminator 6 is coming.

Last week I briefly spoke about the plans for Terminator 6, namely Linda Hamilton returning to the role of Sarah Connor and Arnie confirming the film will pretty much ignore the previous 3 outings. Well know we have the official release date, 26th July 2019. A lot sooner than most people were expecting, especially considering James Cameron is a little busy with his quadrillion Avatar sequels. It’s still too early to make any judgements on the film but with Tim Miller on board to direct I think it stands a chance of being pretty good.

Cameron’s Avatar Children

Speaking of James Cameron and the sequels that nobody wants anymore, we got our first look at the main cast of Avatar 2.


The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the new cast members are all pretty young! The focus of at least the first of the new films is going to be on the younger characters and virtually unknowns have been chosen for all of the roles.

We have Jack Champion (Javier “Spider” Socorro), Trinity Bliss (Tuktirey), Bailey Bass (Tsireya), Jamie Flatters (Neteyam), Britain Dalton (Lo’ak), Filip Geljo (Aonung), and Duane Evans Jr (Rotxo). Neteyam, Lo’ak, and Tuktirey are the children of Jake Sully and Neytiri. A younger cast has probably been chosen so they can be followed throughout the series and they can grow with the films. It’s a bold move but considering the rumoured $1 billion plus budget of the sequels, Cameron isn’t one to be held back from his vision. Still, the stakes are high for these films, 9 years is a long time for a sequel to the most successful film of all time. Will it pay off?

Miles Morales has been deleted?!

If you’re a spidey fan then you know that Donals Glover’s character in Spiderman: Homecoming, Aaron Davis aka The Prowler is the uncle of Miles Morales aka The Ultimate Spiderman. In the film there was a passing reference to him having a nephew which made all us little geeks so very happy. Well a deleted scene to be featured on the blu-ray release expands on this even further. Davis name checks Miles specifically. Could we be seeing Miles in a future Spider film? It would be foolish not to have him appear in some way. Here’s the scene in question.

Venom is spreading

Keeping with Spidey, even though the film universe is so bloody confusing! Thanks Sony! The Venom film is expanding its cast. Tom Hardy we know will be filling the symbiotic shoes of the titular character but now Michelle Williams (Manchester By the Sea) is reportedly in talks to play a District Attorney and possible love interest in the movie.

Michelle Williams

I won’t pretend to know enough about the world of Venom to guess at what character she is playing and the only film I’ve seen with Williams in is Shutter Island so I can’t really give you an opinion on her acting ability either! But hey, I’m here to give you news not opinions!!

Star Trekking!

The first two episodes of Star Trek Discovery have been out in the world for a whole week now to mixed reviews. The general consensus is that the show looks fantastic (apart from some dodgy looking Klingons in my opinion). A few reviews I’ve read have called the episodes murky or too fast paced. A lot does happen, mainly in the second episode and it finishes on quite a larger cliff hanger. The hope is that episode 3 will be the real beginning of the show whereas the previous two have been setting up the world. I quite like it so far so I will continue watching, not going to give spoilers here as I’m planning to do a season review but I do recommend you check it out.

Star Trek

Red Dead Redemption 2 long to wait!

Possibly the biggest gaming news of the last week is the new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Redemption was basically Grand Theft Auto in the Old West and it was fantastic, in fact it still holds up now years after release. Naturally fans have been clamouring for a new game for a while and the sequel has been teased for about a year. Feast your eyes on the trailer below.

The trailer fleshes out the world a little bit more and has plenty of dialogue giving you some context to the world you will be venturing into as well as providing our best look yet at the main characters. I will let the trailer speak for itself but rest assured, this is not a game you will want to miss.

Legendary Poster

Legends posterThe return of the CW shows is fast approaching. Trailers have been seen and dissected, TV spots are now common place and posters are appearing all over the place. The latest Legends of Tomorrow poster maybe should have been ignored though, it’s not great.


Sara appears huge compared to the rest of the crew so is she going to have a bigger role this season? All the others have an outward stance, or at least one ready for action, all except Ray Palmer. He is looking very down in the dumps. Does he experience a loss (again) or is he having second thoughts about the team? The main problem I have is with heatwave pulling a crucifixion pose. Are they seriously going to go down the ‘reborn’ route with Mick? We get it, the team is gradually reforming him!!! Legends is fun and wacky, I just hope they don’t spoil it by going mega serious this year!

Justice League just Stop!

Another week, another new look for the Justice League. It seems like DC/WB are trying to force us not to forget that their next big film is on its way! We have had so many posters, promo images, bts photos and now here’s one more.

JL poster

Even though I’ve just moaned about them I really like this poster. Each of the League members highlighted with their traditional colour (especially love Batman’s blue!) and wilt the Justice League logo merged with each icon. Simple yet striking, oh and check out @bosslogic for an awesome Superman version too! Only a few weeks to go now before the film hits our screens! Get hyped because WB won’t stop until you are!

There are all kinds of other stories flying around out there, including the ever increasing complexity of the DCEU (which wasn’t even supposed to be called that in the first place), featurettes on many of the superhero shows coming this autumn and plenty of casting and plot rumours for upcoming films but I want to give you this big stories, the confirmed announcements and biggest rumours! So until next week, enjoy your Geeky Week!

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