Season 2 episode 1 ‘I’m not remembering that’

Season 2… I cannot believe I have actually made it to the 2nd season!! After the last season I can only imagine the roller-coaster I am in stall for… lets find out… I guess.

  • Cat helmet is back
  • How long has it been since last season?
  • Ohhh whose this guy, totes recognise him
  • Ohhh death by wine drowning…or not
    maxresdefault (9).jpg
  • Tyrion continues to be the best uncle ever
  • White raven…fancy
  • Cersei has to have the best bitch face ever
  • Wolf cam… ohhh good bran dreams
  • I shall now mark the passing of time by how big the dragons are.
  • Not having much luck there are you Khaleesi?
  • Aww the Dothraki guy is hella sweet
  • You’re new…nice
  • To be honest Jon, you are very pretty
  • Ohhh she was in skins too!
  • Whose this bitch?
  • Ohhhhh the other Baratheon, how do none of them look even slightly related?
  • Ok sooo…how many kings are there?
  • Totally thought Davos was called Davros and Daleks are the last thing we need on this show
    download (1)
  • I would not want to be that note taker, what a dick Stannis is
  • Just saying ‘bend the knee’ sound hella sexual
  • Did he just poison himself? Well that wasn’t worth it was it mate?
  • Oh, Jamie has a beard (remember he fucks his sister and tried to kill a kid Sammi)
  • Woah, that wolf has gotten bloody massive!
  • Tyrion are you falling in love a little bit,  cause I would not recommend that in this show
  • Little finger, maybe don’t threaten Cersei, you have literally seen people die for that exact reason
  • Yeahhhh… I do not trust Greyjoy…just saying
  • Oh nice of you to remember you have other sons there Kat.
  • Do not make promises you can’t make Rob
  • Joffrey is a dumb little shit, Cersei may be dumber
  • Nice, mass child murder, that was fucking awful
  • #TeamGendry







Well that’s Season 2 started! Who ever thought Sammi would get this far? Stay tuned for Episode 2!

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