Season 1 Episode 10 ‘Dragons and death’

The end of season 1, I made it, its a miracle. Sh*t went down in episode 9 so episode 10 is sure to be just as action packed…lets find out!

  • You and these bloody raven dreams
  • Ermmmm what the f*ck
  • Sharing dreams that’s…ominous
  • Alright Rob, I get that your dads dead but the tree didn’t kill him!
    maxresdefault (8).jpg
  • A good a song about the king dying via f*cking pig
  • Sansa push him off the bridge….ahh dammit
  • The hound has a heart?
  • Haven’t seen Iron Fist for a bit…wonder what he’s up too
  • Wait I don’t think that’s how monarchy works…otherwise there are gunna be like a ridiculous amount of self appointed kings…
  • Wait what… Cersei do you just sleep with anyone that related to you?
  • Nice little father son chat
  • And there’s Jorah with all the good news…
  • Well this witch is a complete bitch
  • Push her off the cliff
  • Jon mate what are you doing?
  • That is so not gunna end well Tyrion, just saying.
  • Okay so Jon clearly doesn’t understand how running away works.
  • Come on Aquaman, wake up
  • Well that just broke my heart… this sucks
  • Roll credits
  • Seriously dose anyone not pay for sex here?
  • This week on ‘b*tch wars’
  • Nice hair ‘arry’
  • Okay so, Chris from Skins is fit
  • So, you are all leaving the wall? That doesn’t seem wise
  • And Aquaman is gone… (im not crying you are)
  • Ahh of course can’t finish the season without another shot of the eggs!
  • Oh Jorah you are so friend zoned
  • Bye bitchy witchy
  • My god you have the longest title
  • Holy shit Khaleesi is a fireproof badass
  • Those…those are…holy crap she’s got Dragons!
  • Tits, dragons and tits…this show’s alright actually.

Well there you go! Sammi is triumphant having reached the end of season 1! I think it’s safe to say that she had some issues with the show but I can now reveal she will continue watching the show, so she must like it at least a little!

Stay tuned for her thoughts on Season 2 Episode 1!

What was your favourite moment from Season 1? Let us know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Game of Thrones – Retrospective Viewing – Season 1 Episode 10

  1. My favourite part of Season 1 is the way that this episode ends on such a high and epic note, and I even listened to the music at the end as well. Very good. From here on out most new episodes will have their own end credit music, so have a listen to that too. Some of it is better than others though, but there are some really good tunes too.

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