Season 1 Episode 9 ‘Bean Law’

I’m so close to the end of season 1 that I can taste it!! I’m sort of feeling like not much is actually happening considering that its so close to the end of the season so I’m hoping episode 9 brings me some more action…let’s see.

  • I swear the intro credits get longer each time
  • Matt Lucas look alike is getting on my nerves a bit now
  • You want peace, more like pizza looking at you mate
  • Think of your kids for god sake Ned
  • I wonder how many ravens have been trained for this show…
  • Finch!! Oh creepy, rapey finch…this show is ruining Harry Potter characters
  • Are there any guys in this show that aren’t a bit creepy?
  • Oh my god they’re like a bloody fraternity
  • Good old Sam, can’t keep a secret to save his life!
  • Nice priorities there Rob
  • Right is this guy blind or just squinting a lot?
  • Oh blind…he’s blind, nice of him to clarify.
  • Ohhh, Aquaman you look a bit worse for wear mate. This does not bode well for my favourite couple.
  • Whole cooked pigs in shows like this always look like they would taste nice (or kill a king)
  • Tits definitely mean yes.
  • Ok I’m very worried for Aquaman now
  • Is he seriously gunna die from that tiny bloody cut… he pulled a guys tongue out in the last episode and now he’s doomed by a small boo boo!
  • That does not seem sanitary
  • Go on Jorah kick his ass!
  • Bloody hell its all happening at once and I feel the only response is to  shout…aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Well that’s a change in pace, horse blood magic to…truth or dare.
  • Now they’re playing I’ve never, are they teenagers at a sleepover??
  • Wait Tyrion was married? Sad face.
  • Ok Tyrion is the most adorable guy ever and I want to kill his dad and his brother for being massive dicks
  • I have never laughed so loudly only to then be immediately pissed off that they skipped the whole f*cking fight…where’s my action people!!
  • Ugly crying…
  • Arya continues to be a badass and the smartest of the Starks
  • Ohh Arya Hun I wouldn’t go there if I were you, I have a feeling this doesn’t end well for daddy dearest.
  • Well…at least Sean Bean is consistent.

Things are ramping up towards the end of the season, with only one episode to go will Sammi endure and maybe even continue onto the next season?!

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