Season 1 Episode 8 ‘The Pointy End’

I’ve nearly finished season 1, and if you are reading this then you’ve somehow stuck with me through it. If we can make it through the stupidity of pig death in the last episode (yes, I am still mad at this!) then we can make through the last 3 episodes!!

  • That’s not good…
  • Really not good
  • Go on dance man!
  • Run Arya for god sake!
  • Not today
  • Oh damn Arya!!!
    maxresdefault (6)
  • To be fair that’s exactly what you would say if it was poisoned
  • Why isn’t Jon wearing a black collar like the others…is this meant to be some kind of imagery crap?
  • Sansa is so stupid
  • Bloody hell ravens move quick!
  • Where do they get all these ravens from?
  • No idea why but Tyrion whistling is very amusing to me
  • Son of Dolph…like Dolph Ziggler?
  • Christ ghost got big!! Good wolfie
  • Zombies!! The Walking Westeros
  • My lord Khaleesi is never bloody happy
  • Ohhhh bad choice mate
  • Told you, now aquaman has your tongue
    maxresdefault (5).jpg
  • These wolves are seriously badass
  • That is in no way the correct response to loosing fingers…seek help
  • F*ck I forgot there was a younger Stark son
  • What the hell is it with these blood crying trees?
  • Oh god no Hodor d*ck!! That is not something I needed to see
  • The construction of wall is very confusing to me…
  • Catelyn stark continues to make terrible choices
  • Jerome has the best one liners
  • Ok I am only just getting that Rob stark was probably named after Robert Baratheon… Christ I’m slow
  • Shitting gold…now that would be a useful skill
  • He won’t…

We are nearing the end of season 1! Will Sammi get there? Stay tuned!

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