Guys… as you read the following post you are going to see that this episode made me ridiculously mad… I hope you find it as amusing as the other Geekstalkers did…This is my mental break down.

Season 1 Episode 7 ‘You win or you get killed by a f*cking pig’

  • Charles Dance
  • Lannister’s really like talking in third person.
  • They also like metaphors
  • Am being told that that’s a real deer and that Charles Dance actually learnt to skin it…That is dedication.
  • Well duh… your brother got him stabbed in the leg!
  • Less fond of this sex ed class to be honest.
  • This is a really weird scene.
  • Ok so how long before winter is actually here?
  • Alright there Sam, being a bit pervy there?
  • A boar what? What the hell can a boar do, isn’t a boar just a big pig??
  • WHAT!! How does that even happen? It’s a pig!!!!
  • Ok I’ve just googled boar and yup, its just a big pig! The King is doomed because of a big pig…WHAT THE F*CK!!
  • Nice move Ned.
  • Death by pig… I am never getting over this!
  • Yes you did fail as his security… cause now he’s been offed by a bloody pig!
  • Ohhh okay, I am jealous of the hair braiding, not gunna lie.
  • Shady shop man…ohhh that’s poison, you asked for that mate!
  • Badass lasso
  • Once again Little Finger makes some good points and has a shit eating grin.
  • Erm hold up is that tree crying blood…whaaaa?
  • Would not want to be you right now mate.
  • They are so freaking cute I can’t even!
  • Foreplay…
  • Annnnd the King is dead…because of a pig.
  • Joffrey straight up looks like he is gunna throw a tantrum!
  • Ripping up the paper contract, that no one witnessed being signed…how has no-one thought of this before!
  • Ned mate…you fucked up.
    maxresdefault (3)
  • Ohhh fuck you Little Finger you backstabbing genius!

We are nearing the end of season 1! Will Sammi make it all the way?

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