Here we are then, the final episode. Overall I’ve enjoyed this series and am really glad I did decide to give it a go, so now I’m hoping the ending doesn’t ruin that!

  1. I’m not sure I entirely understand the objections to blowing up the building, it doesn’t appear that they will kill anyone other than The Hand.
  2. You’ve been doing crazy for a while.
  3. Are we going to have an Armageddon style, the remote trigger doesn’t work so someone has to stay behind to detonate the explosives scenario?
  4. Aren’t you guys supposed to be looking for Danny?
  5. It probably shouldn’t have taken that long to realise the explosives were missing.
  6. Leaving a journalist with free access to the investigation board is probably not wise.image (2).jpg
  7. Nice dramatic delivery there Trish.
  8. You guys cannot be surprised by the giant hole in the ground, it was literally on the plans.
  9. Shouldn’t the lift be at the bottom of the hole, as Gao must have used it to get down there?
  10. If Claire makes it out alive, she deserves a really long holiday with lots of alcohol.
  11. Someone kill Bakuto, please. I really despise him.
  12. Is Misty the only one who thought to shoot down a door? Shouldn’t there be patrol officers there?misty.jpg
  13. That doesn’t sound too convincing Danny.
  14. Finally, Gao got knocked on her face.
  15. Iron Clad, I like it.
  16. Glowy fist, yes!
  17. Luke is occasionally a little hulk like.
  18. Probably not the time for flirting guys.
  19. Oh good, Danny’s chi is drained.
  20. I’d be proud of disappointing Bakuto.
  21. Thank god for that, nice job Coleen.
  22. Oh dear.
  23. I don’t understand. I thought Elektra killed Alexandra because she ordered Matt dead, I was expecting her to try and include him in her plans, not fight him.Marvels-The-Defenders-Season-1-Episode-8-2-fa7f.jpg
  24. These fighters are like zombies, the way they swarm.
  25. Go Jessica!
  26. So her plan is to kill Matt, so she can bring him back to be with her?
  27. A very neat building collapse, that architect knew his stuff.
  28. I don’t entirely understand how Luke manage to get everyone out?
  29. Oh no. Poor Karen and Foggy.
  30. Claire should be a paid counsellor.
  31. Closure with chasers, seems fair.
  32. Well K’un L’un is pretty empty now, so New York makes sense to be home.
  33. Maybe. (Daredevil series 3 is going to be a bit empty if he didn’t)
  34. Is Danny wearing a tracksuit?
  35. How did he get out from the building, and carried off to wherever he is now?

I made it through the whole series! I really enjoyed it – it was a slightly slow start and there were a few points that felt a little incomplete, but overall it was good for me. It has made me want to go and watch both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, and I was really pleased and relieved at the massive improvement from Iron Fist – both in the character and the choreographing of fighting. I’m sure we’ll be mentioning The Defenders on a podcast soon, but in the meantime let me know what you made of the series.


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