Second to last episode- I honestly didn’t think I’d make it this far into the series. Given how abruptly the last episode finished, I’m looking forward to see where this story is going now!

  1. ‘Some time ago’…. that’s specific.
  2. People really like putting their faces on Elektra’s.
  3. Neither Elektra or Stick did too well at getting out of the way of death, did they?
  4. Misty’s going to say ‘try me’.
  5. Why is Jessica handcuffed but Matt isn’t?!
  6. Did they also decide that Luke could just break out of handcuffs so they wouldn’t bother?
  7. Coleen is going to have to go after Danny, isn’t she?
  8. Dignified exit for Alexandra.
  9. I can’t imagine they’d really let Coleen wander into the NYPD investigation room.
  10. You don’t trust her? Well that seems to be an obvious position to take place.
  11. Really looks like Danny’s been wheeled into an aquarium.
  12. How does that help Foggy? You’ve just handed Matt the Daredevil suit, if a cop decides to search his bag, that isn’t going to keep his lives separate.
  13. Surely they’d have cameras in the evidence room?
  14. See a cop car, run into an alley – that doesn’t look suspicious.more-marvels-defenders-season-1-photo003-1502476874501_1280w.jpg
  15. You guys aren’t talking that quietly about Matt’s ‘other’ life.
  16. I’d like to see the report Misty has to write about handing the sword back to Coleen.
  17. I so hope Luke and Jessica had to keep watch and shield Matt whilst he got changed into the suit.
  18. I want to see Granny Hand fight… I’ve got visions of a Yoda in Attack of the Clones scenario coming to mind.
  19. Please let Coleen show up and shove her katana through Bakuto.
  20. Nice throw.
  21. Nice catch.
  22. Nice smacking Gao with a giant metal water pipe.
  23. This is really well choreographed.
  24. Luke, I think Coleen can handle herself.image (1).jpg
  25. Explosives Jessica. That’s what in the bag.
  26. That’s it Danny, punch the wall just like she wants.
  27. When this is over, can someone please teach Danny some life lessons. Mainly how not to do exactly what the bad guys want.
  28. That looks like dinosaur bones.
  29. Ah, dragon. Ok then.

That one was a little bit on the slow side and had too many scenes which were effectively the same conversations repeated. It feels like there is still a lot of ground to cover in this last episode. I don’t know if The Hand will be finished off, but I hope so as otherwise I can predict it becoming too drawn out in future series. I’m also a bit concerned that Coleen might not make it out of the series alive.


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