Episode six, here we go. I’m interested to see if Elektra is fully out of The Hand, or whether she is going to return to Alexandra, so we get them versus the other fingers.

  1. Bloody opera music again.
  2. Nice metaphor, something old being damaged and not functioning.
  3. It does seem a bit like you guys are suggesting killing Danny.matt-danny-luke.jpg
  4. Punch him with the glowy fist.
  5. Bets that Jessica is the one who takes Danny down?
  6. Told you.
  7. Again, you really shouldn’t take your eyes off whoever you are guarding.
  8. If they cremate the body, then does that stop it being resurrected?
  9. Alexandra is incredibly talented at manipulation of a situation.
  10. Why does Alexandra have such an attachment to Elektra?
  11. Oh look, Danny’s run out of chi.
  12. Surely Danny should recognise meditation?
  13. I wouldn’t let her hear you calling her ‘our Jessica’.
  14. I imagine that her Mum is going to be pretty hacked off with you questioning her daughter without her permission or present.
  15. Is there going to be a secret piano code that reveals something hidden?
  16. Called it.
  17. Guys you aren’t watching the prisoner again.
  18. I don’t think you’re going to stop her Matt.
  19. Looks like you managed to give The Hand exactly what they needed after all. Nice work guys.
  20. I wouldn’t trust him bringing champagne.the-defenders-season-1-6-ashes-ashes-iron-fist-elektra-alexandra-sigourney-weaver-finn-jones-elodie-yung-review-episode-guide-list.jpg
  21. Interesting twist!

Really looking forward to seeing how the last two episodes pan out now. Elektra is clearly half back, but I’m assuming she’s not ‘good’ – my guess is she now wants to secure eternal life for her and Matt. I’m guessing he’s probably going to have to kill her, or do something that mean she ceases to be resurrected.


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