Over halfway through the series, I’m starting to feel more confident about making it to the end. I also feel far more confident in the series as a whole, now the story has tied together I’m hopeful of a decent second half.

  1. Opera music. Must be something evil again.
  2. Oh look, evil leaders and their minions.
  3. Forgot to say in the last one, Bakuto isn’t really going to be dead is he?
  4. Also don’t Bakuto and Gao hate each other?
  5. I don’t think Danny paid the owners of this restaurant enough.
  6. Jessica shouldn’t really stand a chance here.
  7. How come these guys seem to have more of an impact fighting against Luke than Danny did?
  8. That truck is presumable going to have a big Luke shaped dent in it.
  9. Massive ninja turtles moment there, heading down into the sewers. Kowabunga dude.
  10. The other fingers are presumably going to be pissed that Alexandra just sat it out.
  11. Nice work Luke. (Not something I often say! I usually find Luke’s to be disappointing…)
  12. Haven’t seen you doing much warrior-ing Alexandra.
  13. Why have him blindfolded when he obviously knows who you all are?the-defenders-season-1-5-take-shelter-daredevil-charlie-cox-costume-review-episode-guide-list.jpg
  14. Claire really should be in a safe house by now. She keeps crossing The Hand. It might be best to train her up.
  15. No idea why, but I just got a sudden inkling that Stick might turn out to be part of The Hand.
  16. Is Coleen jealous of the others?!
  17. You should have seen that coming surely?
  18. Bakuto, didn’t you try to have her murdered?
  19. Guys one of you needs to learn to keep your eyes on the bad guys.
  20. How do you know it’s only going to be a couple of days Matt?
  21. Leaving just one person with the kidnapped bad guy doesn’t seem sensible.
  22. The blind humour doesn’t really get old.
  23. Shouldn’t they at least have secret knock?
  24. Trish didn’t you get the feeling from the station that they aren’t interesting in investigating the tremors stuff?
  25. A secluded stair well never seems the best place to run, just makes less help available.
  26. Daredevil!gt_sg_105_006
  27. To be fair, who would decide to put horns on their mask?
  28. Danny should put Claire on payroll.
  29. Trish really looks like the Australian analyst from the first Transformers film.
  30. Guys you probably shouldn’t be saying Matt’s name in front of the others.
  31. Surely The Hand have got people in the NYPD?
  32. Way to give away your personal feelings about Elektra.
  33. Stick you’re being pretty quiet about your involvement in keeping Elektra quiet.
  34. Seriously guys, one of you needs to keep an eye on the bad guy.
  35. Told you so.
  36. Nice work Stick.
  37. Subtle, standing on top of a high rise building in a long cloak, holding a sword, in broad daylight.the-defenders-season-1-5-take-shelter-elektra-elodie-yung-review-episode-guide-list.jpg
  38. Why does Matt have art hanging in his apartment?

Interesting to see where this goes. The Hand appear to be falling apart, but they always seem to end up with an advantage so who knows. I’m really enjoying the balance between story and fighting, and am really hoping that Coleen gets to run Bakuto through with something sharp. Also wondering whether Davos is going to turn up at any point, I’d assume he knows about the slaughter at K’un L’un and is going to want to defeat The Hand and remind Danny it’s all his fault. Although I wonder whether that might be saved for Iron Fist series two, especially given how the first series ended with him meeting Joy Meachum.


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