Ok, so I made it all of 22 minutes into episode one of series on of Daredevil, and subsequently didn’t watch any of Jessica Jones or Luke Cage. I did watch the entire of Iron Fist series one (bar two scenes which I covered my eyes for) which is a little unfortunate – you can check out my thoughts on that too -, but I have said I will at least give The Defenders a go. This is my thoughts on episode one, or however far into the episode I make it.

  1. Shit. I need my glasses.
  2. Only three star rating on Netflix, not sure if that bodes well or not.vMJiuyFaxXX2i8KlTcmoTh8BAaa.jpg
  3. You’d think that clinking noise would carry to the street above.
  4. Oh is his chi drained already?
  5. Was that Davos?
  6. Danny Rand looking like Horatio from CSI there
  7. Glowy fist!
  8. Nope, it’s not Davos.
  9. Danny still reacting like a petulant teenager, glad there is some consistency.
  10. This title sequence is making me feel like this is going to be about hacking or computer data. Not sure why.
  11. Smashing a glass is probably going to get you barred.
  12. Dave just felt the need to tell me that is Luke Cage.
  13. Don’t judges usually have to respond when counsel object?
  14. Are you trying to get this kid to commit suicide?!
  15. If that was supposed to be supportive or helpful, then please don’t ever work on a helpline.
  16. Oh god, Danny’s back on a plane. Spare us the flashbacks please.
  17. Hallucinations instead of flashbacks. Keep him off planes.
  18. You are a terrible liar Danny.
  19. Would you really tell a patient this standing in the doorway of a treatment room?
  20. God MRIs are awful.
  21. Why would you take your daughter to see a PI?
  22. Telling someone not to look into something, usually ensures they do.
  23. That exposed wiring is probably a hazard.
  24. Interesting definition of coffee.lGedg.jpg
  25. How does she not have broken bones?
  26. Awkward.
  27. Was literally about to say – does the waitress have to tell them which is sugar and cream, surely they can see the difference?!
  28. I thought this wasn’t gonna take long Misty.
  29. You want Luke to be an unpaid social worker?
  30. 36 minutes – it’s surpassed Daredevil!
  31. Also, 36 minutes, has anything happened yet? Other than some vigorous table humping, PTSD-induced flashbacks and Sigourney Weaver being told she’s dying.
  32. Oh you again. Fun. Can’t imagine it’s a coincidence that Granny Hand has turned up to the dying cancer patient. Are we now getting a female Harold Meachum.
  33. Nice cover for obviously knowing about your brother’s death.
  34. You really shouldn’t ever start a sentence ‘listen’ when trying to get traction with a young person. Also don’t call kids ‘son’ unless a) they are your son or b) you are over 80.
  35. Nice transition between hoods in stairwells.
  36. The lights in these scenes are starting to mess with my eyes.
  37. That’s probably not a good sign.
  38. Dead in the bathtub?
  39. Oh no, just a load of explosives. Cool.
  40. Different side to Granny Hand (Madam Gao), deferring to someone else.
  41. Danny in a helicopter doesn’t seem like a good idea. Is there about to be an explosion?
  42. Matt is red. Luke Yellow. Jessica Blue.
  43. Earthquake. Which apparently isn’t actually an earthquake but has been manufactured to make the city fall. Have we borrowed a plot line from Arrow?
  44. Ok I didn’t watch Daredevil, but I know you’re supposed to be dead.
  45. Well I suppose at least something happened in the last 2 minutes.
  46. I made it to the end! Mainly because not much really happened. Upside the overly drawn out recapping of what’s previously happened to each of the characters, and their current predicaments, means I don’t feel like I’m missing anything by not having watched 3 of the 4 shows that lead into this series!

A slow start. I found myself a little bored around three quarters of the way in, but hopefully the ending of this episode has set it up for a decently paced start in the next episode and for the rest of the series. I can’t take another series where half of it is pointless posturing and context that never pays off, a la Iron Fist. If this set the tone for the rest of the series though, I can see me making it to the end – it depends on the veracity and level of graphic violence that appears.

So what did everyone else think?


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