Slowly, slowly, slowly we are getting more Avengers: Infinity War snippets. Still no official trailer, but then I don’t expect to get that until after Thor: Ragnarok anyway. Instead following in the vein of the promotional posters that came out of D23 Expo and SDCC 2017 we have a new piece giving a better look at some of the characters.


Most notably the bearded a rough looking Steve Rogers, not Captain America. Having left behind his shield and removed the Avengers markings and star from his outfit, Steve is literally for action, sleeves rolled up and defiant.

The best look yet at the new Iron Man armour, is it just me or are we getting closer to the Superior Iron Man suit? Rockett Racoon sporting a traditional huge gun, Star Lord in another new jacket, Adolescent Groot playing what looks like a vintage Gameboy! And also the Iron Spider suit.

It’s clear that these are photo real concepts for the characters brought together in a single image and not an official movie poster or anything so it will still look a bit dodgy. It is still exciting however and I’m glad we are gradually getting more details on the film. Trust me on this, when Thor has been released, expect an influx of news, photos, trailers to drop, which will only increase once Black Panther is out of the way too!

in the space of 9 months we will be getting 3 MCU films which is just crazy!!!! Awesome but crazy!! Marvel are literally taking over!

What do you think of this new look? Let us know in the comments below.

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