Here we go, my second Harry Potter re-watch – what I thought as I was watching The Chamber of Secrets!


  1. Can you imagine if Aunt Petunia came across the album of moving photos of her sister?
  2. Given how often ‘funny business’ just occurs around Harry, you’d think that the Dursley’s would have decided to send him to Mrs Figg or someone rather than hiding upstairs.
  3. The shadow/grain on Harry’s wardrobe sort of looks like Dobby.
  4. Just realised that looked to the Dursley’s like Harry made the pudding float across the room.
  5. If the noise of the car woke Harry from that distance away, then it surely would have woken all the neighbours? It’s better in the book where he realises they are just floating outside his window.
  6. Julie Walters absolutely is Molly Weasley.molly
  7. I want to have breakfast at The Burrow. Sod it, I want to live at The Burrow.
  8. Sinister skeleton looking hand… of course you should try and hold hands with it Harry.
  9. Hermione discovered anti-frizz hair products over the summer.
  10. NO MAGIC OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL TERM, HERMIONE! (I could forgive this, but they actually mention it at the end of the first film)
  11. Lucius, it’s pretty suspicious to just accost a teenage boy and stroke his face with your cane. Just saying.
  12. Why are the Weasley’s all dirty? If it’s the Floo Powder, surely they could use magic to clean themselves up rather than wandering around looking grimy.
  13. Do all the parents filter back from the platform at the same time after the Hogwarts Express departs?
  14. Honestly, I will never not roll my eyes at how stupid their decision making is when they fly the car.
  15. Casting really was the strong suit of these films. Lockhart is perfect.Kenneth_Branagh_as_Gilderoy-Lockhart_(6).jpg
  16. I don’t like spiders either Ron.
  17. The sass in Dumbledore and McGonagall’s look at Lockhart is off the charts.
  18. You’d really think one of the other professors would have stopped Lockhart attempting to mend Harry’s arm.
  19. Should Snape really be physically putting Draco back into the duel? They clearly aren’t just disarming as instructed, shouldn’t he be stopping them.
  20. It is seriously unfair that I can’t visit Hogwarts for Christmas. (Expect this to be a line in most of these re-watch posts)
  21. I think I’ll be having a Harry Potter themed Christmas this year!
  22. What if someone  had moved the diary whilst Harry was inside it?
  23. It’s an invisibility cloak, not a muting coat – surely Ron and Harry would be heard talking right next to Fudge?
  24. I don’t like this either Ron.
  25. There is absolutely no way I’d be walking the same direction as those spiders.
  26. Eugh, I can only sort of watch this bit.
  27. It seems odd that Dumbledore never properly investigated Myrtle’s death and the Chamber. Surely he could have gone and spoken to her, and likely figured it out.
  28. Judging by this chamber, Salazaar Slytherin really did have a thing for snakes. Not exactly subtle.Chamber.png
  29. I’ve never liked this snake chase bit, it just seemed a little too drawn out.
  30. The bit where the basilisk comes right up close to Harry, feels a lot like the scene in Jurassic Park where the t-rex is sniffing Grant and Lexi.
  31. Harry is supposed to recover before Riddle dies.
  32. Where is Fawkes flying them out? Shouldn’t they have just come back up the tunnel into the bathroom?
  33. I always have to turn the volume up when Dumbledore is speaking.
  34. Lucius hun, your evil is showing.
  35. Seriously, attempting to use the killing curse inside Hogwarts?
  36. Dumbledore you can’t just cancel OWLS and NEWTS.

Let me know what you made of it, anything particular you noticed? This is probably my least favourite film overall, not because it’s bad, I just don’t think it’s quite as good as some of the others. I’m already looking forward to re-watching Prisoner of Azkaban


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