Season 1 Episode 6 ‘ Death Crown’

Well the end of episode 5 was some what… violent. I feel like the action is really going to start picking up now and am well up for that. Lets see what shenanigans this lot can get them selves into now with season 1 episode 6…

  • King has had enough of the back talk…that was a serious bitch slap!
  • Ned mate… you continue to look like shit.
  • Oh my good god stop with the egg shots, we get it she’s getting dragons!!
  • That is going to make a f*cking massive omelette.
  • Bran’s dreams are blooming dull.
  • Okay that’s actually adorable.
  • Alight Rob you don’t have to be a dick.
  • TONKS!!! Oh… Psycho Tonks!

  • Seriosuly Rob, stop being a d*ck to Greyjoy… he literally just saved your’s and your little brothers lives!
  • Holy crap Tyrion how are you sleeping there!
  • That’s the best “F*ck off” ever.
  • Sword man is pretty awesome.
  • “Not today”
  • Khaleesi has come a long way since bitching about eating horse meat.
  • Aww he’s all proud of his wifey.
  • Bad bad creepy brother!
  • HUI- Hunting Under the Influence.
  • Oh goodie, Sansa continues to be a bratty b*tch
  • Is this relationship really still a thing? *Pukes*
  • Vagina.
  • Ned I advise you to not figure out what it is that you are currently figuring out cause it’s only gunna get you killed mate.
  • Oh mate you f*cked up, you f*cked up big time!
  • Surely that would take an age to actually melt?
    maxresdefault (2).jpg
  • Ha! Bye bye you white haired wanker!!!

He got his crown after all! Well after that ending I wonder what the next one has in store!

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