Season 1 Episode 5 ‘ Wolf and the ouch’

Halfway through the first season, Whoop whoop!! Annnnnnd I’ve just remembered I still have over 55 episodes left… F**K.
Well no point prolonging the inevitable…lets get on with season 1 episode 5 (not gunna lie, this is a long one)

  • Woah, your Mum insults…nice
  • Fat King is being a dick to skinny blonde guy
  • Okay so as someone who has fallen for the stripey paint trick before… I’ve gotta appreciate the breast plate stretcher prank.
  • Yeah the King is going really loopy.
  • Wheeeey it’s Iron Fist!

  • Ohh, yeah Iron Fist is 100% sleeping with Renly!
  • Wait, their currency is called Dragons…that’s epic!
  • Little Finger proving that it’s what you know and not who.
  • Okay that seems like a slight overreaction to losing mate.
  • Sansa is so god damn fickle… I need some character development for her like…now.
  • Hmmm, how many times are we gunna hear this Lannister tag line?
  • Does anyone not pay for sex on this show?
  • Different type of chasing tail…

  • “Beautiful corpses” seriously? Not even necrophilia is off limits in this show?
  • Okay, I hate to say it but I think Little Finger may be the smartest character in this show.
  • Robert mate, maybe tone it down on the whole, plotting murder of pregnant lady.
  • Well damn, some best friend you are Robert.
  • Okay…that kid’s got to be on solid food by now?

  • Jesus christ this kid is a straight up c*ckwomble
  • Boom! New it, Iron Fist is giving Renly his…Iron Fist (I’m not even sorry)
  • Awesome honest conversation between Cercei and Robert, truly brilliant scene.
    maxresdefault (1)

  • How many birds has this place got, the upkeep on them must be ridiculous!
  • Ohhh that’s not good…
  • Noooooo, damn it, I liked that guard whose name I have already forgotten…also Ouch!

  • Ouch again.

Sammi’s journey through Westeros continues with episode 6 next!

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