As there were so many trailers (some of which I know I missed!) released at SDCC I’ve moved the rest of the announcements to their own post. Again, there will be tonnes of stuff that I don’t list here but I’ve just tried to concentrate on the bigger stories. A few surprise announcements and some first looks at a couple of properties were great as well as some more information about things we were aware of. Have I taken up too much of your time already? Well stick with me a little longer as I’ve got some little gems for you!

Be warned….ALL THE SPOILERS are contained with this article. If you don’t want to know anything about upcoming films and TV shows then……..just leave….we don’t want you here!

Impending (Dr) Doom!

One of the biggest surprises from the Fox Panel was that no X-Men footage, concept art or movie news was released, none (I’m not including the Gifted TV show in this). This is probably because at least three X-Men properties are in the middle of production but I would have expects at least some sneak peeks. What was announced, albeit very briefly, is a Dr Doom film being in development!!!


At first I was like, what?! Why?! Fox have failed to bring a decent Fantastic Four film to cinemas so why have they decided to centre one around their greatest villain? After talking to some people on Twitter my interest was piqued! A hyper intelligent, megalomaniac dictator who uses a combination of magic and science to crush his foes… awesome does that sound?!! This could be Fox’s way back into the Fantastic Four. To make things even better Noah Hawley, creator of Legion and Fargo is leading the project!!! Looking forward to this!

SHAZAM begins!

On the slate for a while now, SHAZAM finally has a director in the shape of Annabelle: Creation helmsman David F Sandberg and will begin filming early 2018 eyeing a 2019 release. Does Sandberg’s most recent movie mean Shazam will have a horror/thriller element to it?


Billy Batson will reportedly be in a wheelchair when not in his transformed state and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will not appear as Black Adam. There has been so much talk of the Black Adam film so it’s interesting that he won’t appear in Shazam, surely there will be a tease of him to come. No other stories points are known at this point and I can’t really get interested until we at least know who is going to be playing Shazam…..Arnie Hammer anyone?

Infinity War Approaches

Everyone who’s interested knows that at both D23 Expo and SDCC some Infinity War footage was shown. Not officially released but because of the age we live in some very shonky copies have been leaked. I have seen the footage but I will not talk about it here until it is official, I have a feeling it won’t be released for months yet, especially seeing as there are two MCU films due for released before the film hits so Marvel want the focus on them, there are spoiler for both of those films in the footage shown. For now then let’s enjoy the first official banner poster (that was released in three parts) for Infinity War;


As individual parts the posters are a bit dodgy but together it is beautiful. it’s meant as more of a sneak peek as the characters are drawn representations and not actual shots of the actors but there is so much awesome in one image! Firstly, it’s brilliant to see the majority of the case all together! Just look at how many heroes there are!!! Thanos looks almost identical to the statue unveiled at D23, sporting the Infinity Gauntlet with his Children leaping into action.

The big reveals show Steve Rogers with long hair and a beard and dressed in a blacked out Cap suit. How long has he been in hiding? Has he put aside his usual stealth look of a baseball cap and aviators? Black Widow has blonde hair, probably another attempt to stay under the radar. Groot is still in his adolescent stage. Bucky Barnes has a new arm and Spiderman is wearing the ‘Iron Spider’ suit briefly seen at the end of Spiderman: Homecoming. Oh and is that Scarlett Witch and Vision getting a bit cosy? Its a brilliant image, giving us a tease of what is to come and raising the hype to previously unexplored levels!

DC Animated Films

DC have been hitting the animated movie market hard in the last few years and it doesn’t look like that is going to change any time soon. At the DC/WB panel four new animated films were announced coming over the next couple of years. Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, an Elseworld’s Batman story set in the 19th Century seeing the caped crusader go up against the likes of Jack the ripper. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, an original story but I have a feeling it’s going to be heavily inspired by the recent live action film. Death of Superman, yes I know we’ve seen this already in both animation and Live-action but we have been assured it is a different take on the story. Lastly, Reign of Superman, set after Superman has died, this film will focus on the alternate Supermen who come forward to replace him e.g. Cyborg Superman. Some interesting ideas here and I’m sure I’ll watch them at some point but I am really looking forward to Gotham by Gaslight as that was what I based my recent Batman cosplay on!

Young Justice: Outsiders – First Look

I’ll confess now, I’ve still only made it about half way through season 1 of Young Justice! I’m not going to hand in my geek card just yet though because there is still time to catch up before the new season starts! SDCC gave us our first look at the characters from the new season; take a look below!

Pictured from left to right: Static, Kid Flash, Robin, Wonder Girl, Spoiler, Blue Beetle, Thirteen, Arrowette, Arsenal and Beast Boy

Some of these characters are new to me and the show but there are some recognisable faces there like Beast Boy, Arsenal and Blue Beetle. This group is obviously a younger crop of heroes but also shown were older versions of some of the previous Young Justice team;


Here we have Artemis,Nightwing, Black Lightning (for some reason) and Superboy. Presumably these heroes will be mentors to the younger characters much like the Justice League members were in the first couple of seasons. I aim to catch up with the series as soon as possible which will inevitably raise my levels of anticipation for the new season. Young Justice: Outsiders arrives 2018.

Captain Freaking Marvel!!!

This is possibly the most exciting little story from SDCC 2017. We have known for a while that Captain Marvel, played by the beautiful and talented Brie Larson, will be coming to our screens probably sometime in 2019. Now we know a little more! With the help of some awesome looking concept art the story is starting to develop!

The film will be set in 1990s and Carol Danvers will be battling the Skrull! Even if you only have a basic knowledge of Marvel comics you will know that the Skrull are hugely important to the entire universe! Why am I so excited? Well firstly, the Skrull have been one of the biggest enemies for the Fantastic Four, ever heard of the Super Skrull? A being with all the powers of Marvel’s first family in one body! It is common knowledge that Marvel Studios wanted to use the Skrull in the first Avengers movie but couldn’t get the character rights from 20th Century Fox. Does this mean that a deal has been made? Potentially meaning the Fantastic Four might not be far behind?! A big step I know but a Geek can dream!


Secondly, being set in the 1990s and starring Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, who still has both of his eyes, places this film before every single MCU film so far. Where has Danvers been all this time? Is it the events of Infinity War that brings her back into the fold? Does a Skrull take Fury’s eye?


Thirdly, the Skrull are shapeshifters. They can take on the form and replicate the powers of any person they choose. This puts forward the possibility that the next phase in the MCU could be an adaptation of the Secret Invasion story where some of the world’s heroes turn out to be alien impostors! Introducing the Skrull at a time before any of the heroes became known could mean that any one of them could have been replaced!! Is Iron Man an alien? Steve Rogers? Maybe even Nick Fury himself?! Secret Invasion is one of the very few ways to top Infinity War. Instead of being cosmic universe ending, it would shake the very foundation of the MCU, who do you trust? Who is who they say they are? oooooohhhhh this is bloody exciting!!!

Ant-man and the Wasp Buzz!

We haven’t heard much on the sequel to 2015 surprise Marvel hit but SDCC gave us our first definitive announcements. Michelle Pfeiffer has been cast as Janet Van Dyne, Hank Pym’s missing wife and Laurence Fishburne will be taking on the role of Bill Foster aka Goliath! Awesome news to get two well known comic character from Ant-Man lore onto the big screen and it could mean we will see up to 5 characters using shape changing abilities if we include Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym as well! How awesome would that be? Well to tide us over for now SDCC also gave us the first official concept art for the film; Check it out below.


It looks like the Wasp suit has an updated colour scheme much closer to that of the comic version and if this concept is anything to go by Scott Lang will be returning to his Gi-ant Man form at least once! Has the technology been improved to allow him to sustain this increased size for longer? Is it Bill Foster that helps him achieve this? The only other official announcement is that the villain known as The Ghost will appear in the film. Originally an Iron Man bad guy, we do not yet know the reason for his appearance or who will be playing him. Just a tease for now but I’m sure more news will come closer to the release of the film.

Thor: Ragnarok Electrifies in new poster!

We have been more than spoiled by Marvel but they just keep on giving! The Thor: Ragnarok trailer was awesome, fun, exciting, hilarious and full of mystery. I won’t go through it now, you’ll have to read the trailer discussion and listen to our upcoming SDCC podcast if you want to know more about that, but for now take a look at this very brightly coloured and incredible poster for the film.


The usual suspects are there, the Hulk, Thor, Hela and Loki but interestingly we also see Odin for the first time in any of the promotional material. The last time we saw the All Father he had been replaced by his adoptive son Loki. There were some leaked set photos a while back showing the Asgardian King on Earth but nothing has been seen or heard from him since. How big of a role will he have in the film? Heimdall is also featured and looking quite dishevelled without his traditional gold armour. Though probably not in much of the film I think he is going to be integral to the plot, especially if the rumours of him being the final infinity stone turn out to be true! The poster is bright, cheerful and clearly shows the Guardians of the Galaxy aesthetic the film is drawing on. I cannot wait for this film!!!!

Black Panther, the last solo movie before the universe ends!

This film just looks beautiful. Every poster, concept art, trailer released is incredible. I love the combination of super advanced technology and tribal traditions, the balance appears perfect and we are only a few short months away! The cast of the film is incredible with each outfit (on display at both D23 and SDCC) beautifully designed and crafted. The SDCC exclusive posters are no different. On the left Black Panther looks over the secluded nation of Wakanda atop the head of a giant panther (made of vibranium perhaps?). On the right a maskless T’Challa is flanked by a close look at the new Black Panther suit, Michael B Jordan’s Erik Kilmonger, Lupita N’yongo’s Nakia and Danai Gurira’s Okoye, all looking fantastic. I’m sure we will see more of the movie as time draws near and the focus moves away from Thor: Ragnarok.

The League Stands Together

Justice-League-SDCC-PosterObviously the big DC reveal was a brand new 4minute + trailer that I’ve already spoken about in my trailer round up. We also got some new posters and Banners for the film and it looks like the comic influences are continuing in the presentation of the main characters. The poster released is clearly inspired by some Alex Ross art and some have compared the similarities to the cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

I love how the grey of the Bat suit has been replaced with a deep blue, possibly referencing classic Batman and while all the characters look like they are ready for battle, Wonder Woman still has a look of well ‘wonder’ in her eyes. Of all the heroes in this poster, Diana is the most compassionate. Hiding Batman’s eyes in shadow is a brilliant design choice, further accentuating his disassociation from Bruce Wayne. The Flash is clearly trying to look brave but we know (from the trailer) that he is far from confident in his abilities. Aquaman looks ready to squash anyone and Cyborg has a emotionless look, perfect for a man who is more machine. There have been many critics of the poster and the trailer but I am still hugely excited for the film!!!

DCEU Grows!!

On top of new posters and trailers, the DC panel announced its upcoming slate of films for the next few years. Most of which had been confirmed a while ago but I think they just wanted to remind us what is coming. Shazam, Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2, Green Lantern Corps, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, The Batman and ……Flashpoint. If the rest of the films don’t excite you (then you are dead inside) then the announcement of the Flash solo movie being Flashpoint should send electricity through your bones! This should mean we get the Reverse Flash, alternate versions of established hereoes and could even get Thomas Wayne Batman and Martha Wayne Joker! Even Jeffrey Dean Morgan has even teased this possibility following the announcement! How awesome would that be!! No other story details from the other films and interestingly there is no Man of Steel 2 on the slate.

I should probably mention that they showed some footage from the currently in development Aquqman movie at the panel too but this also has not been released to the general public. Based on some of the description I’ve seen it looks great! I’m sure more details of upcoming films will be released soon, probably after Justice League hits cinemas but I do have to say, DC/WB seem to be very good at keeping future film details secret!

Todd McFarlane Spawns a new film!


The creator of Spawn has himself confirmed that a new movie is in development! Not only that but he will be directing it himself! McFarlane has said that it won’t continue from the critically panned 1997 film but will instead be a fresh, original project. Having ownership of the live-action performance of his own character could be a double edged sword. Who better understands a character than the person who created it, but could McFarlane fall into the trap of never being told no? As long as he surrounds himself with people who know if something works on the big screen or not, then I think this could be an awesome film!

Water is Shaping Up!

I know I said I was done with trailers but I have to include this! Not one that was shared billions of times on it’s release but instead the world’s fascination with it is growing steadily, The Shape of Water released its first trailer and it looks beautiful.

From Guillermo Del Toro The Shape of Water looks quirky, funny, thrilling and emotional. A Mute woman named Eliza forms a bond with an aquatic man and love begins to blossom. The man’s captors want to dissect him prompting Eliza to try and break him out. Looking like a cross between Hellboy and Amelie this could even be a prequel to Abe Sapiens story! I think this will be a sleeper hit but one not to be missed.

The Marvel/Netflix Machine Grinds On

We are only a few short weeks away from the Defenders show hitting our streaming service. You would think that depending on the success of the show Marvel/Netflix has been working towards they would set out some plans for the future. Well you are right, all four of the superhero shows, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, have been renewed for new seasons. Hopefully Daredevil and Jessica Jones can maintain their quality but Luke Cage and Iron Fist need to step it up, the latter needs to find a whole new level and with a new showrunner maybe this is possible. I’m a superhero media addict so I will watch these regardless but it’s good to hear more is coming!

Once Upon A Time Season 7 Destroys its own show!

I have only seen a few episodes of this show so I will let another member of the Jack and the Geekstalk team explain the response to this trailer, over to you Lou!

“Full disclosure… I haven’t quite finished the end of series 6 yet, but I’m only a couple of episodes out. I’m stalling to a certain degree, because I think there is a good chance it’s going to be the last couple of episodes of Once that I watch and this trailer doesn’t change my mind – although I hope I’m wrong.

I have no issue with the casting announcements, but so far the format appears lazy; 1) using a character who has already been covered (and younger Henry interacted with) within the existing ‘book’, and 2) using the same-knock-at-the-door-and-bring-parent-in -denial-back-to-defeat-a-curse type scenario.

My main issue though is that it appears that this new story completely ignores everything that has come before. If Regina is back to being a villain, if Hook and Emma aren’t together (properly), if the extended Charming family aren’t together fully (including Regina), if the happy ending doesn’t stick- then what was the point? Even worse is if the writers simply try to skip over those points and give a weak explanation as to why certain central characters are missing. Although I don’t disagree that those characters and stories had run their course. Season 6 has been weak and a bit tired in my opinion, and whilst I appreciate the writers going for a new direction, possibly forced by Jennifer Morrison’s decision not to return, I’m not sure that it’s really going to work unless it finds a whole new audience who haven’t watched what has come before.

The early part of this trailer simply reminded me of how fantastic the show was to begin with, and in all honesty, how far it’s fallen recently. I hope they manage to recapture the magic in the new series, but I’m not quite sold yet.”

Supernatural Spinoff – Wayward Sisters

In a move that is sure to annoy some sexists, a Supernatural spin-off has been confirmed called ‘Wayward Sisters’. starring Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Kathryn Newton and Katherine Ramdeen, the show will follow a group of female supernatural fighters!

Not having watched more than 3 or 4 seasons of the show I am not educated enough to descibe the synopsis of the show so I’ll let Deadline do it for me! Read their article HERE

There, that’s it. I won’t bore you any more. So much stuff was given to us at SDCC and I’m sure I’ve missed a load of it but I tried my best! I’ll let all of this sink in and then move onto the next huge story! I’ve got a couple of months before the next big superhero film is released so I’ve got plenty to keep me entertained and theorising in the meantime! Until next time Geekstalkers!

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