Following the series of posts I previously wrote about re-reading the Harry Potter books, I thought I’d pick it up with the films too. So here’s my thoughts whilst watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

  1. I love the title music so much. John Williams is honestly brilliant.
  2. There was not an owl sat on the Privet Drive sign in the book.PrivetDrivesign2
  3. I wished they had done a little scene setting about the Dursley’s, but I realise a page-for-page re-enactment of the book wasn’t really possible.
  4. Aunt Petunia was supposed to be blonde, but they really did make a great call for casting her.
  5. Dudley too.
  6. And Uncle Vernon. RIP Richard Griffiths.
  7. Why did they have to have the glass re-appear? It doesn’t make sense, Harry accidentally freed the snake, putting the glass back suggests he had some control over it.HarryPotterStone_031Pyxurz.jpg
  8. They missed out Harry moving up to the spare bedroom.
  9. Why would Dudley’s watch beep at midnight? Who has an alarm for midnight?
  10. Aunt Petunia’s scene talking about Lily being a witch, is absolutely perfect.
  11. In the book Hagrid tell’s Harry about Voldemort and his parents in the boat before  they go the The Leaky Cauldron.
  12. I love the wand shop scene, although the change of order of Harry finding out about Voldemort sort of changes the impact of him finding out about the phoenix feather core.
  13. Why does he need to stick to his ticket? No-one has ever asked to see it!
  14. I could really do with that snack trolley rocking up here about now.
  15. How has Harry not tried actually using magic yet?
  16. The first scene looking at Hogwarts is one time I’ll admit the films surpass the books – nothing could really do the castle justice as much as that scene does.Hogwarts.jpg
  17. McGonagall doesn’t even try to keep the disdain for Slytherin out of her voice.
  18. Ooh this reminds me, I really must start working on my Sorting Hat Christmas tree topper.
  19. Why no Hogwarts school song?!
  20. Why was Hermione called first? I’m sure it’s alphabetical order in the book.
  21. Well, now I’m hungry. It is my life ambition to have a dinner party that is Hogwarts feast themed, with the same quantities of food magically available.
  22. The Bloody Baron looks more like Captain Hook (from Peter Pan, not OUAT) than a sombre ghost who killed his beloved and himself.
  23. They aren’t supposed to see McGonagall transform until year five.
  24. ‘Foolish wand waving or silly incantations’ I mean you still have to do those things too Snape.
  25. How would Snape have treated Harry if he had been sorted into Slytherin?
  26. Harry, it’s pretty obvious what Seamus is trying to do… the ‘turn this water into rum’ line seemed to give it away.
  27. They don’t ever seem to have flying lessons again after this one.20160802-061930-7a_600x400.jpg
  28. There is no way Madam Hooch was out of earshot when Malfoy started mouthing off about Neville.
  29. Why would a troll go into the girls bathroom?
  30. Why was there no intervention from Madam Hooch as referee during this Quidditch match? She doesn’t allow foul play in the books.
  31. How did none of the other teachers notice  Snape or Quirrell muttering constant incantations whilst Harry was being bucked on his broom? It was obvious  that it was being jinxed.
  32. Where does Hagrid keep Fluffy when he’s not guarding the stone?
  34. I also want handwriting like Dumbledore’s.
  35. Filch talking about Hagrid being too attached to Norbert is a bit rich. Mrs Norris anyone?
  36. The film never really managed to convey how badly the rest of Gryffindor reacted to Harry & co loosing so many points for their house.
  37. I still don’t entirely understand what prompts Harry to his realisation about the stranger in the pub.
  38. Oh Neville. Poor Neville.NevilleLongbottom_WB_F1_NevilleLongbottomInDorm_Still_080615_Port
  39. There is no enchanted harp in the book, they play the flute. Why are they so slow to realise Fluffy is awake?!
  40. How did Hermione know it was going to be ok? I don’t like that they changed this scene. Ron doesn’t panic and have to be saved, Hermione forgets she is a witch and Ron has to remind her to use magic.
  41. Lucky there were two empty squares for Harry and Hermione to take. Shouldn’t have only one player been expected.
  42. How many spare pieces must Wizard chess come with? Or do they magically repair after each game?
  43. What magic is that for Quirrell to snap his fingers and flames appear?
  44. Dumbledore forgot to tell Harry about Snape and his Dad not liking each other.
  45. The house cup scene is just as satisfying in the film as the book.

The film is a really good adaptation of the book, especially considering it’s age now. I actually saw all of them the first time round in the cinema. All of the casting is brilliant, and I still enjoy the films everytime I watch them.

How you think the film stacked up against the book? Anything you’d change? Let me know in comments or through our Twitter account.


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