Game of Thrones – Series 1 Episode 2 ‘The Kings Road Trip’

Well here we are again… I have now officially made it through two whole episodes of Game of Thrones (go me). So lets not delay a minute more… here are my thoughts from Season 1 episode 2… good luck!

  • Picky bitch…I’d eat horse.
  • Aquaman has the prettiest princess hair, I’m kind of jealous.
  • Haha!!! Bitchslapped!!
  • Tyrion is a pretty awesome uncle.
  • Christ I hate Cersei, diabolical cow.
  • Right I’m gunna start judging the passing of time in these episodes by how big the puppies are cause at this rate it has to have been as least a month since Bran started his nap.
  • Oh my god thank you Jon and Arya for some normal sibling interaction at last.
  • This redheaded queen seriously needs to get over her hatred of Jon, your husband was the dick that cheated on you not Jon Christ.
  • Okay the Stark siblings are adorable together and this makes me very bloody worried for them in a show like this.
  • Go on wolfie…there’s a good wolfie!!!
  • My lord this constant change of pace between the different paces is a bit much
  • Sex ed with a sexy slave lady… I’m not against this
  • Well…that is a f*ck off massive wall isn’t it!
  • This week on CSI – Westeros
  • Whats with the creepy voodoo doll wreath, that’s a crap gift…no kid would want that conscious or not!
  • This woman can teach me anything she wants…lordy.
  • Okay enough with the over foreshadowing of the eggs.
  • That is some very tactful hiding of the penis
  • So I’ve heard a lot about Joffery in passing but this kid is a serious C word.
  • Sophie Turner is not good… I sincerely hope that she improves through this or it could get painful!
  • NOOO, Wolf murder is total bullshit
  • Do not open your eyes, do not open your eyes….DAMN IT BRAN!!

Thus concludes episode 2!

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