Well aren’t we lucky geeks?! Only a week ago we had some pretty awesome gems come out of the D23 Expo in Anaheim and now we have reached the biggest geek event of the year, San Diego Comic Con. Every year we get something incredible, surprised by something unexpected or come out thinking “hmm well that’s interesting!” This year is no different so before I bore you with yet another vacuous introduction let’s see some of what SDCC 2017 had to offer!

We were spoilt rotten with the sheer volume of trailers coming out of the event. Some are extensions of ones we have seen before but others were brand new! I’m not going to go into much detail on some of these as I’ve already picked apart previous trailers but in no particular order enjoy the trailers below!

Inhumans Trailer #2

Apart from a better look at Crystal and Triton the biggest reveal is the first look at Medusa’s hair in action….and it looks terrible. The effects on display so far are some of the worst I’ve seen for a superhero TV show and if the first trailer was bad, this just compounded that feeling. Let’s move on before I get too depressed.

The Defenders Trailer #2

Now this is how a TV trailer should be done. every member of the Defenders gets a lot more screen time and we see that it’s not going to be all smiles when the group get together. There’s a lot more Elektra here too and she’s not looking like she’s in complete control of her faculties but it looks awesome! All the supporting characters are present too and Sigourney Weaver commands respect and even creates fear in the eyes of Madam Gau. There is plenty of comedy and the action sequences look great, I genuinely can’t wait tfor this to arrive!

We even got a brief Punisher teaser after another video narrated by the awesome Stan Lee!

The Gifted Trailer #2

Not a vast amount of new footage in this trailer but more powers on display. I’m really liking the look of this show, appears to be taking inspiration from the success of Legion and making mutants/superhero more ‘real’. I like the twist of the mutant ‘hunter’ having to cope with his children developing powers. We know it’s linked to the cinematic universe but it’s still unclear how closely. The powers look quite good and the acting isn’t as cheesy as you’d expect. Bring it on Fox!

The Walking Dead Season 8

No real surprises in this trailer. Negan is being Negan and it just looks like the various groups of survivors are gearing up for an almighty fight. Carol is back to being a badass, Jesus and Morgan appear to be having a brief fight and Jerry finally uses that huge battleaxe! The most interesting shot comes right at the end…..a very old looking Rick waking up in a nice clean bed with a walking stick….if you have read the comics this is a HUGE spoiler for what is to come! I won’t explain it here but rest assured they should have left this out of the trailer.


This is essentially an abridged official trailer of the one that was leaked months ago. Literally nothing new here but the show is still looking interesting (and a lot better than Inhumans). Reportedly the show is going to be a time hopping adventure with parts being set in the present day and the past! Someone is going back in time to try and stop Superman before he is even born. Characters such as Doomsday and Braniac will feature which if done well could be brillinat! I think this could be a surprise hit even though the story doesn’t seem to be one that anyone was actually looking for.


Now this is something I never thought I would be interested in. Will Smith and fairytale creatures. It looks like a cross between Bad Boys and Once Upon a Time. Fairies exist, magic is real but Will Smith deals with it in his own unique Will Smith style, wise cracking, taking no shit. No a coincidence that David Ayer Directs and Smith gets to shoot a lot of guns but it actually looks pretty entertaining and as a Netflix exclusive appears to have a bigger budget than previous Netflix films. Worth a watch!

Pacific Rim: Uprising

An info-mercial style teaser for the new Pacific Rim film we get an up close look at the new Jaegers and John Boyega leading the fight. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the first film (I think I took it too seriously) I really enjoyed this teaser and it may even suggest that the Jaegers can now be piloted by one person instead of two! It is a little off putting to have the voice of GLados giving an inspiring message to the viewer though!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle #2

Again not much more than we have seen before. Expansions on some of the action set pieces and a lot more of the American cousins, Statesman. A lot more of Colin Firth’s Harry though. I was hoping we weren’t going to see much of him until the film came out but here we go. You can already tell the film isn’t going to be as good as the first but it will be enjoyable I’m sure. It’s worth checking out the Kingsman/Archer video too!

Star Trek Discovery Trailer #2

Lots of new stuff on show here. A closer look at some of the alien races and ships we will be seeing, the Klingons especially (still looking very weird). It would appear the Starship fleet we will first see is going to get into a spot of bother and possibly be destroyed completelt. Could this explain what both Jason Isaacs and Michelle Yeoh are listed as Captains. It looks to be a very different Star Trek film, for starters the main character is the first officer! The stakes feel a lot higher than before and I can’t wait for this to hit Netflix.

CW Superhero Shows

Pretty standard stuff for the Flash here. A recap of the previous season but lots of hints at what’s to come. Barry is still gone but Iris and co are trying to carry on. What doe the team have to face? A samurai with a magic sword? a teleporting villain from season 1? The Flash is not around or is he? There certainly appears to be someone running around in a red suit! Caitlin Snow is back and apparently fine? Has she take a cure or is this not really her? And what are Team Flash up to? Do they bring Barry back out of the speed force? No clue of the main plot thread and I can honestly say I’m not hugely interested in the new season yet.

How will Oliver cope without his friends and having to be a guardian to Oliver? How many of his friends have survived? It all seemed very bleak when Lian Yu exploded. I’m guessing at least some of them made it so Slade’s bunker and survived the blast but there is one person noticeably absent from the trailer, Quentin Lance!!! The show really can’t let go of Katie Cassidy can it? Black Siren appears to feature heavily in the new season but why? Is she trying to redeem herself? William thinks Oliver is a bad man, Dinah Drake aka Black Canary has a new suit and Slade Wilson at least survived to possible wreak havoc or just be a nuisance again? After season 5 improved on the previous disaster I’m looking forward to seeing the bow and arrow back in action.

How will Kara deal with the loss of the man she loves? It looks like she will focus her efforts on being Supergirl. Is she going to be doing this full time? She takes her glasses off in the middles of Lena Luthor’s office so has she given up on her ‘normal’ life? Overall people are not looking happy, what is a bigger threat than the Daxamite invasion. Who is Adrian Pasdar playing? And why is he a threat to Lena? Alex is in civilian clothes a lot, has she quit the DEO? So many questions!

Legends seems to be keeping up with the ridiculousness of the previous season. Instead of Aberations, they will be trying to stop anachronisms! Another ‘greater’ evil is coming apparently but no clue as to what that might be. Most of the trailer shows things from previous seasons but we do know the Legends will be visiting a circus and accidentally releasing a Sabre Tooth Tiger. Also Professor Steins reference to shooting the creator of the Titanic is another nice nod, Victor Garber having played the ship’s designer in the James Cameron film of the same name!

Stranger Things Season 2

Now we start getting into the big guns. Stranger Things season 2 looks like it has raised the stakes. Will is experiences visions of the Upside Down and some huge creature, will this come to this dimension? He will be prodded, poked and tested and I’m sure terrible things will appear. Setting the show at Halloween is an inspired choice, making every aspect automatically creepier and the awesome 80s aesthetic is still brilliant! 11 returns!!! Has she been living in the Upside Down? Or was she transported there at the end of the last season and this is what happened from her perspective. I am very excited for the show to return, only a short couple of months to go now!!

Ready Player One

Based on the critically acclaimed Ernest Cline novel of the same name we will see our hero venture into a virtual reality world, The Oasis, one like we have never seen before. Filled with countless cult references including Back to the Future, comic books, the Iron Giant, Freddy Kruger, and was that Batman riding on a giant mechanical Scorpion?! I have still yet to read the book but this, in my opinion, looks freaking awesome. Some of the CGI is a bit dodgy but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! I’m trying to look at it as a better version of Speed Racer, a film heavily inspired by video games but almost offensive to the eye. Steven Spielberg is helming this one so at least it’s in good hands!!

Thor Ragnarok Trailer #2

Unless this film has none of what we have seen in this and the previous trailer, there is no way this film can be bad. It looks beautiful, the action set pieces are incredible, the stakes are incredibly high, the end of Asgard?! And the humour is brilliant. I won’t list off of the good bits of the trailer as that will just be me giving you a play by play of the footage. Instead just watch it, drink it in and let your fan theories run right! Who dies? Does Thor get hold of an Infinity Stone? Why is the Hulk fighting Surtur? How awesome is it that the Hulk can’t talk now?! Though the bare bones of the plot can be worked out I can’t guess at how all the big pieces fit together, is Dr Strange still involved? How does Hela come to Asgard? Why is Heimdall on the run? How did Loki get captured by the Grand Master when we last saw him pretending to be Odin? How is Fenris the giant wolf involved?! I cannot wait for this film! Apart from Star Wars: The Last Jedi it is my most anticipated film of the year!!!Q Bring on November!

Justice League Trailer #2

Last but definitely not lease is a new Justice League trailer! Filled with so much awesome there isn’t enough time in the world to dissect it all. Our best look at J K Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon, lots of action for all the heroes and our first proper look at the big bad Steppenwolf! He is huge, badass and dangerous! The heroes are worried, Aquaman even says he’s pretty sure they are all going to die. Lot’s of references as well most notably what we assume is Steppenwolf saying ‘No Lanterns’ clearly a nod to the Green Lantern. Ezra Miller’s Flash appears to be the comic relief of the film but gets some fantastic looking shots in the trailer. The CGI is a bit ropey but then it’s not the finished product. I am still very worried about the film, there is so much riding on it and so much can go wrong. I don’t think it is going to be an incredible film but I trust Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon to make it look beautiful. One final thing, who do you think comes to Alfred at the end of the trailer? The smart money is on Superman but it could be some one else! One of the Bat family? A Lantern? Who knows! Roll on December!!

Well phew!!! That’s all the main trailers from SDCC 2017. I’m sure I’ve missed a few out but I’m only one man! I can only do so much! Stay tuned for our SDCC / D23 podcast comping soon where we will be going into a lot more detail on some of these trailers and also I will soon be posting part 2 of the SDCC round up with some general news. For now, go back and watch these trailers a few hundred times, develop your theories and try not to be too bitter than Marvel still haven’t officially released the Infinity War footage!!!!!! Peace out!

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