Dragons, Bastards, Crows, Fire and knowing nothing…now unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably figured out that I am of course talking about Game of Thrones, and let’s face it if you are on this blog…you’ve probably watched it.

I however have managed to avoid the show completely much to the chagrin of many around me…so to appease the fiance I have finally caved and agreed to watch it… from the beginning.

And as I am such a caring human I decided to share my viewing experience with you by writing the many random thoughts I have whilst watching each episode…you lucky things you!

So let’s get this shit show on the road with my thoughts from the first ever episode!!!

Season 1 Episode 1 – ‘We get it about the f*cking winter!!!”

  • Can you imagine being that guy… being able to say you were the first face on Game of Thrones… must be pretty cool
  • Right…that’s a dead kid…remembering why I’ve avoided this show
  • Well fur coat guy is gunna die…








  • Wait…where did the bodies go…Are there Zombies, I didn’t know there were Zombies, this is some Walking Dead style shit!
  • There goes fur coat guy
  • Not a zombie…so not a zombie, what the hell even is that!
  • Now I get that he’s running from the fella who looks somewhat like Loki’s dad in Thor but health and safety wise I feel like running with a sword is a bloody bad idea!
  • Well Arya is a bad ass already
  • Winter is coming – roll credits!
  • Mountain Lions… really you think it was mountain lions that  killed that deer, christ what is this Twilight!!!

stag's death.jpg

  • Awww Puppies!!!!!
  • Wait they’re gunna kill the puppies what the hell… YES JON SNOW!! Save them puppies!!!
  • Okay mate look, we all wanna have a kip on the job but you are not fooling anyone, those are clearly eyes painted onto rocks!!


  • Oh my lord, Jamie is literally Prince Charming from Shrek!
  • Huh…Jon Snow is ripped, this I can get into.
  • Nice cat helmet…bellend


  • Eddard is not a name and Ned certainly isn’t a bloody nickname for it. These people hate their children.
  • Ohhh the Dragon lady!!!
  • Creeeeeeepy Motherf*cker….well Sisterf*cker I guess but still… Creeeeeepy!
  • AQUAMAN!!!
  • Rude Aquaman.
  • Christ Sansa is thicker and complains more than a bloody Disney Princess!
  • So much guyliner aquaman…that’s gunna run underwater mate.


  • Something tells me those eggs are gunna be an important plot point.
  • Dick move


So that’s episode one done… not entirely sure what my opinion is on the show yet but I can honestly say I didn’t hate that as much as I thought I would, keep a look out for my thoughts on episode two and see if that lasts!!


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