Game of Thrones is back! Game of Thrones is back! Oh my god, GAME OF THRONES IS BACK! I had to wait 384 days between The Winds of Winter and Dragonstone! Was it worth it? All of the yes. It was a perfect start to the new season and so I thought I’d write about it.

Spoilers for Season 7 Episode 1 below and I plan to theorise on some things so possibly for future episodes as well but probably not.

Shall we begin?


How about that for an opening? Mass murder. Now that’s Game of Thrones, it’s like you never left. Arya kicks ass and I cannot wait to see how many people she gets to tick off of her list. I’ll get the pretty much only negative thing about this episode out of the way, Ed Sheeran’s cameo. He had a larger part than I think anyone thought and to be perfectly honest his appearance took me out of the moment a little bit but not enough to ruin everything else. I have a feeling that the Lannister soldiers that we saw talking to Arya may well end up dead in a future scene, perhaps as an intro to the next episode? Start a theme. A new Arya murder at the beginning of every episode?


Seeing Jon Snow back in his rightful place in Winterfell brings me endless joy. His determination to see his people lead their forces against the white walker army is really damn cool. I like the tension they are building between him and Sansa too, although I think it’s pretty predictable where it’s heading. Little Finger will of course be whispering in her ear and trying to get her fighting side to make a reappearance, we already know that she has learnt a lot from the likes of Cersei Lannister. Bealish is such an interesting character and at this point I can’t foresee his outcome. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him on the big metal chair at the end of all of this.


One of the more powerful scenes in this episode was the one between Cersei and Jamie in The Red Keep. Her remarks saying that they should simply discard the fact that all of their children are dead and that now they only need to think of themselves were actually quite chilling. The map that she has had painted in order to stratagise looks bloody marvelous and if I had a room big enough I think I would commission my own Westeros floor. It leads to a interesting point though – if you notice whereabouts on the map they are standing that is. Cersei is stood on an area of the map known as ‘The Neck’ which is essentially the southernmost part of the North. Jamie is stood on some coastal peninsulas called ‘The Fingers’. A foreshadowing perhaps? And one that completes Cerseis prophecy?


The Hound in the company of the Brotherhood Without Banners show up still travelling North to help battle the oncoming hordes. I am pretty confident at this point that Sandor is becoming my favourite character. His crude and quick retorts make me laugh out loud almost every time. The scene in the shack that he has previously visited was pretty interesting. We see that he feels regret for his past misdoings and the potential that the Brotherhood see is a really interesting dynamic that I cannot wait to see play out. We know where they are heading to, thanks to what he sees in the flames. Eastwatch, the Nights Watch castle situated where the Wall meets the sea. We also know that Tormund and the Free Folk are heading here too, should lead to a really great encounter between them.


Bran makes it back to the Wall and is taken in by the Nights watch. Presumably he has come to screw everything up again!?


We see Sam in Old Town, learning how to become a Measter. With a surprise appearance by Jim Broadbent which is pretty cool! This part of the episode is where we learn exactly where Dragon Glass can be located. Underneath Dragonstone. This is going to lead to the most exciting thing I could imagine. Jon Snow coming face to face with Daenerys Targaryen. This is seriously exciting but the way I see it going is as follows. Jon approaching Dany and requesting the dragon glass in order make weapons. Her allowing this to take place but only if Jon bows to her. We also see Jorah Mormont imprisoned in The Citadel and asking about Dany. I imagine this becoming important when Sam learns that Dany has taken residence in Dragonstone, perhaps asking Jorah for his assistance in negotiating a truce?


Lastly in this episode we see Dany make it home to Westeros. This moment has been building up since the very first moment we saw The Mother of Dragons. What a moment it was too. It was such an awe inspiring scene having her walk through the various halls of her birthplace. The mic drop moment to end this episode actually took my breath away. I have a strong suspicion that she will quite quickly become the ‘bad guy’ and start to turn mad like her father, possibly making rash decisions that lead to her downfall or maybe a partnership with Jon Snow where they take over Westeros and live happily ever after.


I have put forward a few random points in this article, some that I really hope come to fruition but some that I know will inevitably lead to my heartbreak. What I will say is, the tone shift in the very first episode has got me super excited for what this season has to offer. I will still be living in The Game of Hopes.


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