I’ve previously spoken about my Completionist Viewing addiction – Completionist Viewing

And now I have another related issue. As I feel the need to consume every facet of information related to a particular film, TV show, comic book etc I browse the various geeky websites on a daily basis looking for any snippet of information to temporarily satisfy my craving. On one hand this enables me to inform others of something they might find interesting as well and might otherwise never have found out about. It gives me a certain amount of gratification sharing the knowledge.

The down side to this is that I will often come across unofficial leaked information or set photos, things that haven’t been released yet. My natural reaction is to just consume these as well but another internal battle rises from within as I know if I do look at the leaks, it will potentially spoil some of the property I am looking forward to. The perfect example of this was some set photos from early season of CW’s The Flash. These photos showed Keiynan Lonsdale wearing a pretty accurate Kid Flash outfit and fighting a black clad bad guy. This confirmed that Kid Flash would be in season 3, something which had been hinted at but not confirmed by that point. As soon as Wally West appeared on screen in season 2 I was waiting for him to get his speed but to have it confirmed in some leaked photos was a bit annoying (and I know I only have myself to blame for looking at them!. The CW Network quickly jumped on this and released some official Kid Flash images but the cat was already out of the bag by then!

In today’s world it is very difficult nigh on impossible for a studio to keep secret their production details and the nature of filming things out doors means that some one will get a snap or two from a distance. There will always be leaks and I have a feeling I will always look at them, case in point, I’ve just seen some leaked images from the currently filming Han Solo film!

Official releases are always preferred, they are professionally shot, edited and scored but every time I seen some unofficial leak I feel like I’ve seen something hardly anyone has. I know it’s pathetic but it’s like my own personal geeky secret!

I would love to go into a TV show or film completely fresh, not knowing anything about it before I the opening credits start rolling but I think those days are long behind me. If I’m going to see some footage or images before the property is released than I would prefer it is in the form of official trailers or articles in pop culture magazines. Unfortunately, a lot of the websites I peruse throw up a headline that I just can’t resist! Weak willed I know!

It seems like many studios are becoming aware of the uphill battle to prevent leaks as more and more trailers, teasers and teasers for trailers are released. They are trying to get ahead of the game by giving the fans something to get their teeth into so they don’t go looking for any leaks. A good strategy but we are reaching a level of trailer saturation. Think of Spiderman: Homecoming for example, I lost count of the number of ‘official trailers’ and TV spots and teasers and special clips, sometimes whole sections of scenes from the movie! Before going into the cinema I was confident I knew 99% of the plot! This should not happen! One of my colleagues has even trialled a trailer avoiding tactic which I can’t bring myself to do but I think I may have to attempt soon.

I can’t decide whether my enjoyment of the films or shows I watch are reduced by the amount of footage I have seen prior to their release. There will be no accurate way figure this out but I’ll say it now, I am going to pick one film due to be released in 2018 and avoid every trailer, set photos, TV spots etc to be best of my ability. The difficulty here is writing for a site like this! We talk geeky news and reviews so there may be a film that doesn’t appear on here! Who wants to join me in trailer avoiding? I’m going to need some help with this as I’m confident I will break within the first week!

Can you avoid ‘news’ stories about something you want to see? Do you mind spoilers contained in set photos etc? Let us know in the comments below.

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