I have a constant battle going on inside me. I have already spoken about my Completionist Viewing addiction, which you can read about here; Completionist Viewing

The internal battle is between my love for owning physical stuff and convenience. I am a collector and have been for as long as I can remember. It started with key-rings then moved onto Star Wars memorabilia and now I am willing to get hold of pretty much any geek merch I can find (much to the disdain of my wife!). Our house is full of little geeky gems hidden away in boxes or subtly displayed in various rooms and I am always looking to add to my hoard.

I much prefer reading physical books and comics instead of downloading or using a kindle for example. Actually turning a page is more satisfying that flick your finger across the screen. And you can’t get the same satisfaction from a kindle when you finish a book, I like to slam the cover closed when I’m done but would break the device if I tried that!

In terms of films, I have a respectable DVD/Blu-ray collection numbering in the 3 to 400s. I love have shelves full of films, some great, some terrible, most in between, that I can just stare at in a moment of boredom and pluck out a film to watch. I will admit on occasion they do take up a lot of room that could be more efficiently used for something else but I like them being there. The transition over to Blu-ray has been going a while now and hopefully I’ll replace all the DVDs at some point, probably just in time for the next form of media to take over.


In contrast to this film hoarding, I am a very lazy person and watch so much stuff through media streaming services (mainly Netflix). It is so easy and quick to pick up a phone or tablet or flick to the particular channel through the digi-box, browse through the hundreds (if not thousands) of films and TV shows available and whack it on! You don’t even have to have to get up off the sofa or move anything except a finger! Glorious! Why then am I still reluctant to move all my viewing to streaming services?

I have been advised on numerous occasions to get a Media player, download the films and TV shows I want (from completely legal and reputable places of course) and store them on there, in a tiny little box, instead of taking up valuable wall space. With the improvement in technology, this is becoming easier every day and yet I still avoid it! With comics I will choose the physical prints instead of using apps/websites like Comixology or Marvel Unlimited even though the latter is more convenient.

Part of my reluctance comes from a lack of understanding of how it all works (not being particularly tech-savvy). With DVDs and Blu-ray it’s pretty simple, this disc as a film on it, if you put it into the player it will play. With digital streaming and downloading I’m relying on the fact that all the 1s and 0s are behaving correctly. Am I just bit too old fashioned?!

Generations to come will never know this pain! I want to keep up with the technology but I don’t want to let go of my collection! Maybe part of it is with a Media player or similar device you have to scroll through what you want to watch whereas with the DVD shelves I can see everything I own straight away!!!

What I really need if for someone to buy me a really good media player and take me through exactly how it works. I will never ask for help, I will try and work it out myself but before long my physical preferences will have to be put aside. Especially when films are being directly streamed into our minds! Okay, that might be a little way off yet but you know it’s going to happen!

Thank you for listening to another of my inflictions, I will continue to struggle on until a remedy is found.

What do you prefer? Do you struggle to decide between physical and digital media? Let us know in the comments below.

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