Well it’s happened….we have our first trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans TV show. Over the past couple of months we have been getting set photos, leaks and an official photo which got absolutely ripped apart by critics (and people like me). So things couldn’t get any worse right? Watch the trailer and find out;

Even though, as the trailer rams down our throats, the show has been shot in IMAX and looks like it has crystal clear quality, if you find yourself appreciating the camera style and crispness of the visuals before what is actually happening on screen, that is a bad sign. We have no shortage of superhero/comic book inspired TV shows these days and unfortunately this looks like one of the worst! Obviously we only have a very small sample of the show in this trailer but from what it shows I am not impressed.



I will of course still be watching the show when it gets released over here in the UK (although who knows when that will be considering Agents of SHIELD which is on the same network as Inhumans take ages to release over here), but I’ll be going in with low expectations. There are only a couple of positives I have taken from this;

Iwan Rheon – Who plays Maximus, brother of King Black Bolt, looks to be giving a good performance. Seemingly leading a rebellion against his brother, clearly he will be the antagonist of the show. Whilst he does look like an extra in a leather jacket and there will be obvious comparisons to his Ramsay Bolton performance, I think he will probably be the best thing in the show.

The effects on Lockjaw don’t actually look that bad, which is surprising for a giant teleporting Bulldog! I hope they don’t emphasise the domestic dog aspect that we see at the end of the trailer however!

We will be getting a range of well known Inhuman characters, Black Bolt and Maximus I’ve already mentioned but we also see Medusa (who’s wig is worse than Kate Mara’s Sue Storm one!), Gorgon, Karnak, Auran, Crystal and Triton as well, the last two of which appear to resemble their comic counterparts the closest.

Anson Mount‘s Black Bolt looks crap. His suit looks like a cheap cosplay version of the comic book character that may have been stolen from the CW Network wardrobe and where is his mask with the tuning fork?! That’s probably the most recognisable part of his look! I wouldn’t be surprised if Mount had a demand in his contract that allowed him to show his face as much as possible.

The small hint at his powers we get looks okay, his voice is so powerful it can throw a police car with a small grunt. Hopefully they will maintain this level of power, making him a huge threat to anyone. It also looks like he will quickly discard his initial outfit, presumably to avoid detection on Earth as we see him running in a blue suit. How much will we see these characters in their superhero outfits?


I expect the show is going to be dealing with the Earth’s response to the Inhumans which is interesting considering the other Marvel abc Superhero show Agents of SHIELD has been dealing with this very thing for the last two seasons.  Will the two shows be linked in anyway? I think it would be stupid of them not to tie in in some way but I don’t think it would be easy to do. The effects of the powers look okay but I’m not inspired by the trailer. Hopefully there will be another trailer with some more footage soon that will give us a better look. I just hope they haven’t spent the shows budget on the IMAX cameras!


What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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