I watch a lot of stuff. Good stuff, mediocre stuff and unfortunately a lot of bad stuff. I think of myself as a visual collector and by that I mean I am willing to watch pretty much anything. I try not to limit myself to particular genres but I am somewhat guilty of following trends.

With the ever increasing popularity of digital media streaming it is so easy to spend your entire life in front of a screen just watching the pretty pictures. I also blame streaming services for a recent addiction of mine; Completionist Viewing. If I start watching a show, regardless of quality or how much I like it, I have to watch every minute that’s available. Most of the time this isn’t a problem as more often than not I’m watching something at least vaguely entertaining, but on occasion it can be painful.

My addiction has opened me to wonderful properties which have been around for a while but I’d never actually gotten to before like Rick and Morty, Breaking Bad and Black Mirror. All three of these shows are amazing in their own unique way and while I was aware of them I didn’t feel the need to go out of my way to watch them until they became available to stream.

I have also experienced things I wouldn’t have necessarily even thought about watching before, like 13 Reasons Why, Fargo and Sons of Anarchy, all of which don’t fall within my usual interest circle but I enjoyed nonetheless.

I like to know how characters develop, how story arcs end and most of all I hate not knowing something. If I didn’t finish a show or movie for whatever reason I wouldn’t feel comfortable until that had been rectified.

I guess it’s a personal sense of a achievement that encourages me to keep watching. I know it’s a bit pathetic to internally reward myself for sitting on my bum for hours on end but watching these things allows me to do something I really love; talk about them!!! I love discussing films, TV, Gaming, books and anything else people are into. If I’ve seen these things then I can talk from a position of knowledge instead of ignorance. If I’ve enjoyed the property that conversation will be a lot more animated and sharing views and opinions is what drives me to blog, podcast and when I’m organised enough, make some YouTube videos.


There are still a few things I have yet to finishing watching, much to my own chagrin. Smallville, I’m a lover of all things superhero and a prequel show based on the man of steel is a great concept. I’m only up to season 6 out of 10 but have plans to continue this in the near future. It’s not a fantastic show but there are brilliant elements to it. The main reason I’ve yet to complete it is cost, I’m not willing to part with £25+ for a season that is years old, especially since gaining the ability to stream.


Sons of Anarchy is also marked as ‘still to watch’ on my list. I’m 6 seasons into the 7 season show but for some reason I lost steam somewhere towards the end of season 5. I used to love the show but the quality dropped sharply and it is almost a chore to carry on watching. I know I will pick it up again but when is anyone’s guess! (I am aware this goes against my whole point in this article)

So while my addiction has forced me to watch and read the entire Twilight Saga, sit through the drudgery of the Hobbit films, Marvel’s Iron Fist and all but the recently released Transformers movies, it has also enabled me to complete things I’d only caught parts of. Star Trek, the Fast and Furious franchise, Narcos, Hannibal to name but a few.

My viewing philosophy has always been “if you don’t watch the bad stuff you can’t appreciate the good stuff” I stand by it and will continue to watch as much as I can until my eyes or the electricity supply give up!

Oh and don’t get me started on bonus features on DVD and Blu-Ray! Wonderful, absorption of information!!

Are you like me? Do you have to watch every facet or a show or Film before you’re satisfied? Let us know in the comments!

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