Now that all the CW Superhero shows in the Arrow-verse have concluded both in the US and the UK I thought I would do a quick season review for each show. While the weekly Round Ups have explained everything that has been going on in the show I haven’t put many of my own opinions into the mix (something which is Will be doing next season).

If you haven’t already guessed there will be heavy spoilers for our four shows from here on!

So here we go, you haven’t asked for it but here’s everything I loved and hated about the CW Superhero shows starting with our favourite Girl of Steel


This season was very up and down. It had a great start mainly because of the appearance of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. Not the best on screen Man of Steel but enjoyable to watch and his appearance at the end of the season created nice bookends for the entire show. The chemistry between Tyler and Melissa Benoist was great, you believed they were actually family members, which made it all the more engaging when they went toe-to-toe against each other in the finale.


Chris Wood as Mon-El was by far my favourite character this season. Starting out as the arrogant, womanising Daxamite his character development was the most notable., growing to respect, then fall in love Kara at the same time as fighting against his families legacy of oppression, being the Crown Prince of Daxam. The reveal of him as the heir to the Daxamite throne was a good twist if somewhat predictable as it brought forth Kara’s own prejudice that she has been trying to suppress since his arrival. I believe the budding romance between Mon-El and Kara (probably because it happened in real life too), his desire to be more than he was before, to emulate Kara not just so she will like him but in the end to be better than his family was great to watch, and plus he was bloody funny too. Confident in so many ways by incredibly naive in others. Hopefully we will see more from the lovable Daxamite in the ‘future’ – get it? Cos he might have been transported to the future!!!! Oh forget about it!

The main criticism I have of the show is that it focused too much on the secondary cast and it’s something most of the CW shows do a lot. It’s called Supergirl so the show should concentrate on her life, her issues, her battles. I lost count at the number of filler episodes or times when Supergirl or Kara were pushed to the side while another character grabbed the limelight. Most of time this was Alex and her relationship with Maggie. At first I thought Alex coming to terms with her sexuality and exploring new things with Maggie was brilliant. Chyler Leigh is one of the strongest actors in the show but towards the second half of the season it felt like they was saying “Don’t forget, Alex is gay and she’s got a girlfriend!” It’s 2017, we don’t need to be beaten over the head with storylines about homosexuality, it’s a huge part of our society, but I do accept TV and films have a bad history of representing the LGBT community. I liked their on screen chemistry but it probably didn’t help that I don’t like Maggie as a character. She was made out to be a bit of a dick at the beginning of their relationship, humiliating Alex when she first came out and then making up all kinds of stuff and hiding other things from her for no real reason. By the end of the season the relationship felt forced and was just something for Alex to do when not in the DEO. Hopefully Alex will move on from Maggie at some point in the future.

Talking of giving characters something to do, I feel like Jimmy’s Guardian story was poorly thought through and rushed. Since season 1 (and arguably since his original comic character creation) Jimmy has been one of those people who help the hero in their own way, yes getting into scrapes and saving the day at times (and getting all kinds of powers in the comics), but the show decided to actually turn him into a fully fledged vigilante (adopting the persona of an existing comic character). Apparently him having a black belt in something like Judo turns him into one of the best hand to hand combatants the Arrowverse has to offer!! I do quite like the suit and shield he would still stand no chance against most of the villains Supergirl fights. It was good however to see him and Winn doing something other than waiting for Kara to come and talk to them! One thing I’ll say about Winn (not about his boring alien love arc), he can create this top of the range suite for Jimmy making him powerful enough to fight aliens, but when it comes to a super suit for Mon-El he gives him black combats and orange glasses.WHAT?!! I was expecting something reminiscent of his comic outfit!! Missed opportunity


One thing I did love about the show is the sheer number of easter eggs and references they crammed in. From the bigger nods like Mr Mxyzptlyk, Metallo, the real Hank Henshaw as Cyborg Superman and Miss Martian, to comic nods such as Lex Luthor’s Power Suit, a throw away reference to Gotham, having Wonder Woman herself (Linda Carter) as the President and an appearance from General Zod! There are hundreds throughout the season and I loved every one I notice. It was great as well to see actors known for their roles in previous Superman related properties return to the show. Helen Slater (Supergirl 1984) returns as Eliza Danvers, Alex and Kara’s mother. Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) comes back in a big way as Jeremiah Danvers, possibly hinting a version of Cyborg Superman with his enhancements. We also get Teri Hatcher return as the big bad for the ends of the season but she didn’t share any screen time with Dean Cain 😦

Overall I enjoyed the season but the quality of the episodes was very inconsistent. For season 3 I want to see more Supergirl and more of her fighting bad guys that normal people wouldn’t stand a chance against. Bring Superman back some more as the pair are great on screen together and have J’onn J’onnz in more action scenes than ’emotional’ scenes. Basically I want all the heroes to fight more!!! I’d also like to see what’s going on with Mon-El, where has he gone? Is Cat Grant back for good? Will Kara finally give up being a reporter because she is crap! If there isn’t a Supergirl related crisis in the city she has nothing to write about! The Cadmus storyline was boring, Lena Luthor was not an interesting character and will someone please kill off Livewire!!!

Supergirl gets 7 out of 10 Beans on the Geekstalk.

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