We have finally reached the end of the CW shows for this season. For the most part it has been a difficult journey with some highs but a lot of lows. Will the finales of each show give us some sense of satisfaction that we managed to get this far? How will our heroes overcome their greatest challenges yet? Will Barry fuck up the time line yet again? Read on!

Supergirl S2 Ep22 – ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’

The beginning of this episodes is possibly the best scene in the whole season. Superman and Supergirl laying into each other! Superman is genuinely trying to kill her as he believes she is General Zod (nice to see Supes’ big bad guy pop up). Rhea reveals she has him under her spell using Silver Kryptonite, yeah I’d never heard of it either. The fight is great and Kara shows she is stronger than him, knocking him out cold!

Kara invokes an ancient ritual and challenges Rhea to single combat to decide the fate of the city and the planet (she does not have the permission to do that!), why is every bad guy honourable enough to abide by the rules of an ancient tradition?!

We expect the fight to go Kara’s way and for a while it does until Rhea starts bleeding Kryptonite, a side-effect of her planet being poisoned by the destruction of Krypton. Now Kara is on the back foot but much like Brandon Routh’s Superman in Superman Returns, she can apparently overcome her weakness to Kryptonite through sheer will alone! Rhea is beaten down but just in case you didn’t know she was a really bad person, tells her army to destroy the city anyway.

We get some good shots of all our heroes, Mon-El J’onn J’onnz, Guardian and Megan M’orrz with some White Martian buddies defending the city while Mrs Cadmus, Lena Luthor and Winn build a device (based off one of Lex’s weapons to kill Kryptonians) that will disperse a lead cloud over the city, killing all Daxamites.

After what seems like an eternity, Kara realises that she has no other choice and activates the device. Rhea crumbles into ash and Mon-El starts to choke, he can apparently last longer than the other Daxamites because he’s been on Earth for a while. Using her pod Kara urges Mon-El to leave Earth which he reluctantly does after the typical exchange of loving statements.


So we leave Kara feeling sad, though she gets a good old Cat Grant pick me up who knows she is Supergirl, Mon-El gets sucked through a weird portal in space (possibly hinting at his comic storyline of being in the 30th century) and we get a flashback……*shakes fist*. 35 years ago, another pod escaped the destruction of Krypton, this one is evil because the lights are red, subtle. Apparently this being is going to ‘Reign’ on Earth. Well Reign is going to be the bad guy for season 3 then!

It was a good end to the season but did they have to get rid of Mon-El? He was my favourite character! It wasn’t a great episode but was on part for the rest of the season. The Superman fight was good and Cat Grant owns every scene she is in. The only thing I hope for next season is that Supergirl is the focus, there were too many episodes devoted to the supporting cast. Give the Girl of Steel the screen time she deserves!! Season 3 will have to do something different though, the threat needs to be more than just an alien force trying to take over the city, season 1 was Kryptonians, season 2 was Daxamites. What will Reign do?

The Flash S3 Ep23 – ‘Finish Line’

Barry really is a good guy isn’t he? Even when his world is crumbling he can overcome anything with goodness and just the fact that he is a ‘nice guy’ – even if things are pre-destined! That’s what I learnt from this episode anyway. So let’s see how The Flash breaks the laws of time travel again.

Iris is not dead! Durrrr! It was a decoy, HR took her place using his face changing tech but Barry didn’t know about this so Savitar had no clue. I mean as soon as HR showed he had this tech way back in the season it was clear it was going to be used for something important. I also don’t think the network has the balls to kill off one of their main cast members yet.


Now the future has changed Iris is no longer in danger, for some reason! The old CW network trope of ‘time needs time to settle into place’ means Savitar will be around for a little while until the Black Flash catches up with him. Finally Killer Frost’s use becomes apparent. Savitar takes the speedforce bazooka and forces Cisco to change it so it will spread Savitar throughout all of time. Savitar threatens to kill Killer Frost is he doesn’t!

Good guy Barry calls Savitar out and offers to find a way to save him. Why?! He is a cold blooded insane killer, a bad guy!! Savitar accepts the offer but changes his mind when the rest of Team Flash are very resistant to help him! Apparently he was just biding time so the bazooka can be ready and leaves the Philosophers stone in STAR Labs to explode! The team is saved by the speedsters and Gypsy.

Savitar opens a time portal, Killer Frost kills the Black Flash that pops up, just like that! Apparently its only weakness is cold, which has never been even hinted at before!!!!!!!!! She shoots Savitar with the bazooka but it does’;t work, instead it releases Jay Garrick from the Speedforce prison! Cisco is a trickster!!! The ensuing speedster fight is good but far too short and ends with Barry phasing Savitar out of his suit and taking it over himself!

Refusing to kill future Barry (because he’s a good guy!), he turns his back and *yawn* future Barry goes to kill our Barry only for Iris to shoot him in the back and kill him! Speedsters should never get hit by bullets, their reactions are so fast they can avoid practically everything!!!!!


That aside, things end. HR has a funeral where less evil Killer Frost turns up, refuses to take the meta-human cure Julian had developed saying she needs to discover who she is, and everything is good in the world………yeah not really!

The Speedforce is unhappy that is has no prisoner which of course means Barry has to surrender himself to it. And he does so, willingly!!!! He leaves his family and his soon to be wife and walks into the Speedforce with a representation of his mother! WHAT?!?!?!!? Why?!! He just gave up! He doesn’t know if he’ll ever get out and he appears absolutely fine about leaving his loved ones behind!! What a dick!


Well I guess the next season will start with Team Flash (with Wally as the main Flash) working as normal and Barry randomly pops up with a warning that something bad is coming. I hope his time in the Speedforce will power him up to a new level! He needs to be much stronger and faster than Wally!!! I don’t want to talk about the ending anymore, it annoyed me so much. For a season that ignored the hundreds of paradoxes it made and featured more filler episodes that you can shake a speedforce cannon at, they ran out time and fucked up the ending. Damn it Barry!

Arrow S5 Ep23 – ‘Lian-Yu’

Well Arrow certainly finishes the season with a bang (literally). It is the only CW show this year that has followed the main story arc all the way to the end of the season. You can probably tell I quite liked this episode so let’s have a look and see why.

Oliver is bringing his Prometheus hunting team together. Not only does he have Malcolm Merlyn Merlyn and Nyssa Al Ghul he has entered the Lian-Yu prison to retrieve Slade Wilson and Digger Harkness, why does he need Captain Boomerang?! Wilson says the Mirakuru has left his system so does that mean he’s a good guy now and not insane?! The main question I have about this prison is the guards stationed to keep an eye on them, are they ARGUS and do they stay there all the time?!

As the team come together a missile destroys their plane. Well I guess they will have to use the bad guys plane instead then. In obvious trap, the team find Thea, Felicity, Curtis and William’s mother Samantha in cages. As they approach, Talia Al Ghul and Eveyln Sharp jump down from the trees and a very short fight ensues when Harkness reveals he is actually working for Chase. Oliver’s team prevails forcing Talia to retreat, leaving Evelyn behind.


Oliver takes Slade and Nyssa after Chase while the others try to find a way off the island. All of the characters (and if I’m honest myself too) forgot this island is covered in booby traps but Thea quickly finds one as she steps on a landmine. Even though she doesn’t want him as a father Malcolm takes her place on the mine and blows himself and Harkness up off screen to save them. Poor Malcolm. The rest of this group find Chase’s plane which has been sabotaged and won’t fly but they also discover the entire island is rigged with explosives!!!

Oliver and Co find Diggle, Rene and Canary in a temple type thing and now we get the big fight we’ve been waiting for! Everyone who can fight does, the choreography is great and the panning shot which shows each smaller fight going on amongst the big battle is brilliant. We get a Nyssa vs Talia fight with the former winning out but refusing to kill her sister. Black Siren vs Canary who appear to be evenly matched until Lance smashes evil Laurel over the back of the head. Yeah! Go Lance!! And of course we get Oliver vs Chase.

Showing incredibly restraint Oliver refuses to give Chase what he wants and doesn’t kill him. Which of course means Chase escapes without telling Oliver where William is. Chasing him to a nearby boat (convenient) Chase reveals he has William. Chase wants Oliver’s son to see who his father really is, the only way to save him is to kill Chase. But Oliver has other ideas, feigning surrender, he lowers his bow and shoots Chase in the foot forcing him to release William. We see a level rage from Oliver that we haven’t before, Stephen Amell has come so far this year!

So Oliver has won, but Chase plays his last card. He is the only one who can disarm the island bomb so he shoots himself in the head!!! Just as the island begins to explode!!! It is utterly decimated! Surely no one could survive!


It’s the last post of the season so let’s talk about the flashbacks. We have come full circle, Oliver finally kills Kovar, for sure this time and races to catch the boat that rescues him. Using the kit that Anatoli gave him his puts some tattered clothes on, a fake beard and ignites the bonfire. Using footage from the first episode was brilliant and it was a seamless edit, although did noone notice he was wearing a wig when he got rescued?!

So there we go. Are all of Oliver’s friends dead? Of course not but we are lead to believe they are. Will any of them be killed off? Will Malcolm Merlyn come back from the dead? How will William fit into Oliver’s life, will he keep him closer for safety or send him away again? Will we have flashbacks in the new season? So many questions? But a pretty good episode to end the season. Well done Arrow a much greater improvement on last season!

Well, it’s been fun guys. Stay tuned for our CW season review where we take a look at each season as a whole. Coming soon!

CW, see you next year!

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