We’re nearly there! This week marks the penultimate episode for each of the remaining CW Superhero shows. Traditionally it’s at this point that the shit hits the fan and each show is left with a seemingly insurmountable challenge for our heroes to overcome in the finale. Let’s see what’s going on in the CW-verse.

Supergirl S2 Ep21 – ‘Resist’

Mrs Daxam’s end game began last episode with the transmat portal open and the Daxamite fleet settling above National City. This week things get worse as the new arrivals quickly become the occupying force and start to take over in a not so subtle way. Soldiers are on the streets taking down anyone who shows even a hint of resistance. Even the DEO gets attacked with Supergirl having to fly in and save Alex from meeting the ground very hard!

President Linda Carter, with the assistance of the returning Cat Grant (YAY!!!) bring the fight to the Daxamites and demand they stop their invasion. This doesn’t go down very well with Mrs Daxam and she quickly shoots Air Force Once down but not before Supergirl rushes in and plucks Cat out of the air (that’s twice already!). The President’s alien identity is revealed as she is the only survivor of the attack although this doesn’t become the huge issue it should be in so far as the leader of the free world has lied to everyone!


For some reason, Mrs Daxam decides she needs to legitimise the invasion by marrying her son Mon-El to an Earthling. Why she can’t just carry on enforcing her will is beyond me but I guess there needs to be a reason that Earth’s resistance can’t blow the Daxamites out of the sky. Lena Luthor is chosen as the bride and swiftly kidnapped by Mrs Daxam.


Enter Mrs Cadmus who offers her assistance to the rebels who have now set up shop in the Alien dive bar. All she asks in return is the use of the Phantom Zone Projector held in the Fortress of Solitude. The resistance reject the offer and get to work setting up a huge cannon to take out the mothership. After taking some traditional Cat Grant advice about the right thing to do, Kara decides she can’t just let her boyfriend and best friend be blown up. She transports up to the mothership with her new allies Mrs Cadmus and Hank Henshaw.

Some small skirmishes occur but Lena and Mon-El are rescued. Kara stays behind to attempt another reasoning with Mrs Daxam but this goes badly wrong as Rhaea reveals her secret weapon, Superman! He destroys the resistance huge cannon and gives Kara a right hook for good measure. Has he turned evil?!


It was a good episode purely because the Cat Grant sass was back. I sincerely hope she sticks around from now on, even one of her ‘hope’ speeches to the planet doesn’t dampen her incredible attitude. Oh and she figures out Guardian is Jimmy straight away! It was good to see some more Winn genius too as he somehow back hacked Hank Henshaw! So will Kara have to go all out to stop Mrs Daxam and Superman? Tune in for the predictable finale next week!

The Flash S3 Ep22 – ‘Infantino Street’

24 hours, that’s all Iris has left before Savitar brings her life to an end. Team Flash need to bring their plan together quickly if they stand any chance of saving her. Will they succeed? Probably not but let’s watch anyway!

The mysterious egg like thing shown at the end of last episode turns out to be a piece of Dominator’s technology held by ARGUS and protected by King Shark. As Lyla refuses, and rightly so, to give the power source to Barry because she doesn’t want him to mess the timelines up again, Barry decides to steal it! The problem is, ARGUS have power dampeners so Barry needs some help. Doing something he said he would never do again, Barry travels to the past and picks up Captain Cold to help him break into ARGUS.

On arrival Barry (disguised as Lyla) single handedly take out some guards with some previous unseen fighting skills, then they find some of the strongest security in existence but Snart opens the lock in just over 30 seconds! They neutralise King Shark with some kind of smoke grenade and retrieve the power source. But as things never go to plan, Snart gets locked in the cell as King Shark wakes up meaning Barry has to jeopardise his plans to save him!

Seemingly impressed by Barry’s selflessness, Lyla gives him the power source enabling Team Flash to finish the Speedforce bazooka! Iris, Joe and Wally head to Earth-2 to hide from Savitar but this plan quickly dissolves when Barry arrives at STAR Labs asking where Iris has gone. HR casually tells him they’ve gone to Earth-2 only for Barry to turn and reveal his scarred face! HR has just given Iris up to Savitar! To be fair anyone else would have done exactly the same!

Future Flash

Wally tries to defend his sister but gets a broken leg for his troubles and Savitar leaves with Iris. Team Flash get ready for the final showdown on Infantino Street but Killer Frost calls Cisco through one of his vibes. She wants to erase Caitlin so she has to kill all her connections, starting with Cisco! I’m hoping we see this fight in full in the finale!

Barry confronts Savitar in the spot we have seen so many times. He whips out the speedforce cannon and fires, but it doesn’t work! Savitar knew they were going to try this so prepared for it, he has the Philosopher’s Stone which negates the cannon’s effect! Team Flash are out of options and Savitar impales Iris, just as it had been planned! Iris is dead. Well that was inevitable.

It was predictable that the season long story arc was going to go badly for Barry. We will inevitably see him get round this obstacle somehow, probably by time travelling again, but at this point I’m interested to see what they come up with. It was great to see Wentworth Miller back again doing his traditional overacting, and his joke about Jaws having a shark that was too expensive to show was brilliantly Meta. I’m glad that Barry’s attempts to prevent Iris’ death have come to nothing as it would have felt cheap if he had succeeded in stopping it. So how will Barry save Iris after her death? Will Cisco and Killer Frost fight to the death? How will Joe and Wally react to the loss of Iris? Tune in for the ridiculous finale next week.

Arrow S5 Ep22 – ‘Missing’

Team Arrow have won. Of course they haven’t really but it appears that way. Adrian Chase is behind bars in an ARGUS facility so the team take a break to celebrate Oliver’s birthday. Have they really not learned by now they none of them are allowed to be happy?! The Team finally realise that their team is being picked off after Rene and Dinah are both mysteriously absent.


Curtis gets kidnapped while looking for Dinah, Quentin and Thea get taken by Earth-2 Laurel and Evelyn Sharp while hiding in a safe house (which are never safe in the Arrow-verse). Even though he is behind bars Chase is still hurting Oliver. Our hero decides to send Felicity and Diggle away to protect them and so he can concentrate on getting the others back. The only problem with that is Chase predicted it and some of Talia Al Ghul’s men are waiting to take them!

Laurel Lance

For some reason Oliver still thinks he can beat Chase and refuses to release him to get his friends back. That is until he finds out that Chase has William too! Before I forget Malcom Merlyn is back (presumably after all his Legends of Tomorrow exploits) and offers to help take Chase down as long as Thea is safe. Oliver and Merlyn take out a horde of ARGUS troops to get to Chase (with a throwaway comment about not killing them just to make us aware that Oliver isn’t actually a monster) but seeing no other choice, Oliver lets Chase go.

The end game begins as Chase takes his captives to Lian-Yu to draw Oliver there for some purpose I hope they explain other than making him suffer. Unless the show departs drastically from its usual pattern, none of the captives will be killed as they are the entire core cast! But you never know, I could be wrong.


Oliver cannot save his friends alone. Just as Chase has friends, Oliver gets some help of his own. Calling Nyssa Al Ghul to his side and then asking Slade Wilson for help!! So Manu Bennet is back!!!! Even if you don’t like the show you have to admit that the finale stands to be visually impressive with all of the capable fighters squaring off. I can’t wait for it!!! And we finally have Deathstroke again, one of the best characters ever to appear on the show.


Do you actually want to know about the flashbacks? Oh go on then. Kovar tortures Oliver with a drug that apparently drives the victim to kill themselves. Oliver comes close after hallucinating Yao Fei but a vision of Laurel manifests telling him he can’t save his loved ones if he kills himself. Using the gun Kovar gave him he shoots open the lock to his cell and leaves. Are they seriously suggesting Oliver has overcome a drug that no-one else has managed to? Again??! Come on!

Well that’s it, nothing between us and the finales now. I have a feeling Arrow is going to be my favourite mainly because Deathstroke is back but the Flash has potential to impressive as long as they do things a bit different. We shall see!

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