I know this is massively late but I’ve been sunning myself in lovely Dorset for the past week and have done no blogging at all. I apologise in advance over the next few days as there will be a rush of posts about stories I’ve missed over the last week! For now let’s talk Star Trek.

As a die hard Star Wars fan people may expect me to harbour a hatred for all things Trek but I actually quite like the universe. I don’t claim to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the lore but I have watched the vast majority of every series and films and understand most of the references.

After quickly losing interest with the most recent series Star Trek: Enterprise, I am eager for the latest offering to give us something different. So a little over a week ago we got our first poster and Trailer! take a look below.

Well that trailer tells us everything we need to know! It’s 10 years before Kirk and the original series, a new ship, new crew, new captain (possibly more than one) and new adventures. There’s lots of familiar themes as well though, the ship has similarities with the Enterprise, which makes sense as it’s a slightly earlier model. The uniforms seem to be somewhere between the all blue Enterprise outfits and the full colour coded garb of the original series.


One of the major influences appears to be in Sonequa Martin-Green’s character, First Officer Micheal Burnham. There’s a suggestion that she will be playing a half human, half Vulcan character, just like Mr Spock. She could be a human child raised by Vulcans as she doesn’t appear to have the traditional pointy ears but Sarek appears, played by James Frain, Spock’s father, suggesting the human/Vulcan relationship. This is further supported by the the official poster released that sports the Vulcan sign over Martin-Green’s face.


I love this poster. At first it combines the perfect mix of sci-fi, fantasy and the unknown at the same time as honouring what came before it. It’s unmistakeable as a Star Trek poster but it could also be for a huge block buster film!

The series will see the second female captain in the form of Michelle Yeoh as Captain Georgiou of the Shenzhou (love her!) Jason Isaacs is mysteriously listed as Captain Lorca of the USS Discovery so presumably Martin-Green will start off as an officer on the Shenzhou as most of the scenes we see show her with Michelle Yeoh. Either this or Jason Isaacs character will die, to be replaced by Yeoh and Martin-Green. Either way it’s great to see another woman at the helm of a capital ship.

It’s also unusual to have the first officer as the main character of the show. Whilst most other series have centered around the Captain at the same time as having smaller arcs for the core cast, Discovery is going to have Martin-Green as its focus.

The show looks great, stunning visuals, interesting locations and characters but there is one sticking point I have. What is with the Klingons?! If the trailer hadn’t namechecked them I wouldn’t have realised these aliens were the same! They look so different to anything we have seen before. I know their appearance has changed over the years but considering this is only 10 years before the original series, they don’t look even remotely similar!


They look more like some weird lizard men. Maybe these guys are a splinter group or outsiders but they look nothing like what I’m familiar with. If that is my only issue with the show then it will still be a great time. I’m pretty excited for the show and being released by Netflix inspires me more as they don’t seem to be able to put a foot wrong with their original series.

Star Trek: Discovery hits Netflix in the autumn.

What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery First Look

  1. Some people have been shitting on the trailer, that it doesn’t have a Star Trek feel. It looks very cinematic though I’ll watch the hell out of it, and just pray it’s better than Enterprise. As for the Klingons… no idea.

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