Things are heating up for our heroes this week as they all creep ever closer to their respective finales, will they go out with a bang?

Supergirl S2 Ep20 – ‘City of Lost Children’

It’s a James Olsen episode this week! Yes, another where Supergirl herself is a secondary character but I guess it’s been a while since Jimmy had any development. The novelty of being a Vigilante has worn off, Guardian instils fear in the bad guys and innocent alike. He wants to help people not scare them. So when an alien resident of National City goes crazy in a public place then disappears, Jimmy takes it on himself to look out for her son (after breaking into their house and scaring the living crap out of the kid!)

They share a connection and bond over stories of their fallen fathers. Jimmy is a good role model for the kid and makes him feel safe when the whole city fears his mother. It turns out that the boys mother wasn’t doing anything on purpose, she was being accidentally controlled by Lena Luthor and Reahea.


They have completed construction of the portal, Lena feeling very happy their hard work has paid off. Unbeknown to them the device interferes with a particular aliens telepathic link and activating their powers. After issuing a threat to Kara, Mrs Daxam activates the portal at the end of the episode, allowing hundreds of Daxamite ships to pass through and come to rest above National City.


So there were loads of survivors from Daxam! Mrs Daxam has now re-named Earth; ‘New Daxam’. If only Mon-El had the balls to shoot his own mother. She talks him down with ‘love’.

Jimmy helps Marcus, the boy find his mother with a load more of her species just as the portal is activated. Jimmy realises that strength doesn’t have to come with force. He manages to talk the boy down and this passes to the group to stop them destroying the city.


That’s all there really was to the episode. Not much of a story but Mrs Daxam’s plan has come to fruition. Her people have come to Earth to start a new life. Surely this is going to attract the attention of bigger heroes, you know, like Superman!? Speaking of big hearoes, we get a Batman reference as Winn mentions Superman’s ‘Friend’ and mimics Bat ears. Does this mean Batman exists in this universe?! Bring on a season 3 appearance! A bit of an underwhelming episode but good to see Jimmy doing something other than hitting people with a shield. How will Supergirl stop this invasion?

The Flash S3 Ep21 – ‘Cause and Effect’

Ok, you’re going to have to run with me on this one. I will try to explain how Savitar came to be as far as I understood it. The show gives us an explanation but as soon as temporal paradoxes come into it things get very confusing!

Future Barry tells present Barry that he was one of the Time Remnants Barry creates in the future to help fight Savitar. He was the only one Savitar didn’t kill (for timey-wimey  reasons). What Future Team Flash failed to mention was that the rest of the team rejected this remnant as he was not the real Barry. Already grieving for Iris, this turned him bitter and angry, pushing him to travel back in time and start the myth of the God of Speed, meaning he travels centuries into the past! This means that Savitar let the remnant live so he could become Savitar. Yeah I know, difficult to digest!

Because Savitar knows every step Barry is going to take the team decide to try erasing Barry’s short term memory so he can’t retain new information. This would then prevent Savitar knowing what they were up to. Of course this goes wrong, why wouldn’t it? They end up erasing all of Barry’s memories. He doesn’t know who they all are, his own name or even that he’s the flash. What follows is one of the most enjoyable episodes in the whole season. It almost felt like season 1 Flash with Barry eventually discovering his powers and just generally being really happy with life! I love seeing Barry happy.

Problems arise when Barry has to testify in court and even with Julian and Cisco’s hi-tech autocue glasses he messes up resulting in the case being thrown out. When Killer Frost turns up at STAR Labs the team find out that Savitar has lost his memory too having a lot of side effects, notably Wally no longer having his powers. The team grudgingly agree to work with Killer Frost in order to restore Barry’s memories, while Cisco sneakily tries to reach Caitlin Snow, which almost works.

Eventually they give Barry electroshock therapy through his suit and he can save the day with a newly restored Wally. So we’re back where we started at the beginning of the episode! Except HR and Tracy have built a speedforce Bazooka to trap Savitar, the only problem being it needs more power than is contained in the sun to work. Luckily we see King Shark again, guarding some egg looking thing which I’m assuming is a battery or some kind!


As I said above I enjoyed seeing Barry happy, or should I say Bart, the amnesiac decides to call himself Bart Allen, a clear not to the comic character of the same name and probably meaning we will never get a proper Bart Allen in the show. It was interesting to see Iris reluctant to give Barry his memories back as he deserves to be happy, But his explanation at the end of the episode that his pain makes him who he is justifies the restoration. We’re only two weeks from the season finale and the odds are still against Iris. Will the bazooka work? Can they save her? We’ll have to wait and see!

Arrow S5 Ep21 – ‘Honour Thy Fathers’

As the title of the episode suggest there are Daddy issues all over the place this week. Let’s start with Oliver. A suspicious package gets to delivered to the Mayor’s office from Adrian Chase’s real name. Upon opening Oliver finds a corpse encased in concrete. Long story short, this man was killed by Oliver’s father Robert Queen!!


At first Oliver cannot accept it and doesn’t want to play the game Chase has put before him. To make matters worse, Thea is back in town and finds some CCTV footage conveniently place to capture the moment Robert pushes the man to his death. They both struggle with this revelation and Oliver again questions his campaign which appears to be based on lies and blood.

Now that the truth about Chase is out, the Courts have overturned all his convictions, releasing many dangerous criminals onto the streets (that is not how things would happen!) One such bad guy is Derek Sampson the pain free drug manufacturer played by Cody Rhodes. Team Arrow learn that he is working with Chase to develop a toxic gas to release across the city.


After receiving another Felicity pep-talk, Oliver finally suits up in the hood again and the team go to take Sampson down. The impending doom felt like nothing when compared to Oliver facing off against Prometheus. The stair well fight was great until Oliver reveals Chase’s father (who he based is own campaign against Oliver on) was planning to disown him before his death. This appears to break Chase and he surrenders!!!

A bit of a pathetic end to his reign of terror but the smirk we see from him while locked up in an ARGUS facility suggests he’s not done yet, oh yeah….where is William?!!?


Elsewhere Rene gets a hearing to discuss contact with his daughter, asks Lance for moral support but then bails at the last minute. What a shitty thing to do! He seems to think it’s better for his daughter to not have him around, which to be fair is correct seeing as he goes out every night shooting bad guys, but why did he not turn up?! He’s now lost the chance to get his daughter back. I’m sure there will be a stand off between Rene and Lance followed by a miracle solution but for now I feel sorry for his kid.


As for the flashbacks, we see Oliver and Anatoli return to Lian-Yu so Oliver can be rescued from his Robinson Crusoe experience. Anatoli gives him a desert island survivor disguise to make his rescue more believable. The problem is Kovar has followed them to the island and disrupts Oliver’s plan! We’re coming dangerously close to when he gets rescued, they really need to resolve that arc!


A bit of a mish-mash episode, good to see Oliver back to his Arrow self the team actually working really well together. Thea’s presence was a bit needless and if they keep teasing Olicity only for it to not happen again I’m going to strike! Either have them together or don’t! Make up your fucking minds!!! The action and tension is ramping up for the end of the season and if you’ve seen the promo you’ll know major things will be happening, and characters returning!! Stay tuned!

The Flash narrowly wins out this week just because Barry..ahem…Bart, got to be happy for a while!

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