You are officially no longer allowed to have any free evenings in your normal week. If, like me, you are a sad and pathetic superhero addict you have to watch every show you can get hold of. Just in terms of the CW Network that means currently you have to watch Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and when it’s on, Legends of Tomorrow. So just in case you thought you would have some free time to watch anything else, along comes CW’s latest superhero, Black Lightning!

We got our first look at the titular character a while back with this promotional image.

Black-Lightning Poster

Pretty standard for the CW Network, an emphasis on leather effect and simple design and a facial disguise that does absolutely nothing to hide the identity of the wearer.

Now we have the first trailer for the show! Take a look below!

Well, that’s certainly…..electrifying! Sorry I couldn’t resist. So what can we say about this show?

Initial feelings: Well it certainly feels like a CW show. There’s plenty of colour but the general theme is dark and ‘gritty’. It feels a lot darker than any of the other shows, even when Arrow was at its darkest!

Gang violence is obviously the driving force behind Black Lightning’s campaign. He quit being a superhero for his family but now it looks like his family are going to be in danger, prompting him to return to the streets. Pretty standard stuff but having a much bigger emphasis on the gang side of things could be something a little different. Most of the CW shows have a ‘villain of the week’ formula but this could be a long overarching arc. Has the show been inspired by Marvel/Netflix Luke Cage show? It certainly feels that way.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the trailer;

IMG_2943IMG_2944This scene is clearly a flashback but we get to see the comic version of the Black Lightning costume! Good to see CW getting the look right at least for a time. BL drawing his power from nearby sources is great to see as well!

As with most superheroes, things don’t work out too well for Jefferson Pierce after being riddled with bullets. He promises to give up his crime-fighting for the good of his family which is very unusual compared to the other superhero shows, they continue no matter what usually!

What does someone who used to be a superhero do when he gives it up? Yep that’s right, become Principal of the year. It looks like Mr Pierce is going to be the guy everyone loves and the perfect family man.


That is until the growing gang violence spoken about throughout the trailer comes into his school and threatens one of his daughters! The 100 Gang will be the main protagonists presumably with a figurehead, not seen in the trailer. Why are they looking for this girl? Is this later in the season when the gang learn who Black Lightning is?

Not being able to stand by any longer, Jefferson upgrades his suit (which I’m assuming he has been doing in secret anyway) and takes to the street. I do actually like this suit and there are some effects applied to it which look pretty cool. There’s a gleam on it which is almost like a personal force field which may explain how he is apparently bullet-proof now.


Black Lightning will go to town on these gang types and won’t pull any punches. We even see him using a human shield against bullets in quite graphic detail, suggesting this show is going to be more violent than the other CW shows. I like the sparks that fly every time BL hits someone!

BL won’t just be shooting lightning, he is holding someone up with a beam here so we are going to get a variety of techniques which will keep the crime fighting interesting!

Rather interestingly, the trailer suggests that BL’s abilities run in the family and we see one of his daughters with glowing hands. Surely this means that his daughter will be the live-action version of his comic sidekick Static Shock, which would be brilliant!!!

The trailer is pretty good and there are some interesting things to think about. It does feel like this show is aimed at a slightly more mature audience than say the Flash or Supergirl which makes it more interesting to me, but at the moment I’m not enthusiastic about it. I will watch at least the first few episodes (who am I kidding, I’ll watch it all!) and see how it is. Another interesting this about the show is that it won’t be part of the CW universe (at the moment) meaning there will be no crossover. But bear in mind Supergirl was on another network when they had the first crossover so it will inevitably happen.

So what do you think of the trailer? Will you be checking out the show? Let us know in the comments.

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